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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2444: Women make things difficult for women.

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Chapter 2444: Women make things difficult for women.

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There was a kind of war that had no smoke, but was more harmful than the swords, Spears, and halberds on the battlefield. It did not see blood, but let the blood flow back into the heart.

This kind of war was a war between women.

Liu Lina was determined to drive he Yue out of family Ji’s enterprise. Even she didn’t know why. Perhaps it was because she couldn’t get respect from two excellent men, so she couldn’t bear to see others being valued.

In any case, she could not bear to see him treat this woman better than her.

It was fine if PEI GE could not compare to herself, but she had a good family background, a good education, and was indeed capable. Liu Lina was not happy that a Secretary who came from nowhere could be better off than her.

“Big sister.” The underling came back to report.

“Is everything arranged?” Liu Lina stretched out her hand, and a family doctor was applying medicine to her left hand.

The underling looked at the doctor and nodded.

“You may leave.” Liu Lina was in a rare good mood, so she started to speak to her Lackey in a friendly manner.

“Doctor, there won’t be any scars on my hand, right?” Liu Lina looked at her left hand and asked worriedly.

“Madam, please be careful. Apply the medicine on time and don’t get wet. Don’t dig at the scabs that have formed in two days. Even if there are scars, they won’t be too obvious.”

After sending the doctor off, Liu Lina stared at her left hand in a daze. It wasn’t like he didn’t have any scars. When he was in South America, he had been through a lot in the gang, and there were no lack of traces of being bullied on his body. It was this experience that made her sharp and unreasonable. She climbed to the position of the gang leader’s mistress and used all sorts of methods to take revenge. Her days were also considered to be smooth-sailing. Now that she had never come to China, not only did people dare to bully her, but even this little B*stard dared to bully her.


“Big sister?”

“Go get that cat and chop it up!” Liu Lina ordered through gritted teeth.

“Ah?” The underling was dumbfounded and said with difficulty,””Big sister, the cat has drowned and was thrown into the trash can. I don’t know which trash can it is in now. I’m afraid it has been disposed of?”

“Go find it!” “Don’t come back if I can’t find you!”Liu Lina said sternly.

The underling agreed and left, muttering in his heart,””Ever since we came to China, big sister has become more and more unreasonable. Where am I supposed to get a cat for her to chop off?”

“Wait, come back.” Liu Lina shouted through the window again.

Now, as long as Liu Lina called out to him, the underling could not help but shiver. “Big sister?”

“The one I asked you to cook last time?” Liu Lina asked slowly as she looked at the lines on the gauze.

The one who cooked last time was the old couple who asked Shen Feng to cook.

The underling quickly took credit for it,”not a single trace was left.” It was clean. The kitchen caught on fire and the gas exploded. Not even the bones of the old man and the old lady were left behind. ”

Liu Lina’s lips curled into a sinister smile.””Alright. Don’t they like to cook? Then let’s do it. If the world of the living can’t finish it, we’ll continue to do it in the netherworld. ”

The underling hurriedly nodded. Anyway, as long as his big sister was happy, their lives would be better.

“This time, you should also do it more efficiently.” Liu Lina’s mood was greatly improved.

“Don’t worry, big sister. Everything is arranged properly. ” Little brother

He quickly tried to please her.

“Alright, you can go. This time, I just want her to leave on her own, there’s no need to take her life. You guys have to be careful. ” While the Lackey went out to do his work, Liu Lina was still staring at her hand. She muttered to herself,””I’m so kind …”

He Yue had worked the night shift and had always worked late. On the way back, the car broke down for no reason. There were fewer cars and pedestrians on this road at night. As a girl, she was a little scared. She had come here alone to work, and she didn’t have a male friend who could help her in an emergency.

He Yue took out her phone and flipped through her contacts for a long time. Just as she was about to call Ji Ziming, two men suddenly appeared from the side of the road and smashed her front window with a hard object. He Yue was so scared that she couldn’t speak.

“Do you want your life or money? Take out the valuable things!” The two men’s faces were covered, so their faces could not be seen clearly.

He Yue quickly handed her bag and phone to him. It was only after the two robbers had run far away that they felt waves of pain on their faces. It turned out that the broken glass of the car window had pierced his face.

Fortunately, a young couple on a motorcycle passed by and called a tow truck for he Yue to call the police. However, there was no way to investigate such a case. It would take a long time to close it.

Fortunately, the problem on her face was not particularly serious. After the doctor had taken a look, he said that it was likely to leave a scar, but it would not affect her appearance much. After taking a few days off, she returned to work due to her sense of responsibility.

That night, on the way back, the car had broken down at that place again. Although nothing had happened, he Yue was still shocked.

Upon hearing this, he chided Liu Lina,””Did you do it?”

“What did I do?” Liu Lina laughed nonchalantly. What do you mean I didn’t do it? What should I do? What are you supposed to do? Look at how anxious you guys are over such a small matter. Shen Feng is always around your PEI GE. Miss PEI’s cough is enough to make the sky collapse. You have a young and beautiful secretary, and the two of you talk about work when you have nothing to do. Wasn’t the little Secretary just dropping an anchor? Do you have to come and question me in such a hurry?”

Liu Lina took her time to drink her tea.’Ji Ziming, I’m telling you, even if I did it, what evidence do you have against me? What can you do to me?”

Ji Ziming’s heart burned with anger. When he stepped out of Liu Lina’s house, he saw the underlings she had brought back from South America acting sneakily and felt disgusted. He snorted coldly and said,”if I find out, none of you will be able to gain a foothold in the country.” All the things you’ve done in the past must be paid back. ”

His underlings chuckled, their faces so fake that they didn’t even move.”Ji eldest young master, take care.”

Liu Lina hugged her new pet cat and stood by the window. She wanted to laugh but could not do so as she watched Ji Ziming’s back view disappear into the distance. These men were all good to others. In this world, no one was truly good to her. They were after his looks, his power, or they were using each other.

Liu Lina smiled bitterly. She lowered her head and looked at the one-month-old kitten in her arms. She said softly, “It’s better to be an animal than a human. At the very least, you would have food to eat, someone to serve you, someone to love you, and you wouldn’t have to spend so much effort to fight and snatch, to make yourself stronger. You’re much stronger than me.

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