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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2461: Life is thinner than paper

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Chapter 2461: Life is thinner than paper

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PEI GE was already immune to such words from Shen Feng. She sighed.”Shen Feng, if you really love me, you should let me go.”

“PEI GE, if you really understand me, you won’t say this.” Shen Feng did not mind her words and even calmly maintained his elegance.”Liu Lina wanted to kill you, so of course, I can’t let her live. Do you know the reason why I can’t keep her? it’s because you’re still by my side. ”

She raised her head to look at him.”So, you’re saying that if I’m not by your side … You won’t care what Liu Lina wants to do to me, right?”

Shen Feng thought about it seriously,”that’s a good question.”

Feeling a chill run down her spine, she said,””Shen Feng, so what you said just now was fake.”

“I won’t trust anyone who wants to hurt her, including myself,” Shen Feng said after some thought.

“Shen Feng, you’re really strict with yourself.” She concluded.

Shen Feng tilted his head,”thank you for the compliment.”

She did not want to sit with him anymore and stood up to leave.

Shen Feng, however, grabbed her hand and coldly said,”so, PEI GE, do you understand? I’ll allow you to be alive, but I want the PEI GE by my side to be alive. ”

PEI GE could no longer hold it in and laughed.”Shen Feng, you shouldn’t have broken off your cooperation with Liu Lina.”

Shen Feng narrowed his eyes dangerously.”PEI GE, I hope you won’t use this matter to challenge me again.”

She sneered.”Shen Feng, I’ll leave you one day.”

She turned around and looked at Shen Feng with a smile,”it’s either alive or dead.”

Shen Feng let go of her hand. He did not like this kind of provocation and laughed along with her.”You won ‘t.”


“Have you forgotten about the child in your stomach?” This was the first time she heard Shen Feng mention the child in her stomach.

It turned out that Shen Feng would still lay his hands on the child in PEI GE’s stomach.

She endured the cold and turned to leave.””I’ll go get you some bone soup. ”

Their conversation for the day ended just like that.

The night grew darker. After the housekeeper left, the entire room was dead silent.

PEI GE did not think that she would speak to Shen Feng, who was calm and composed. This kind of silence was nothing to him.

He had been living in such loneliness since he was young.

The silence he enjoyed while he was sulking over PEI GE’s anger was something he enjoyed. In other words, he could hear the breathing of another person in the dark.

Perhaps because she had been in a deadlock with Shen Feng for too long, she quickly got tired and fell into a deep sleep.

“Is that so?” The man’s deep and magnetic voice rang around her. Shen Feng paused for a moment before sneering.”Tell me; why should I be surprised?”

“Since I was able to propose the termination of the cooperation with her, I naturally made the worst possible plans and made the most comprehensive preparations.”

She frowned at this and raised her guard.

She wanted to hear what Shen Feng had to say, and she knew that it was related to her, or perhaps it was about her escape route.

However, he was also worried that it would affect her sleep. Although she had a good night’s sleep yesterday, he would not let her take any risks, especially when her fetus was not very stable.

She was just about to raise her spirits when she heard the door close.

After that, Shen Feng’s voice sounded faint, getting further and further away, and gradually, it could no longer be heard.

Shen Feng muttered to himself for a while, and his voice became even more muffled. PEI GE pricked up her ears but could not make out what he was saying.

She then slowly fell asleep.

After listening to the phone call, Shen Feng packed up and left.

The content was about Liu Lina. It turned out that the woman of a South Africa gang boss was not to be trifled with.

Although Shen Feng was thinking this, he didn’t feel anything at all.

After all, he was not afraid of the truth. Although Liu Lina was very powerful and the boss behind her was even more powerful, it did not mean anything.

Counter soldiers with arms and water with earth.

This was Shen Feng’s characteristic.

“Drugs?” Shen Feng tilted his head and looked at Liu Lina. He paused for a moment before asking,”what do you plan to do?”

“What do I plan to do?” Liu Lina laughed,”Shen Feng, you’re still so calm and composed.”

Shen Feng received a text message from Liu Lina. The text message mentioned drugs, guns, and the most important thing was the list of people who had been killed recently.

Shen Feng had no choice but to agree to the appointment.

“Yes, guns, drugs, and a death list. I’m still very worried about what you’ll do.” Shen Feng cooperated.

Seeing that he did not seem to be nervous, Liu Lina was a little apprehensive.””So, do you regret it? Do you want to cooperate with me?”

“Is there a medicine for regret in this world?” Shen Feng asked.

Liu Lina looked at his handsome face and suddenly walked up to him, wanting to tease him.””No one else, but if it’s you, there might be.”

Shen Feng raised his head to make it easier for him to tease,”Thank you very much, miss Liu.”

Liu Lina also laughed and leaned over to kiss Shen Feng’s lips. However, I still have a condition. ”

“What are the conditions?”

He didn’t seem surprised at all.

Liu Lina instinctively felt that something was wrong.”I want PEI GE’s life, of course. This woman can’t be allowed to live; she’s a femme fatale.”

“Hey, miss Liu, aren’t you a girl yourself?” Shen Feng said.

“How can this be the same? me and PEI GE?” Liu Lina sneered. She then reacted and said,”don’t tell me you still want to protect him?”

Shen Feng only smiled and didn’t reply.

But the meaning was clear.

“Shen Feng, why don’t you know how to repent even now?!” Liu Lina said angrily.

Her wishful thinking fell through just like that, and she felt very sad.

She glared at Shen Feng because she didn’t dare to lay a hand on him.”Shen Feng, are you really not afraid?”

“I’ll deliver your crimes to the Chinese government. By then, no one will be able to save you,”Liu Lina yelled.

“Shen Feng, Who Do You Think You Are?”

“You’re just a businessman. At most, you’re the boss of a gang in this area. But Shen Feng, let me tell you, the world will still spin the same without you. In fact, it will spin even better. ”

Shen Feng calmly looked at Liu Lina’s rambling in a gentle and refined manner. However, the ruthlessness in his eyes could not be concealed.

Shen Feng thought that this woman couldn’t be kept alive. Unfortunately, the person behind Liu Lina was a little difficult to deal with. Otherwise, Liu Lina wouldn’t be able to live here.

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