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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2443: You have fired her.

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Chapter 2443: You have fired her.

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He switched on his computer and continued working on the things he had done before he Yue came in.

Liu Lina felt indignant at the man’s lack of interest in her. She amorously walked to the man’s desk and bent down, making her body curve.””With such a Foxy woman in CEO Ji’s office, how can he still be in the mood to work?”

Ji Ziming typed on the keyboard and slowly said,””It’s just work. I’m looking at documents, not people. ”

“Is that so?” Liu Lina stood up and said arrogantly,””Since you’re looking at the documents and not the person, fire this Foxy he Yue. Such a woman was a femme fatale. In ancient times, she would be a disaster to the country and the people. It’s not a good sign in the company. ”

He could finally look up at her. “Miss Liu, first of all, this Secretary is mine. This is my company.” No matter what kind of agreement we have between us, I’m the one who runs and manages my company, and I’m the one who resigns and uses my secretaries. You have no right to decide whether your employees stay or leave. Secondly, she’s a long-time employee of my company. She’s been working diligently and responsibly for a long time without making any mistakes. She’s a great help to my work. Any company would try to retain such a talent. You want me to fire her? Isn’t that funny?”

“Work hard? Why do I see the two of you touching each other’s heads and wiping each other’s faces, looking so intimate? What he heard was false, but what he saw was true. I saw her seducing you with my own eyes. What’s the point of you quibbling like this?” Liu Lina deliberately emphasized the word “seducing.”

“Miss Liu, please don’t twist the truth.” His frown deepened. ‘She’s my right-hand woman. My relationship with her is purely a superior-subordinate relationship. It was normal for them to study documents together. If you can’t accept this, you can stop barging into my office during working hours. ”

Liu Lina snorted, but before she could retort, he continued,””She’s not only good at her work, but she’s also very sociable. With her around, I’ve had less to worry about at work all these years. I won’t fire her no matter what opinions and dissatisfaction you have. ” After he finished speaking, he lowered his head and went back to work, treating Liu Lina as air.

Liu Lina felt deeply insulted by his attitude. She did not receive any respect from Shen Feng and was even treated as an invisible person by Ji Ziming. Liu Lina’s anger was rising. However, she knew that, compared to Shen Feng, although Ji Ziming was upright and did not have as much of a devious mind, he was still a very principled person. To a certain extent, he could be said to be one-track minded. He took his work seriously and was responsible for it. He also respected and was responsible for the people who worked for her. To fire an employee just because of a word from him, it was impossible even for an ordinary employee, let alone an employee of such importance.

Liu Lina suddenly smiled. Such a Foxy woman in the office was an eyesore. Since he refused to fire her, she had to think of other ways to make sure that she could no longer stay in the company. She, Liu Lina, had plenty of ways to deal with women.

“It’s fine if you don’t fire her, but you have to accompany me today to relax. When I heard that Shen Feng was accompanying PEI GE to relax, I felt terrible. ” Liu Lina said as she observed the change in his expression. The man’s expression did not change, but his hand on the mouse paused.

Liu Lina was secretly pleased with herself and continued to add fuel to the fire,””Young master Shen really cares a lot about our miss PEI. They made three meals a day and served all kinds of dishes. They went to the hospital today for checkups, and tomorrow they went to the hospital for checkups. If one didn’t know this, they would think that they were a couple no matter how they looked at it. Eldest young master Ji, your woman is pregnant with your family’s child, yet she’s with another man day and night. Are you not jealous at all? You don’t feel uncomfortable at all?”

“Are you done?” Ji Ziming put down his work and finally looked up at her.

Liu Lina laughed. He was a man, after all. If you poked his sore spot, you would naturally have something to use against him.”My young master, the two of them went to the park to relax. You’re not in a good mood, so am I. Can’t you go out with me?”

Ji Ziming looked at her, unable to figure out just how many bad ideas this woman had in her mind.

He thought for a moment and decided not to get entangled with this woman. He said calmly,””She’s my woman. I trust her. You should know very well what caused this situation. ” Ji Ziming rang the bell, and he Yue brought in two cups of coffee.

Liu Lina had been staring at he Yue ever since she entered the room. This woman … It’s one thing for Ji Ziming to treat me coldly, but how dare she, a small employee, throw a tantrum at me?

When he Yue handed her the coffee, Liu Lina deliberately tilted her hand to the side and exclaimed in surprise. The coffee spilled onto the floor. Liu Lina went up and slapped he Yue on the face.”What are you doing? you can’t even serve a cup of coffee properly! How are you going to compensate me for burning my hand?”

She was about to slap him a second time when the man rushed over and grabbed Liu Lina’s raised hand.””Enough!”

“What’s wrong? Is your heart aching?” Liu Lina questioned the man in a strange tone, and the latter turned to he Yue.””Did you get scalded?”

“No,” he Yue said softly while covering her face. There was an obvious hint of uncontrollable crying in her voice.

In fact, how painful could this slap be? However, there was an old Chinese saying,”don’t expose one’s shortcomings when scolding someone, and don’t hit the face when hitting someone.” A slap in the face didn’t hurt the body, but the heart and dignity.

“See if there’s any medicine. You don’t have to be so busy with work today. ” Ji Ziming said to he Yue, still holding Liu Lina’s wrist tightly.

Liu Lina’s wrist was in pain. She tried her best to pull it out, but she could not. He didn’t care about his left hand, which was scratched by the cat, and pushed he Yue.

He Yue took a step back and said,”thank you, President.” Then she left.

Seeing that Liu Lina was about to hit him again, Ji Ziming pulled her back forcefully, causing her to stumble and almost fall into the coffee stains on the floor.

“Ji Ziming!” Liu Lina was so angry that her face turned red.”You’re bullying me on her side?”

He took her hand, pulled out a few tissues, and threw them into the coffee stains on the floor.””I don’t have time to accompany you to relax, and I don’t have time to mess around with you here.”

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