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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1821 Who?!

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Chapter 1821 Who?!

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"… I came here to battle with my fists, not my words. What a mess."

A tall young man, standing at about 6'9 suddenly appeared at the center of the hall. Long flowing dark violet hair reached to the small of his back, but his face was obscured by a dark mask that seemed to absorb all light…

Over the shoulder of his beautifully embroidered lavender colored robes, a small cauldron of black, silver and gold bobbed up and down excitedly, like a small child enjoying a completely new scene.

"Sorry about this little guy, he doesn't seem to want to stay in my spatial ring."

"Who are you?!"

It was honestly hard to tell who spoke first, but it seemed that the Shruti Empire was capable of being united when faced with a common enemy, so at least that was a plus. Maybe it wasn't entirely a lost cause.

Dyon wasn't perfectly up to date with the goings on of the Shruti Empire, but he had heard enough from Ri to get the gist of it all. Typical in-house power struggle antics, but this at least seemed more reserved than these kinds of things usually were.

Inwardly, Dyon couldn't help but sigh. No one could live forever, if he had kids and their families split off into branches, would his empire end up in this sort of state after his death?

At least in this case, it was hard to tell who was right and wrong. Grand Elder Vata was right to be angry toward his treatment and want a better life for his great grandson, but at the same time, it wasn't as though Saru was the one who slighted him. In fact, even the current Emperor Shruti hadn't been alive back then.

In addition, though Grand Elder Shruti had been alive, he was nothing but an heir back then. It was, in fact, his late father, an Emperor three generations back from the current Emperor, who was responsible for the Vata Clan's grievances.

"No need to be so hostile." Dyon raised his hands up, showing he meant no harm. "I was sent by Scion Sacharro to help your Empire out a bit. After all, our young master owes your princess and the Shruti Clan a great debt. After hearing of your struggles, though he couldn't come himself, he sent me."

Adonis, the prince of the Atlas Clan frowned, but in the end he could only sigh after seeing Saru's eyes redden with emotions. The normally unshakeable little princess was already sniffling.

'He didn't even come himself, he just sent a lacky… And only one, at that… Didn't I fight by your side and put my life on the line for you…?'

How could Adonis know that Saru's emotions were so turbulent precisely because Dyon had come himself.

She couldn't sense how powerful Dyon was even if he had taken his mask off, let alone now that he had placed it on. So, in her mind, she believed he was still a celestial, which made things even more dangerous.

Plus, she also knew the true circumstances of Dyon's upbringing… She knew that no grand Sacharro Clan existed. In fact, his parents were mortals that died while he was still a child.

As for who that Lady Sacharro Higher Existence was? She had no idea. But she knew that if such a woman was really Dyon's Ancestor, he wouldn't have struggled so much in his youth. There was definitely something more to the story she didn't know about.

While everyone thought Dyon was an arrogant young master who only puffed out his chest because he had great backers, she was the only one who knew that everything he had… He had fought for, for himself.

Emperor Shruti, who had just been part of the exclamation, felt his brows loosen slightly, but he had not completely relaxed.

"Can you prove who you are?"

With a thought, Dyon released a video of himself essentially repeating everything he just said. Since videos were impossible to fake in the martial world, this much was enough.

"… Sorry I couldn't come personally, Little Saru! I'm sure you've grown big and beautiful! You'll be an excellent Empress! I left a gift for you with elder cousin, I'll come see you soon!"

Seeing Dyon very clearly treating Saru like a little sister, and juxtaposing it with their princesses reaction to his words, especially her sparkling eyes as she hung onto every word, the elders of the meeting hall began to feel a bit sorry for this future Empress of theirs.

As far as they were aware, this Dyon was a lecherous fellow with four wives, even if he was willing to take her in, should they allow it?

As for the violet haired man who stood amidst them, he didn't seem to care much. His spatial ring flashed, revealing two sets of items. One set was a pair of skintight battle suits, and the other set was a pair of silver-black gloves.

A cold breath swept through the meeting hall. Two Grandmaster and two Spiritual grade treasures! Could it be?!

It didn't take long for their guesses to be proved correct.

"My younger cousin still remembers your battle from all those years ago. Your palm techniques were exquisite, especially for your age. And your body cultivation was exceptional. These treasures should help you greatly.

"Since you're still a Saint, get used to the Grandmaster level ones first. Once you break into the celestial realm, you can then use the Spiritual Grade ones."

Saru blinked in shock and hardly reacted even as Dyon neatly folded them into her arms.

Emperor Atlas' eyes sharpened. If before he was still skeptical of this man's identity, much of that skepticism was gone now. It was very obvious that these treasures were tailored for Saru, they perfectly understood her strengths and weaknesses… Even his currently 7th ranked Atlas Clan couldn't casually bring out such treasures.

If it wasn't for the fact he was a True God and received great rewards for his trials, even his own weapon might not be of the Spiritual grade.

Dyon subconsciously rubbed Saru's head, a light smile hidden beneath his mask.

"Now, shall we deal with important matters?"

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