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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2428: One move behind

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Chapter 2428: One move behind

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You’ll be fine!” The housekeeper helped her lie down on the sofa as he consoled her, who was groaning in pain.

“The hospital …” She bit her lower lip so hard that it started to bleed.

The muffled voice that came from her bloodstained lips seemed to carry a shocking amount of strength.

The Butler supported her with one hand and instructed,””Hurry up and help miss PEI up!” He turned around and instructed another person,”go to the garage and get the car!” When Sir comes down later, we’ll directly …”

“PEI GE!” Shen Feng’s deep voice interrupted the Butler’s words. Shen Feng strode over to help her up.”PEI GE! What’s wrong with you?” Shen Feng’s sword-like brows furrowed together, and his face was filled with shock and bewilderment.

It was just a few hours ago. Wasn’t she still fine a few hours ago? She was talking, laughing, and lively, but now she was holding her stomach with a pale face?

She clutched her stomach tightly and bit her lower lip with her white teeth.””I … My stomach hurts …”

With cold sweat on her face, she raised her eyes to look at Shen Feng.””Go … To the hospital! My child … My child!” PEI GE’s slender fingers turned white as she grabbed Shen Feng’s arm that was supporting her.

Her forehead was stuck to her face because of the sweat, and her face was pale, but her pale lips were a seductive red because of the blood.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. The child in your womb will be fine too. ” Shen Feng’s tone was so low that it was a little scary. His usual gentle smile also revealed a hint of fierceness.

PEI GE shook her head, her eyes pleading for the child to be a mother’s concern.””No… Hospital … I beg you, Shen Feng, please save my child … I … It hurts! It hurts!” Her sweaty hair stuck to her cheeks, making her look even more pitiful.

Shen Feng’s expression darkened as he turned around and coldly berated the servant who was on standby,””Why are you still standing there? Get the doctor here!”

The servant received the order and ran away.

PEI GE bit her lower lip and tightened her grip on Shen Feng’s arm, as if the pain was unbearable.

“Shen Feng … Will my child be okay … I … The doctor told me that I … I want to go to the hospital!” Her eyes were filled with panic, and her words were illogical.

“You’ll be fine!” Shen Feng helped her to lie down on the sofa, his expression turning colder and colder.

PEI GE wanted to say something, but Shen Feng covered her mouth.””Lie down for a while. Don’t panic, it’s fine. The doctor will be here soon. ”

She frowned at the hesitation and regret in his eyes.

Just as she was hesitating, the helper brought the doctor over.

Shen Feng stood up and said,”quick, take a look. Her stomach is in great pain.”

The doctor knelt down beside her and carefully examined her with a stethoscope.

She bit her lip as she lay on the sofa, groaning in pain.

Shen Feng’s expression turned uglier at her cries of pain.”How is she?”

The doctor listened to her carefully and examined her body carefully. In the end, he revealed a look of confusion.”This … Mr. Shen, there’s nothing wrong with this lady’s body! The child is also very healthy!”

When Shen Feng heard that, his eyes narrowed. His gaze slowly shifted from the doctor to PEI GE. However, her pained cry and her twisted face did not seem to be an act.

The doctor was also puzzled. He turned around and asked in detail,””Miss, can you describe how you’re feeling now? Was it falling pain or excruciating pain? Do you feel anything else other than the unbearable pain?”

She bit her lower lip and stared at the doctor with a pale face.”I … I don’t know. I just feel that it hurts …”

The doctor frowned in confusion. This was the first time he had seen such a situation.”Miss, you …”

“Doctor!” She grabbed the doctor’s arm in pain.”It hurts! Please help me … Is it because the equipment here is not enough … We … My … My child … Go to the hospital!”

Shen Feng frowned at her pained expression and whispered a few words to the Butler, who nodded and left.

The doctor next to her was full of concern, but after examining her for a long time, he came up with nothing. PEI GE became more and more flustered. If an ordinary doctor could not find out, was there really a big problem?

“Shen … Shen Feng …” This thought only flashed past her mind for a moment before she lost control of her expression. Her pale lips trembled slightly as she looked at Shen Feng helplessly.”I … Am I really … My child …”

“I won’t let anything happen to you.” Shen Feng’s expression darkened.

PEI GE wanted to say something-but Shen Feng’s next action made her swallow her words-he walked over and carried her up.

“Shen …”

“There are fully equipped rooms in the villa.” Shen Feng placed her on the bed and bent over to push it as he whispered in her ear,””I’ll give you a complete examination later, don’t worry. Whether it’s you or the child in your stomach, nothing will happen to you. ”

PEI GE’s eyes flickered, and she held her stomach with a contorted expression.

It would be more accurate to say that the room was an operating room. The equipment in the room was excellent, and it was fully equipped.

Lying on the bed, PEI GE looked up at the bright lights above her, and a light flashed across her tired eyes.

He had failed. What a pity.

Should she say that even the heavens were not on her side?

She had never expected that there would be such a fully equipped operating room in this house. She had originally thought that she would be able to go to the hospital after the stomachache, and then she would naturally find a way to get away.

Unfortunately, he was one step behind.

The doctor and assistant were doing a complete examination of PEI GE while Shen Feng stood by her side, his sharp eyes observing her face, which was a little unclear under the dazzling lights.

“Mr. Shen.” After a while, the doctor pointed at the report that had been generated on the computer.”There is nothing wrong with this lady’s body … Her stomach hurts … This …”

“Yes!” He nodded and asked,”how are you feeling now?”

She rubbed her stomach tiredly and weakly said,””It seems to be better.”

Shen Feng bent down and used his long fingers to push away her hair that was stuck to her face.”It hurts so much. It must be very uncomfortable.”

She dodged his actions weakly.

Shen Feng did not seem to feel her rejection as he wiped the sweat off her forehead with his long fingers.

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