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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2440: A friendly invitation

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Chapter 2440: A friendly invitation

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Shen Feng nodded his head,”PEI ‘er …”

“Can’t you wait a little longer?” PEI GE looked up at him with pleading eyes. She did not even hope to escape now. There were too few people in this place, so she could not escape. She only wished that she could stay outside for a while longer.

Shen Feng rubbed her forehead affectionately,”If you like it, I’ll bring you out tomorrow.” “Alright!” He reached out to adjust her clothes.”Wear your clothes properly. Don’t catch a cold.”

Shen Feng’s eyes were gentle, but she knew that she could not refute his words.

PEI GE pursed her lips and waved goodbye to the old man before heading to the car.

“PEI ‘er, don’t throw a tantrum.”

PEI GE sat in the back seat with her head lowered, not saying a word.

The car was filled with the faint fragrance of flowers, and she sniffed twice.

“Does it smell good?” Shen Feng looked at her through the rearview mirror,””I took the flowers and smoked them in the car. However, PEI ‘er, did you just realize it?”

PEI GE opened her mouth.”…” She had indeed just realized it.

When she came, she had been looking out the window, so how could she have noticed anything different in the car? Moreover, she wasn’t familiar with Shen Feng’s car. She just thought that the fragrance of the flowers was very nice.

It was different from the rich fragrance of perfume, but it was a light and just right.

Shen Feng started the car a few times, but there was no movement from the car.

“Oh?” her eyes lit up.”Did the car break down?” She was like a bird on the loose, eager to fly in the sky and unwilling to return to the gorgeous golden cage.

Shen Feng let go of her hand with a sneer and pressed one hand against his lips.””PEI er, it’s not good to be so excited when the car breaks down, right?”

“…” She didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t talk nonsense!

He alighted from the car and opened the door for her.””It seems like the heavens are helping PEI ‘er. Let’s stay a little longer then.”

PEI GE got out of the car and hugged her stomach as she stood in front of the car to take in the fresh air. She felt that freedom was still the best.

“What’s wrong? Why did you get off the car again?” Seeing that they had not left, the old man came forward enthusiastically.

“The car broke down. I’m out of luck.” Shen Feng said.

The old man frowned.”It’s not easy to find a repairman in this place!”

The sun shone down from the sky, coating the grass with a thin layer of golden gauze. The wind rustled the leaves.

“My house is not far from here. If you trust me, you can go to my house to rest!” The old man pondered for a moment.

“It’s not good to disturb you. We …” Shen Feng noticed the disappointment on her face, and the words that were at the tip of his tongue changed.”Then I’m sorry! Thank you very much!”

“It’s fine,” the old lady waved her hand.”It’s rare for my child to come home, and my wife always says that the house is cold and empty. You guys can be a guest and let us have some fun!”

“When people get old, they like liveliness even more!”

Shen Feng nodded in agreement and turned to look at her.”Are you satisfied now?”

“Thank you.” She was stunned.

She wanted to thank him for his kindness to her, at least for his kindness just now.

Shen Feng rubbed her head,”let’s go.” His hand moved down to hold her fingers.

She felt cold in her hand. Shen Feng glanced at her.”Why is your hand so cold?”

She struggled.”I’m used to it. I’m just like that.”

Shen Feng’s eyes were tightly clenched.”Alright, stop fooling around. I’ll help you warm up.” As he spoke, he took her slender fingers to his mouth and blew two breaths.

The old man squinted his eyes and smiled.”You little brat, you really know how to dote on people! Men should be like this! The wife is pregnant, so she should be there to take care of her. Those men who cheat on their wives while they’re pregnant, I think they’re worse than animals!”

The old man’s words were neither light nor heavy, but they hit PEI GE’s heart hard, causing her expression to turn cold.

Shen Feng was not her husband. He had even personally stuffed a woman into her husband’s arms.

Shen Feng coldly looked at the coldness on her face. When he lowered his eyes to look at her, those eagle eyes were filled with tenderness, “I’ll take good care of you and the child. ”

She was stunned and quickly looked away.

Shen Feng had been putting on a show of affection in front of her, and she was afraid that he would deceive himself and believe the lie that he liked her.

After passing through the forest, there were a few houses on the other side. They were self-built houses. They were not very luxurious, but they all had the warmth of home.

The sun shone on the tiles, reflecting colorful light.

An old lady was standing in front of a house, greeting from afar,””I thought you were too busy strolling around today to go home!”

The old man chuckled and said,”I just met two young people, so I chatted a little more!” He pointed at PEI GE and Shen Feng.”Their car broke down. I brought them back to rest.” This lady who is pregnant can’t tire herself out and catch a cold!”

“Hello, grandma! I’m called PEI GE!” She smiled.

“I’m Shen Feng. ”

“Good child!” The old lady took her hand and called them into the house.””Come in, let’s talk inside. Don’t stand outside!”

The small living room was very clean, and the wooden floor was spotless.

The old lady asked the two of them to sit down and asked the old man to get some water.

Passing her a cup of steaming water, the old lady smiled and said,””Daughter, you must have been pregnant for a few months!” PEI GE’s stomach was bulging, and it was obvious that she was pregnant.

PEI GE took the opportunity to look at Shen Feng from the corner of her eyes as she lowered her head to drink her water and nodded with a smile.

The old lady saw that PEI GE did not say anything and thought that she was just embarrassed, so she reminisced.””When I was pregnant, I also liked to go out and play!”

Putting down the glass, she said,”the air outside is good. It’s not good for the child to stay at home!”

“It’s like this!” The old lady winked and smiled.”I said the same thing back then. But my old man wouldn’t let me do this or that. He would stop me from doing anything!” I’m still not annoyed to death!”

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