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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1822 Star

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Chapter 1822 Star

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The atmosphere settled down after Dyon's words. The brief respite was once more overwhelmed by a solemn air.

"How many warriors is your Sacharro Clan able to provide?"

Emperor Shruti took the helm. It seemed that Grand Elder Vata wasn't happy with yet another variable being introduced, especially one that cared for Saru so much. However, he had learned his lesson from years ago. He wouldn't overplay his hand again, so he took the wait and see approach.

Dyon smiled, he had expected this sort of questioning.

"You know well why I had to sneak in here instead of announcing my arrival, correct? You also know why I must wear a mask?"

Emperor Shruti sighed. Of course he knew. It was for this same reason the Atlas Clan could only provide silent support with resources. If the Atlas Clan sent their warriors, would they be in this sort of situation?

Even with the Federation's creation, the main goal was to parse territory without war. The Federation wouldn't act unless it was absolutely necessary and some Clans wanted to renege on the deal.

Simply put, the anti-war sentiment amid tower quadrants was still preeminent. The Sacharro Clan was in a slightly precarious position. Even with Amphorae and Luna appearing, many Clans were wary of them. In addition, Emperor Star didn't fear Luna as much as he should, meaning the Star Clan had trump cards of their own.

The atmosphere darkened once more. In such a large scale war, what could a single person do?

Recollecting himself, Emperor Shruti straightened his back. His demeanor returned, causing Dyon to nod to himself inwardly. If Saru's father was spineless, it would be a problem.

"I will accept the help of the Sacharro Clan on behalf of the Shruti Empire. We will repay this aid in the future."

Dyon shook his head. "Like I said, my action is to repay a debt I owe to the princess. You all owe me nothing."

Though not many believed a single person could change much of anything, they felt good about Dyon's attitude. He didn't seem to be extorting them, nor did he seem arrogant.

"There is something that I hope you would consider, though. Well, two things." Dyon suddenly said.

At these words, the goodwill many felt tensed before they smiled bitterly. Maybe they were too optimistic. Many decided that if this elder cousin of True God Sacharro was too excessive, they would directly reject his aid.

"My Sacharro Clan has taken the Mino Clan as a vassal…"

The vast majority of the meeting hall was completely confused by these words. Some thought that Dyon was asking the Shruti Empire to become a vassal, making them immediately feel a fiery rage, but others wondered what this Mino Clan was and what its relevance to the topic at hand was…

Only a single figure, standing silently to Saru's side, suddenly trembled fiercely.

"Hm…" Dyon paused. "… Maybe I shouldn't expose this so suddenly. I only want to know if it's possible for a Death Guard to be released from their duty."

Emperor Shruti's pupils constricted. What kind of question was this?

A Death Guard had a sworn duty from the time of their birth to serve. This matter was incredibly strict. How could they be casually released?

"Of course, this matter won't be for free. For example… Your Grand Elder Vata has been stuck at the 9th Dao Realm for quite some time now, no? What if I allowed him to gain another 100 000 years of life?"

Emperor Shruti suddenly felt a contradictory sharpness in Dyon's eyes. No matter how he looked, Dyon only seemed to be casually mentioning it. But why did he feel as though a sudden weight had dropped to his chest?

Emperor Shruti closed his eyes.

Everyone knew what he was thinking. If Grand Elder Vata so suddenly gained so much more life, what would be the ending of his Shruti Clan?

But, this was all so confusing. Didn't this Sacharro man come here to help Saru? So why was he suddenly speaking of helping Saru's enemy?

Grand Elder Vata felt his heart seize. Inwardly, he was already smiling bitterly. How could his Emperor ever allow this?

In all likelihood, this man didn't pay much attention to the situation. He might think that the enmity between us is shallow, so he's attempting to mend our relationship with this method.

'It's clever… This young man has great foresight… Unfortunately, the enmity between me and the Shruti Clan is far too dee -."

"If that's the case, then I accept." Emperor Shruti eyes flashed open, a resoluteness hidden within. "I am willing to release a Death Guard from their duty if young master is willing to help our Grand Elder Vata."

A stunned, pregnant silence filled the meeting hall. Some thought they hadn't heard correctly, even Grand Elder Shruti frowned.

Still, no one was more shocked than Grand Elder Vata himself.

Dyon's eyes shone. "Good!"

"Originally, I wanted to exchange the conquering of the Supreme Kitsune Lands in exchange for becoming the Sacharro Clan's vassal. If not, I would simply help you repel the attack alone and maintain a stalemate. However, you, Emperor Shruti, are worthy of my help without such payment!

"Bring me Weeping Weed, White Thyne, Looming Grass…" A rapid-fire torrent of words flew from Dyon's mouth.

At first, Emperor Shruti felt pained by the list of ingredients Dyon asked for. Still, he immediately called a trusted servant to bring them over.

Just like Dyon had said to Palace Master Jasmine, the tower quadrants had many comet, moon, planet and even star grade ingredients, but most of them sit collecting dust, without anyone with the capability to use them in a concoction.

So, though Dyon asked for half a dozen planet grade ingredients and tens of comet and grandmaster grade ingredients, and Empire of the Shruti Clan's stature had them all.

The moment the ingredients touched Dyon's hands, the pain in Emperor Shruti's eyes vanished.

'Star Qi! He's a Star Lord!'

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