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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2432: Who can see clearly?

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Chapter 2432: Who can see clearly?

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PEI GE silently watched as Shen Feng scooped up the rice, and she felt fatigue in her bones.

Shen Feng’s words weren’t wrong, but at the same time, it also showed that they weren’t the same.

The woman came out after cleaning and saw a scene she didn’t want to see. She paused for a moment, not knowing how to exist. She had always felt that although the relationship between the couple was estranged, it was not to the point where it couldn’t be repaired.

She didn’t know enough, but with her years of experience, she realized that this wasn’t the atmosphere that a pregnant wife and husband should have. There must be a story between the two, but as for what it was, only the parties involved knew.

The woman wondered if she was the one fated with him.

“Sir.” She finally broke the silence.

Shen Feng raised his head to look at him, then glanced at the spatula in the woman’s hand and nodded,”you can go down and eat first. I don’t need you for the time being. You’ve worked hard.”

“You’ve worked hard,”she said as she watched the woman leave.

The woman replied,”you’re welcome.” She turned around, opened the door, and left the room.

The room was still filled with awkwardness.

PEI GE did not have any intention of starting the conversation, and Shen Feng was very pleased with this awkward atmosphere. He even entertained himself by picking up various dishes for her.

Unable to avoid it, she moved the bowl to the side and politely said,””Thank you, but I don’t really like this.”

Thus, Shen Feng affectionately took out an old man’s face,”Pregnant women can’t be picky with food. Even if you don’t like it, you have to eat it. This is a nutritious food. The most important thing is that the child can’t be picky with food in the mother’s womb.”

PEI GE had originally intended to reject him, but who knew that he would talk so much to himself? she really did not expect this, so she could only take the bowl and accept the meat.

Shen Feng revealed a happy expression.

She lowered her head, not intending to look at him again.

Fortunately, Shen Feng didn’t intend to make things difficult for him, so the meal went on in silence.

She finally finished the dinner and was about to leave when she returned to her room. However, Shen Feng grabbed her hand.

“What’s wrong?” PEI GE looked at her hand that was being held and flung it away. Naturally, she knew that this was impolite, so she had no choice but to speak.

Shen Feng looked at his hand that had been flung away by her and tilted his head to smile.”With your strength, you don’t look that weak.”

She felt a chill run down her spine, but she did not want to apologize. After a moment of silence, she said,””I overreacted. I’m sorry. I can’t accept other people’s touch now.”

“Especially so suddenly.” She thought for a moment and added herself.

Shen Feng did not really care about this kind of excuse. In any case, PEI GE would not easily accept his touch, but he just liked to take advantage of her.

PEI GE muttered to herself for a while before asking,””What’s the matter?”

Shen Feng carefully held her hand and gently pulled it toward him. He then sat down and, under her impatient gaze, slowly said,””I’ve invited the doctor over,”

“What do you mean?” She paused and looked at Shen Feng.

Shen Feng deliberately remained silent and only looked at her as if they were in a tug-of-war.

PEI GE could not help but feel her palms turn cold. She understood Shen Feng well, but at the same time, she did not know him well enough, so she had no idea what he would do.

However, she knew one thing: Shen Feng was not someone to be approached easily. He was a brutal and cruel man.

PEI GE’s and the baby’s lives were in Shen Feng’s hands.

She took a deep breath and then asked seriously,””What do you mean by inviting doctors?”

Shen Feng’s lips curved into a smile,”whatever you think.”

She pondered for a moment before seriously saying,””Don’t keep me in suspense. ”

“PEI GE, you don’t trust me at all.” Shen Feng tilted his head and met his gaze. He smiled and said,”Why are you looking at me like that?”

She sat down and did not speak.

Shen Feng laughed,”I’m just inviting the doctor to check on your body. The last time something happened to your body, I learned my lesson and decided to check on you regularly.”

She paused and remained silent.

Shen Feng gave her a meaningful look and then stood up.””Alright, go and pack up and rest for a while.”

She met his gaze.”I’m sorry; I was feeling uneasy.”

“PEI GE, look at you.” Shen Feng suddenly said in a cold voice.

She was about to enter the bedroom when she stopped in her tracks.

Shen Feng continued.”You’re now trembling with fear as if you’re walking on thin ice. Are you really still the PEI GE I knew before?”

She continued walking.

Shen Feng didn’t let him off,”is it because you’re pregnant now?” Is it a mother’s nature to be so careful?”

She turned to look at him and smiled.””No.”

“Oh?” Shen Feng raised his eyebrows,”then why are you changing now?”

Only then did PEI GE’s lips slowly curve into a smile.”Shen Feng, look; is the person you like the same as the person before you?”

Shen Feng thought about it seriously.”That’s true. The current you makes me a little confused. I often wonder where my previous PEI GE went.”

“Shen Feng, since we’re not on good terms, why don’t we sign an agreement?” she suggested after some thought.

“What agreement?” Shen Feng revealed a curious expression.

“If you promise not to hurt the child in my stomach, I’ll return you the PEI GE from before.” She laughed coldly.

Shen Feng followed his gaze and laughed,”PEI GE, so you’ve really suppressed your true nature because of the child.”

She merely smiled and asked,’did you agree? Shen Feng. ”

“This is clearly a good thing for me, so of course I have to agree.” Shen Feng smiled and cooperated.

PEI GE walked up to Shen Feng and lowered her head very close to him. This was how she looked when she was hunting in the shopping mall. She approached him and smilingly said,””Shen Feng, I know what kind of me you like.”

Shen Feng’s brows twitched, as though he had sensed something. He said,”So you deliberately made this change?”

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