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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1823 Whim

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Chapter 1823 Whim

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There was no one more shocked than Saru, because only she knew that this so-called elder cousin of Dyon was actually Dyon himself. Now she understood why he chose to hide his identity… He was shining too brightly.

At this moment, the little prince of the Vata Clan sat in silence behind his Great Grandfather. He was a quiet, brooding young man. The only tinge of emotion he had was when his blue eyes fell on his grandfather's fragile back. No one could doubt that he loved Grand Elder Vata who had taken care of him since his youth.

He was feeling an exceptionally complex emotion right now. Unlike Prince Atlas, he had no feelings for Saru. His only goal was to help his great grandfather realize his dreams, to pay him back for all the love he received all these years.

But what now? He knew his great grandfather's heart better than anyone. He had a hard and domineering exterior, but he was loyal and soft to his core. This much was obvious to anyone with half a brain. Despite being by far the strongest individual of their Shruti Empire, he never used this strength to destroy the Shruti Clan…

Watching Dyon caress an adorable little cauldron before his soul qi erupted, he felt an awkward mixture of happiness and bitterness.

As they say, it was easy to forgive a slight against one's self, but if the one harmed was a loved one… Was it still so easy? Even if they accepted it, could you?

An hour later, Heavenly Chimes descended upon the Shruti Empire, washing the battle cauldron which had expanded to about a meter in diameter in golden light.

If Grand Elder Vata had only filled a few meridians of the 9th Dao Realm, Dyon couldn't be able to so suddenly help him breakthrough. However, the old man had long since filled all 9, he just couldn't seem to break the next barrier.

Since this was the case… Dyon had a 90% certainty in succeeding. And now that this pill had been washed by Heaven's Blessings, he was 99% certain.

When a pill is of the top-grade, it won't release any fragrance as its medicinal strength is perfectly trapped within. However, when a pill reaches beyond 100% purity, reaching the perfect-grade, a heavenly scent will waft from it, allowing those around to experience life in its truest sense.

Just from the smell of the lifted cauldron lid, numerous popping noises resounded through the meeting hall as a few lucky individuals directly broke through two and sometimes even three meridians.

A beautiful golden pill crackling with white-gold flames fell into Dyon's palm.

'One time strengthened…' Emperor Shruti sucked in a cold breath. 'Even if he doesn't lift a finger to fight, wouldn't he be able to lift our Empire to an unprecedented level? To concoct a planet grade pill in just an hour… How many talents does the Sacharro Clan have?!'

Suddenly remember Dyon's words about making them a vassal state, Emperor Shruti felt a deep temptation. However, he could only shake his head.

It wasn't just the pills that tempted him, but the idea of protection. He and Emperor Atlas knew too little about the Ancient Battlefield. After all, even though the Atlas Quadrant was ranked 7th currently, its foundations were too shallow. It had to be remembered that they only rose so high because they had 1 True God, his brother-in-law…

Grand Elder Vata carefully took the pill his wrinkled hands, a complicated look coloring his expression.

"This is the planet grade Path Cleansing Pill. It's able to wash over the meridians, clear them and expand them slightly. Since it's one time strengthened, it will be greatly beneficial to you."

Those who didn't have eyes as sharp as Emperor Shruti were shocked at these words. Planet grade?! One time strengthened?!

In truth, Dyon was only able to concoct planet grade pills to about 50 or 60% purity currently. But, with the Battle Cauldron by his side, there was actually such a massive leap.

Before, even with its help, he was only able to form the moon grade Meridian Restoration pill to 70%. Now he had an even greater boost. In all likelihood, the cauldron could only show its true strength when its owner could utilize Star Qi.

Dyon smiled. 'Thanks for helping me show off little buddy.'

The cauldron spun down to its adorable miniature size, bouncing up and down in the air over his shoulder happily.

Grand Elder Vata bowed toward Dyon solemnly then swallowed the pill.

His body was suddenly enveloped by white-gold flames, but they weren't hot. Instead, they couldn't have been more comfortable.

Impurities suddenly began to burn from within himself, disappearing in a wisp of smoke within the white-gold flames.

A moment later, the resounding sound of a shattering barrier filled the meeting hall.

The Grand Elder's wrinkled skin instantly began to tighten. His tired, solemn features grew in handsomeness, his greying eyes once more becoming a piercing blue and his aged spot filled skin becoming a strong, beautiful brown. Seconds later, he was no different from a 25-year-old young man in his prime.

Without hesitation, he flashed to the stairs below Emperor Shruti's throne, lowering himself to a single knee and crossing his fist over his chest.

"This humble servant is willing to serve the Shruti Clan with his life!" His voice boomed with resolution.

Emperor Shruti's gaze was filled with endless gratitude as he looked toward Dyon.

"Grand Elder Vata, my Shruti Clan owes you too much. I will use this minor life of mine to make up for my Ancestor's transgressions! Please rise!"

The little prince's fists tightened over his crossed legs. In the end, he sighed, releasing them, a tender affection lighting his eyes as he watched his great grandfather rise.

Dyon silently watched this quietly from start to end, nodding inwardly.

Looking over the little prince, he felt suddenly endlessly satisfied.

"Are you willing to become my disciple?"

The meeting hall shook once more, countless gazes following Dyon's own to the little prince who couldn't help but be shocked himself.

Dyon asked this on a whim… For some reason, he felt the same pull toward Pjisel as he did this young man here.

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