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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2476: I am no longer in the mood.

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Chapter 2476: I am no longer in the mood.

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Another thought came to his mind when he heard Zhang Li’s words.

He already had a rough idea of Shen Feng’s identity and whose son he was.

“Yes, don’t tell anyone about his identity for now. I’ll continue to contact you if there’s anything. You have to continue to investigate this.”

“Also, PEI GE is now in Shen Feng’s hands, so you can’t make any decisions on your own. Although they’re classmates, Shen Feng has already lost his mind, so PEI GE’s safety is the top priority. Do you understand?”

Ji Ziming could not help but remind Zhang Li as he missed PEI GE.

It had been so long, but he had not seen her at all. The negotiation with Shen Feng also made him feel lost.

Everything that Shen Feng did was for her. Other than PEI GE, it was also because of his status.

Ji Ziming suddenly understood why he was doing this. Although there was nothing between PEI GE and Shen Feng, he did not dare to think about anything else.

When he returned to the company, Liu Lina was busy with the company’s Affairs. There were still beads of sweat on her forehead.

He had to admit that Liu Lina’s work efficiency was very high, especially during the short time that he was not around. Liu Lina had already helped him deal with a lot of things.

There were some things left behind by his previous assistant, so he could only handle them himself.

However, Liu Lina managed to sort everything out very quickly and even distributed all the problems.

He really did not know what to be happy about.

“Ziming, you’re back. I’ve already settled it. You can relax now.”

Liu Lina looked up and realized that Ji Ziming had returned and was looking at her in a daze. She did not know what he was thinking about.

She happily ran over, looking like she was asking for credit. He nodded.””I saw you busy when I just came back. Don’t tire yourself out.”

“Lina, you’ve done well,” He complimented her out of courtesy.

Ji Ziming had said this to Liu Lina before, but they were best partners back then, so it was nothing.

However, he did not know what to say to Liu Lina’s awkward status.

Seeing her excitement, Ji Ziming would always think of PEI GE. If he could, he really wanted to look for her at all costs.

“It’s fine. I’m willing to do anything for you. ” Liu Lina shook her head. Suddenly thinking of something, she passed the points contract to him.”Ziming, this is a contract that needs your signature and your personal stamp.”

Looking at the contract Liu Lina handed him, he frowned. These companies were not his partners at all.

“This is!”

Ji Ziming asked in surprise, and Liu Lina immediately smiled.””Well, they’re my business partners and friends. They want to work with the Ji group, so I agreed.”

Her friend? this made his heart skip a beat, and he felt a little cold.

If Liu Lina was still the Liu Lina of the past, it would not be a big deal. However, Liu Lina was doing all those things now.

This made him hesitate and reject her without any hesitation.

“I won’t sign it. Lina, you know how important these projects are to the Ji group. I’m not at ease if I hand them over to a company I’ve never worked with before.”

Ji Ziming had always been very serious about his work. Even though he was currently being controlled by Liu Lina, he was still unwilling to sign such a contract.

Moreover, the conditions in the contract were not worth it for the Ji group. Liu Lina must have known this.

“Ziming!” Liu Lina’s face darkened at his rejection. Thinking that he had already made up his mind, she did not continue.

The two of them were in a deadlock. No one spoke, and Ji Ziming actually threw the contract into the grinder.

After a while, the two contracts went into the grinder and turned into pieces.

“Ziming, I’m tired. I’ll go back first.”

Liu Lina’s face darkened. She did not expect the man to reject her request so directly.

Moreover, she had been in contact with these companies before, so it was not impossible for her to work with them. Moreover, if the Ji group signed a contract with them, she would be able to get some privileges.

Now that it was gone, Liu Lina felt extremely aggrieved. She walked out with a sullen face.

When ah hei saw Liu Lina come out, it immediately came over and asked,””Sister na, what’s wrong? Why do you look so pale?”

“Don’t mention it, I’m so angry!” Liu Lina said angrily, her face cold.

Only ah hei had been with her for a long time and understood Liu Lina’s temper. He was also sincere in following Liu Lina, so he was not afraid or anything.

He walked over to hold the parasol and said with a fawning expression,””Sister Lina, did Ji Ziming not sign the contract?”

“Yes, she said she was worried.” Liu Lina said dejectedly. Her face was filled with stubbornness.

She thought that the man would listen to her now that they were like this, but she realized that she was overthinking it.

Ji Ziming’s personality at work was still the same, but if it were her suggestion today, he would probably agree to it.

However, Ji Ziming would not listen to her at all. Liu Lina sat in the car feeling depressed and still angry.

“Don’t be angry, sister Lina. Even if we can’t do it this time, there will be a next time. Besides, this contract isn’t important to us, and we won’t be able to get any profits. The most important thing now is to get Ji group as soon as possible.”

A ‘hei’s face looked silly, but the words he said were particularly comfortable. It was as if he knew how to comfort people, and it sounded very good.

“I know, I just feel a little uncomfortable. Oh right, don’t tell boss about this, or I’m afraid he’ll be unhappy again.”

Liu Lina’s mood improved a little at the thought of her boss, but it was just a little. She had to work harder on Ji Ziming’s side or continue using some other methods.

If she allowed things to continue like this, she would lose more than she gained when Ji Ziming found PEI GE. Now that Shen Feng was disobedient, Liu Lina was particularly annoyed.

“Tell boss that I’ll try my best, but I might need his help when the time comes.”

Liu Lina thought about it and could only ask her boss for help. She hoped that he would have a good idea. He would know about this even if she didn’t tell him.

At that time, instead of giving others a chance, it would be better to say it directly. Perhaps boss’s mood would be better and he would value him even more.

“I got it, sister Lina. I’ll call boss later. He asked you to think about what he said last time.”

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