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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2437: Retreat from the blade

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Chapter 2437: Retreat from the blade

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All the good things could not change the fact that he was cold-hearted.

Cooperating with him was no different from asking a Tiger for its skin, but being his enemy was the same as seeking death.

The shock and panic in her eyes seemed to amuse Shen Feng.”What’s wrong? Why are you afraid? Just now, PEI ‘er told me that I can’t control your heart. ”

He had no choice but to bow his head.

She tilted her head and gritted her teeth, her voice wavering.””I’m sorry. ”

“What did you just say?”

“I’m sorry!” She turned to glare at him.

Shen Feng laughed,”why are you apologizing all of a sudden? PEI ‘er, you didn’t do anything wrong.” That handsome face had an affectionate and teasing look.

The air around them seemed to warm up as if winter had passed and spring had come.

PEI GE’s tensed up body relaxed.

Shen Feng’s palm suddenly fell on her abdomen.

“Shen Feng!” “Ah!” She exclaimed in shock and immediately stood up from her chair.

“What?” However, Shen Feng slowly sat down.

That hand began to wander around her abdomen again, his movements very gentle.

However, Shen Feng’s words were still lingering in the air. How could she let him touch her like this? This man was unpredictable, like a time bomb. No one knew when he would explode and who would be doomed for all eternity!

She didn’t dare to risk her child!

She firmly held his hand and then distanced herself from him.””Don’t touch me; I won’t …” She paused for a moment before continuing,””It’s very itchy,”

She was afraid.

She didn’t dare to touch Shen Feng’s edge again.

Shen Feng acted as if he did not understand what she had swallowed and smiled affectionately.””If it’s ticklish, I won’t touch it. Sit down, don’t tire yourself out.” He helped her sit down.

The floor and table were in a mess.

Shen Feng’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty light and he gently smiled,””It seems that PEI ‘er’s food will have to wait a little longer.” His slender fingers pinched her cheek affectionately.

PEI GE gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, pretending that she was not afraid of Shen Feng’s teasing. As long as he did not move her child, it was fine!

Anger and fear intertwined in her heart. She gritted her teeth and groaned in pain as she leaned back in her chair with cold sweat.

“Call the doctor,” Shen Feng’s gentle eyes quickly turned cold.

“What’s wrong?”

“My stomach … Hurts.” She gritted her teeth weakly.

The doctor arrived very quickly.

After a quick examination, the doctor frowned and his expression was not good.””Mr. Shen, miss PEI’s child seems to be unstable.”

“What do you mean?” She gritted her teeth.

The doctor frowned.”…That’s right. There’s a risk of a miscarriage.”

“…” Struck by lightning, her mind went blank.

There was a risk of a miscarriage.

The doctor’s words, though simple, instantly cut off all her hopes.

A miscarriage?

How could this be?

She had been so careful with this child. No matter what, she was still pregnant. Why did this still happen?

The blood drained from her face.

Even Shen Feng’s cold and sinister aura earlier wasn’t as terrifying as the doctor’s words.

“Why would I?” She grabbed the doctor’s sleeves with trembling hands. That sentence was like a curse, so how could she believe it?

The doctor looked at Shen Feng awkwardly and removed her hand from his sleeve.”Miss PEI, don’t be agitated.”

“She takes all kinds of nutritional supplements and tonics every day. She has also never stopped taking medicine to protect her fetus.” Shen Feng’s voice was filled with coldness, and when it landed on one’s ears, one would feel the chill entering one’s bones.

“A miscarriage?” Shen Feng sneered and his slightly raised brows contained a bloodthirsty madness,”Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake?”

“Mr. Shen!” The doctor waved his hand. How would I dare to do that!” “It’s because miss PEI is depressed and emotionally unstable …”She raised her head and said hesitantly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Feng immediately understood.

Frowning, Shen Feng sighed,””Alright, I know. Do you need to take any medicine?” His slender fingers pressed between his eyebrows.

“Will my child be alright?” the pain in her stomach made her focus on her stomach.

“The pain this time is also caused by emotional instability.” The doctor shook his head.”Miss PEI, you should stabilize your emotions now and not get agitated. You’ll be fine.”

“But I feel like my stomach is in pain, my child …”

“Miss PEI, it’ll be fine! You just have to remember to be anxious!” The doctor smiled at her and turned around to answer Shen Feng,”Mr. Shen, don’t worry. The child is fine now. As long as miss PEI is in a good mood and takes the tonics she usually takes on time, the child will be fine. ”

The main point was that he was in a good mood.

The corner of Shen Feng’s lips curled up into a smile, carrying two points of ridicule and three points of coldness. He waved his hand and said,”Alright, I got it.”

If he was not sure that the doctor was his man, he would have suspected that this man was here to talk to her.

They had just quarreled, and in the blink of an eye, someone was saying that her stomach pain was due to her bad mood? He had just made a big scene with him, so how could he be in a good mood now?

Whatever Shen Feng could think of, PEI GE naturally thought of it as well.

Indeed. If she had not quarreled with Shen Feng for such a long time, she would have suddenly felt abdominal pain and the child would have been fine. At this thought, her expression changed.

The sound of the door closing could be heard i and the doctor had already left the room.

Shen Feng did not seem to notice her expression and reached out to caress her face.””What’s wrong? You look terrible, but your stomach still hurts?”

She pursed her lips.

Shen Feng’s thoughts were too hard to guess.

One second, he could speak to her with a tender expression as if he was saying sweet nothings, and the next second, he could sneer at her with a sinister look in his eyes.

He could take care of her as if she was his wife and child, but he could also treat her like a stranger.

Shen Feng was too unpredictable, and she was really afraid.

She took a deep breath and said,””I’m fine. I’m just a little uncomfortable. ”

“Yes.” “En,” Shen Feng replied and chuckled,”I’ve asked the kitchen to prepare some soup for you. It should be here soon. ”

His eagle eyes were filled with disdain and gentleness, so thick that one could not ignore it. “You didn’t eat just now, so you must be hungry now, right?”

She pursed her lips and rubbed her aching stomach.””I’m a little hungry. ” She didn’t care about herself, but she couldn’t ignore the child.

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