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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2477: How did he end up like this?

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Chapter 2477: How did he end up like this?

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He did not return home after work but went to his father’s other villa instead.

He knew that Gu mo and Ji Ziming’s father did not go to s city. They were just hiding here, so it was quieter.

He could not help frowning at the door, not knowing what to say.

“Son? What are you doing here? come in quickly. What are you standing there for?”

Gu mo saw Ji Ziming when he opened the door and affectionately let him in.

Seeing that there was no room for negotiation, he could only smile.””Mom, I’m here to see you.”

“We’re doing fine. You just have to deal with Liu Lina for me. I’m going out to buy some things. Go in first, your dad is there. ”

Gu mo grinned, his face full of excitement. He was probably happy from the bottom of his heart when he saw Ji Ziming.

“Be careful.”

With that, he entered the living room, but his father was nowhere to be seen.

He had always liked to practice writing, so he went straight to the study.

The door was not closed, so he saw his father at a glance. The man was sitting on a chair with a book in his hand.


His father immediately looked up and was surprised to see him. He then stood up with a smile.”Our son is here. Quickly sit down.”


Ji Ziming walked over and realized that his father was not reading a book but a diary.

He immediately kept the diary when he noticed his gaze, but he still looked a little embarrassed.

“Ziming, why did you come back so suddenly? I thought you wouldn’t come. ”

He laughed heartily, completely different from how he usually acted in front of Liu Lina.

When they were at the Ji family’s house, he was just putting on an act to avoid Liu Lina’s suspicion. Moreover, he did not want to be glib with her.

So, it was better to just leave it at that. After all, no father would like to see his son being bullied by a daughter like that.

The most important thing was that his good daughter-in-law was kidnapped by this woman when she was pregnant.

He felt depressed and guilty at the thought of not being able to save her.

This depressed mood made him unable to develop any feelings for Liu Lina, so he was very angry.

“I came to see you guys. Liu Lina is out now, and I have nothing to do at home. I wanted to see how you and mom are doing.”

Ji Ziming did not hide anything from her. Compared to Liu Lina, who was still restraining him, he could not do anything he wanted to.

That woman only dared to act so brazenly because she was certain of her feelings for PEI GE.

Ever since he had ruined the wedding, he had developed a strong sense of disgust and dissatisfaction toward her.

“What could have happened to your mother and I? it’s just that I don’t know how PEI GE is doing.”

He sighed, still feeling sorry for her.

If she had not been kidnapped and they had followed her that day, perhaps she would not have encountered such a situation.

Now that she had been kidnapped, and Ji Ziming was being controlled by others for her sake, their family had also become like this?

“Dad, don’t worry; I’ll get her out. She’s fine now, and Shen Feng didn’t make things difficult for her!”

Ji Ziming could not help but ask. Although Shen Feng was a pervert, he did not do anything to PEI GE.

The people he had sent over had also returned with news that Shen Feng was very good to PEI GE.

“Shen Feng?” Father Ji looked at him in surprise and could not help but ask,””How is he now?”

He was a little surprised by his father’s question, but he did not hide it.

“Now that Shen Feng has taken PEI GE away, both of them are fine. At first, Shen Feng thought of aborting PEI GE’s child, but for some reason, he suddenly stopped.”

‘He’s doing all this to target me, or he wouldn’t have taken PEI GE away. PEI GE is also trapped by him and is not allowed to go out. ”

Ji Ziming told his father everything he knew, not just about PEI GE but also about Shen Feng.

Father Ji’s eyes were a little dazed at his words as he softly muttered,””Why did it become like this? how did he become like this?”

This surprised the man. He looked at his father, who seemed to be lost in his own thoughts and did not notice the man at all.

“Dad, what are you saying? Who became like that?” He asked helplessly. He felt that his father’s mood had changed.

He felt particularly uneasy and did not want anything bad to happen to his father because of this.

However, looking at the current situation, it was clear that something was wrong with the man’s father. He did not answer the man’s question.

Instead, she kept her head down, and there seemed to be surprise and guilt in her eyes.

Why should he feel guilty?

“Dad? What are you saying?”

His father only looked up at him when he heard the man’s question.””I’m fine. I was just wondering why Shen Feng would do that. He’s really too much for treating PEI GE like that!”

Perhaps it was because his father’s gritting teeth was too conspicuous, or perhaps it was because of his own suspicions.

“He’s always been like that. You know that too, dad. You can’t be soft-hearted to that kind of person. I won’t let him off this time.”

He said fiercely. He did not want his father to continue being like this.

His father might have softened his heart, but the man would not allow this to happen more than once.

Now that he had found out so many things, almost every one of them revealed his true feelings toward her.

“Ziming, that child is actually kind by nature. If you can, please save him.”

He hesitated for a while before saying it out loud. The sincerity in his eyes made Ji Ziming doubt whether this man was still his father.

He had never been like this before, but every time Shen Feng was mentioned, he would feel like he owed him.

He could not help but suspect that there was something between Shen Feng and his father that he could not tell.

“Dad, I …”

“Son, quickly try this. This is the grape i asked someone to send over!”

Ji Ziming was interrupted by Gu mo. She came in from outside with a plate of black grapes on it, which were still emitting an alluring light.

“Mom, didn’t you go out? why are you back so soon?”

He asked helplessly after tasting the grape, but his mother interrupted him before he could finish.

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