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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2425: You are PEI GE.

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Chapter 2425: You are PEI GE.

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Liu Lina held her head and opened her eyes in dizziness. She looked around. This was an unfamiliar environment.

If it were any other woman, they would have panicked. However, this woman had also gone through many hardships. She slowly sat up and leaned against the bed. She shook her head slightly and recalled everything that had happened yesterday. At first, an irrepressible anger welled up in her heart. PEI GE, this little B*tch, will ruin me sooner or later! Then, she thought of Shen Feng’s attitude towards her. He was extremely cold. There was no need to talk about love, there was no need to talk about liking, there might not even be a bit of hate. Liu Lina pitied herself, and the corners of her mouth pulled up into an indescribable smile.

It had been so many years since she, Liu Lina, had gotten everything she wanted. Only by throwing it away, no one would refuse. Even if Shen Feng didn’t have any feelings for her, she could only get rid of Shen Feng in the end. She couldn’t just be treated as a tool.

At the thought of this, Liu Lina suddenly became energetic. She got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up and dress up.

“I’m just that powerful. I have no choice. ” Liu Lina made a face in front of the mirror. She gently covered the expensive lipstick and put it back in her bag.

She didn’t treasure this lipstick. There were countless cosmetics on every woman’s dressing table, and Liu Lina was not short of all kinds of expensive lipsticks and face cream. She just decided to do something, so she would do it. Right now, in Liu Lina’s eyes, this lipstick was Shen Feng. She had to put it into her bag gently and carefully.

Liu Lina pushed the door open and saw Shen Feng’s subordinates standing there. She smiled coquettishly,”Good Morning,” she said.

A few of his subordinates were flattered and hurriedly nodded and bowed.””Sister Liu, you’re awake.”

“Uh-huh,” Liu Lina looked left and right, found Shen Feng’s room, and moved toward PEI GE’s room.

His underlings quickly stopped her,”sister Liu, hehe.” The boss has instructed us to send you back properly if you’re sober. Although it’s more peaceful in China than in South America, you’re such a beauty after all …”

Before the subordinate could finish his sentence, Liu Lina had already pushed him aside with a giggle and opened the door to PEI GE’s room.

There was still no one in the living room. At this time, PEI GE was sleeping soundly.

The kitchen was still filled with the aroma of breakfast.

When Liu Lina entered the dining room, she saw Shen Feng eating breakfast alone. She gracefully sat opposite Shen Feng, picked up the porcelain bowl she had prepared for PEI GE, and handed it to him with a smile.

Shen Feng frowned slightly and filled her bowl with soup. At the same time, he was planning to prepare a new set of cutlery for her.

“I drank too much yesterday. I hope I didn’t do anything out of line?” Liu Lina asked Shen Feng in a soft and gentle voice. Her face was filled with a charming smile. If it were any other man, they would not be able to get angry at this time. Moreover, Shen Feng had pondered for an entire night, and even now was not the time to get rid of Liu Lina.

“Yes, it’s alright.” Shen Feng replied.

“Actually, I also know that my alcohol tolerance isn’t good. “I’m trying my best to correct myself~”Liu Lina dragged out her voice. She was so charming that it almost melted her bones.

“Okay, don’t drink anymore in the future.” Shen Feng lowered his head and seriously picked up some food to eat. He drank the soup one spoonful at a time.

“I know,” Liu Lina chuckled. She would never drink so much alcohol again. Didn’t you feel aggrieved yesterday?”

Shen Feng’s head was lowered, and his expression couldn’t be seen.

Liu Lina put some food into his bowl and kept feeding him.

Shen Feng didn’t refuse and actually opened his mouth to eat it.

Liu Lina was overjoyed. She struck while the iron was hot.”Speaking of which, I rarely eat with you. I came all the way back from South America and I just feel a lot of things are awkward and not used to, but I don’t see you showing any concern. ”

Seeing that Shen Feng’s expression was a little gloomy, he hurriedly changed the topic, “It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten South American food. You know that my cooking skills are still good. When you have time, I’ll make two side dishes and we can have dinner together, okay?”

Without waiting for Shen Feng to speak, Liu Lina continued to act coquettishly, “I’m alone in this country and I’m not familiar with this place. It’s just a small request, you have to agree to it. ” As she spoke, she stood up and approached Shen Feng, wrapping an arm around his neck.

Shen Feng pulled Liu Lina’s arm to the side without making a sound. He stood up and agreed,”Alright, tomorrow then.”

“You agree?” Liu Lina cheered like a little girl,””I wouldn’t have been so angry if you had agreed earlier.” However, he sneered in his heart,”you ate my food, so you have to be my people. No one is an exception.”

Shen Feng only wanted to comfort Liu Lina. Although she knew that the dinner would not taste good, she did not think that Liu Lina would harm her.

Liu Lina personally cooked a table full of delicious dishes. He opened two bottles of wine.

She didn’t sit opposite of Shen Feng, but sat next to him. She stretched out her Jade-like hands and lit a few candles on the table. The light in the room suddenly dimmed. The underlings outside had already heard the instructions and went out the moment the candles were lit. Their cooperation was flawless.

Liu Lina poured two glasses of wine and dripped the wine in her left hand onto Shen Feng,”I wish us all the best in the future.”

Just as Shen Feng was about to clink glasses with her, Liu Lina went over and pulled her arm over. The two of them then made a cross-cupped gesture,”Drink it like this.”

With a beauty in his arms and a pair of drunken eyes, no one could refuse.

Even if Shen Feng didn’t like her, he couldn’t bring himself to hate such a gentle and fragrant woman. After a few cups of wine, he felt a wave of heat surging up in his dantian.

As Liu Lina continued to rub Shen Feng’s face, she intentionally or unintentionally touched Shen Feng’s arm with her busty chest. When she spoke, she even deliberately moved her lips to Shen Feng’s ear.

She was a veteran in the field of love. Although she later followed the gang leader, she had been through a lot in the past, so she knew all kinds of flirting methods. At this moment, she deliberately went to provoke Shen Feng, putting in a lot of effort. He used all the Foxy methods he could use.

Shen Feng wasn’t someone who had never experienced this before. Firstly, he wasn’t too guarded against Liu Lina. Secondly, by the time he realized that something was amiss, it was already too late.

Liu Lina had tampered with the food and wine and added aphrodisiacs.

Shen Feng squinted his eyes and looked at Liu Lina. He couldn’t help but call out softly,”PEI GE.”

He hugged Liu Lina and tried to lift her voluptuous body. As he was drunk, he could not lift her up and directly pressed her down on the carpet in the living room.

The two of them had sex, one was drugged in the wine, the other was deliberately seducing. It was really like dry firewood in a raging fire.

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