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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2452: I remember everything you said.

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Chapter 2452: I remember everything you said.

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“Of course, I believe him. In my world, he’s always been my strongest backing. With him around, I’m PEI GE. Without him, I’m just a woman who can’t be any simpler.”

PEI GE’s eyes were calm and steady.

“Why? Why are you so lucky? is there such a huge gap between us?”

Liu Lina’s eyes were filled with sorrow as she looked at PEI GE with undisguisable hatred.”PEI GE, tell me; how did you make Ji Ziming so loyal to you? tell me; how did you do it?”

“I don’t need to do it, I’m just being myself.”

PEI GE raised her head to meet Liu Lina’s eyes. Although the hatred in her eyes was deep, one could still see the unwillingness to admit defeat in her eyes. However, it seemed that all of this was meaningless now.

“You? Ji Ziming doesn’t know what kind of woman you are because he’s stupid. I know you very well, so do you think you’re a good person? PEI GE, you’ve really underestimated yourself. Do you think that just because you’re pregnant with his child, you’ll always be the CEO’s wife? I’ll let you understand what it means to go back to where you came from. What kind of person were you in the past, what can you do now?”

The hatred in Liu Lina’s eyes was so intense that she wanted to tear PEI GE apart. She could not understand how a woman like her could make her feel so much hatred.

“Sure, I really hope you can do that. If you really do that, maybe I’ll be grateful to you.”

She nodded and looked at the curtains before her. They were light pink, but they did not seem to have any life in them. In this room filled with a young girl’s heart, they seemed even gloomier.

“Do you really want me to do this?”

Of course, Liu Lina was not stupid. She knew that PEI GE wanted to escape this cage and return to Ji Ziming’s side, so she deliberately said these words to provoke her. If Liu Lina really did as she was told, wouldn’t she really be extremely stupid?

“Didn’t you tell me to go back to where I came from? Didn’t you say so? What’s wrong? Did you forget what you just said?”

PEI GE laughed awkwardly. Seeing Liu Lina’s shocked eyes, her heart felt even more desolate.

She seemed to have been trapped here for a long time, so long that she thought that she and the baby could no longer see the man, and so long that she had even forgotten where she came from.

“Yeah, I said it. But I can also say that what I said just now doesn’t count.”

Liu Lina would not let PEI GE have her way. At the very least, it was not the time to touch the child in her stomach.

With that, Liu Lina turned to leave PEI GE’s room and bumped into Shen Feng, who was standing at the door. Liu Lina’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Shen Feng’s dark eyes.

This kind of gaze was too terrifying. It was like a ghost that only revealed its eyes in the cold night. It was soul-stirring.

“You … What are you doing here? How long have you been here?”

Liu Lina did not dare to look into Shen Feng’s eyes. This was also the reason why she was afraid of him.

Shen Feng was different from Ji Ziming, who had a terrifying aura around him. On the other hand, Shen Feng’s eyes were very frightening.

He was like a pack of hungry wolves. Whoever looked at him would be his prey, prey that he would eat.

Prey that didn’t even have bones.

“I’m in my own house. Is it strange?”he said.

Shen Feng’s voice was cold as he looked down at Liu Lina’s head.

“Alright, did you hear everything? Don’t you have anything to say?”

Liu Lina gathered her courage and looked up at Shen Feng. There was still a trace of fear in her eyes.

“I heard it all. So, you’re using me to attack her because you can’t get Ji Ziming?”

“Yeah, why? Is your heart aching?”

Liu Lina blinked her eyes, and her charming eyes suddenly dimmed.

“My heart doesn’t ache; it’s just that you won’t even know how you’re going to die. I advise you to get the hell back to Ji Ziming’s side. After all, it’s best for you to be by his side, isn’t it?”

Shen Feng’s eyes were full of shock as he looked Liu Lina in the eye. He knew exactly what this woman was planning, and it was impossible for her to bring his PEI GE out of this house.

“Yes, I know, but I’m just unhappy when I see her. I’m unhappy when I see how much effort you put in for that B*tch. What do you want to do? Or perhaps, you’re telling me not to see her again?”

She was sure that Shen Feng would not do anything to Liu Lina’s provocation. Otherwise, Liu Lina would not have tolerated her until now, given the many mistakes she had made between Ji Ziming and PEI GE.

‘You’re angry, so you’re here to vent your anger on her? Have you ever thought about how you humiliated my hostage in my house? even if you have the boss’s support, don’t forget that I’m still the boss. If you die, I’ll just work with your boss. ”

Shen Feng spoke in a light tone, but Liu Lina’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

“What did you just say? You said you would kill me?”

“What do you think?”

The smile in Shen Feng’s eyes became more and more obvious. It was sinister, terrifying, and he even wanted to kill Liu Lina.

“Shen Feng, you’re crazy! How could you have such a thought? we had an agreement from the beginning, how could you do this!”

Liu Lina could not believe it. She refused to believe that Shen Feng would speak to her in such a manner.

“I’m not crazy, but you have to remember, Liu Lina. You can’t just come in and order me around as you please. You have to know that my feelings for PEI GE are far deeper than you can imagine. It’s even more exaggerated than what you can see.”

‘Shen Feng, you’re really crazy. Do you know that PEI GE is carrying Ji Ziming’s child? Do you know who you are standing next to this B*tch? Do you really think that she wants to be your woman? Don’t be silly, it’s impossible for you. Compared to Ji Ziming, it’s impossible for you to reach such a high position, so you should quickly give up. In comparison, shouldn’t your feelings for her be the most dangerous?”

Liu Lina was furious. She couldn’t understand why Shen Feng was doing this. Was it really because of love?

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