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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2442: A relaxing trip

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Chapter 2442: A relaxing trip

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Liu Lina was bored to death as she played with the cat in her arms. She called one of her subordinates over and said,””I told you guys to keep an eye on Shen Feng and that little B*tch and report their whereabouts every day. Why didn’t anyone report to me today?”

“Answer my question,” the subordinate said in fear and trepidation.”The people I sent are following them every day. Aren’t the people I sent out not back yet? Don’t worry, I’ll send you the news as soon as I get it. ”

Liu Lina thought for a while and waved her hand to dismiss her subordinates. Her mind was filled with how well Shen Feng treated PEI GE, and her emotions were in a mess. Unconsciously, he increased the strength of his hand. The cat meowed in dissatisfaction and jumped from Liu Lina’s arms to the ground. Its hind legs scratched the back of Liu Lina’s hand, leaving two bloody marks.

“You ungrateful little bastard!” Liu Lina shouted angrily. He called his underlings over, caught the cat, and threw it into the marble fish pond in the courtyard.

At this time, the underling who had gone out to monitor Shen Feng came back and reported that the man had brought PEI GE out for a walk.

Shen Feng was extremely worried when PEI GE vomited on the road. Liu Lina had not even heard half of the details when she slapped the underling’s face.””Useless thing, did I ask you to go out just to investigate these things?”

The underling covered his face and said,”later, they moved into an old man’s house.” Because Mr. Shen had not left, the underling had not found out what had happened in that house. But big sister, when I came back to report, I left one of my brothers there to keep an eye on them. ”

“Yes,” Liu Lina replied absent-mindedly. The underling stood in the room, not knowing whether to stay or go out.

“You go.” Liu Lina said,”prepare the car to go to Ji Ziming’s company.”

The underling seemed to have received a pardon. He agreed to leave a message and ran out in a flash.

Liu Lina dialed Ji Ziming’s number.”Ziming, can you take me out to relax? It’s so boring to stay in this house alone. ”

“I’m sorry, miss Liu,” he coldly replied.”I’m busy with work at hand, so I’m afraid I don’t have the time to accompany you.”

“Is that so?” Liu Lina smiled meaningfully and said,”other people aren’t busy with work. They took miss PEI out to relax.”

The man did not reply. Liu Lina felt that she had hit the main point. “Aren’t you jealous? aren’t you angry? You’re like a wooden man, don’t you feel anything at all? She could even put down her work and take care of her mother-to-be for you. She’s taking care of her so carefully. Who knows, one day, this mother-to-be’s baby will have to take on the surname Shen. ”

“Is there anything else? Miss Liu? I’m very busy with work here. ” He was still as cold as ever.

This man was simply a blockhead! Liu Lina cursed in her heart.”I know you’re not in a good mood, and so am I. Shouldn’t two people in a bad mood be consoling each other? I can do whatever Mr. Ji needs. ” Liu Lina’s voice was full of charm.

“Miss Liu, if there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.” He did not wait a minute for Liu Lina and hung up the call.

Liu Lina gritted her teeth in anger. This man deserved to lose his wife and son for being so stubborn and ungrateful.

At this time, the Lackey had just finished preparing the car, so Liu Lina took the car to Ji Ziming’s company.

If I can’t convince you over the phone, I don’t believe that I can’t convince you in person. I’m still holding back my anger today and will definitely ask you to bring me out to relax.

Ji Ziming put down the phone, feeling very uncomfortable. He was threatened and could not even protect his own woman. Now that she was in Shen Feng’s hands, there were many things that he could not act rashly. Fortunately, Shen Feng still had delusions about PEI GE, so he treated her well. He had to make use of this time to suppress the Shen family in terms of business and bring PEI GE back.

No matter how Liu Lina tried to sow discord between them, Ji Ziming firmly believed in his relationship with PEI GE. No matter how much Shen Feng tried to please her, PEI GE would never have any thoughts about him. His own PEI GE, his own understanding of her, his own woman, and his own trust.

He was indeed very busy with work, so he kept himself busy to not give his brain space to think about her.

“President, take a look at this proposal. Is it okay to modify it like this?” He Yue came in with a document and placed it on the man’s desk.

The two of them studied the document seriously and leaned closer to each other. This was a common occurrence in his daily life when he was focused on his work. For a person who was serious about work, there was only work in their eyes, no distance.

Ji Ziming circled the document his Secretary had brought over with his pen and gave his opinion on the changes. He Yue bent over and listened attentively. Their heads were so close that no one noticed how ambiguous this position looked from the perspective of others, especially those who would overthink it.

At this moment, the door to his office was pushed open, and an unexpected guest appeared at the door without permission.

The two of them, who were busy, raised their heads at the same time and saw Liu Lina holding her bandaged left hand with her right hand. She was standing at the door with her head held high and was looking at the two of them with a doubtful and judgmental gaze.

“Tsk,” Liu Lina sneered.”I was wondering why you’re so busy with work that you don’t have time to care about PEI GE.” It’s fine if you can’t accompany me to relax, I’ll just take it that you’re really busy. It turns out that this office is a Golden Room. ”

Frowning, he looked at this strange woman.””What gold and silver houses?”

Liu Lina laughed out loud. It was quite interesting that this blockhead of his had a funny side to him.”A Golden House to hide a mistress.” Liu Lina glanced at he Yue from the corner of her eyes. “Isn’t such a delicate person here? No wonder you’re so busy that you don’t have the mood to think about anything. ”

Feeling embarrassed, he Yue said,””President, I’ll change this part first. I’ll come back with the rest later.” She carried the documents and went out.

Liu Lina was standing at the door. When he Yue passed by, she deliberately bumped her with her shoulder, and the documents fell to the ground.

Liu Lina hugged her bandaged hand and yelled,””You really don’t have any manners. Don’t you wear glasses when you walk?”

Biting her lower lip, he Yue squatted down to pick up the document and turned to look at Ji Ziming. The man nodded, and he Yue walked out of the room without saying a word.

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