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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2424: Because of love

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Chapter 2424: Because of love

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“You actually personally made him a fetus-nourishing soup! Don’t you find it funny? The little B*stard child in her stomach is not yours. She’s just a hostage, a ladder for us to achieve our goal. Have you been charmed by this Little Vixen?” The more Liu Lina spoke, the more excited she became. However, her voice gradually lowered, and she was even choking with sobs. Perhaps no matter how strong a woman was, when facing the man she truly loved, she would reveal her weak side.

Shen Feng’s mind went through the entire process several hundred times. In South America, Liu Lina had indeed helped him a lot in many places. In the future, whether it was in China or South America, he would need this woman in many places. It was not the time to fall out with her yet.

Shen Feng’s eyes were still as cold as before, but his expression was even calmer. He even grinned, adding a trace of expression to his ice-sculpted face. However, the words he said were even more piercing than an ice blade,”Because of love.”

Liu Lina was stunned and didn’t understand what Shen Feng meant. Even though Shen Feng didn’t say it out loud, Liu Lina had already thought of it. However, women were always so contradictory. Even if it was the truth, she would still be concerned about her feelings and not want to hear it from the other party.

Shen Feng continued,”what are you crying for?” The relationship between you and I is only one of benefits, but I love her. ”

“Hehehe …” Liu Lina suddenly burst out laughing.”Mr. Shen, are you kidding me?”

“Relationship of interests?” Liu Lina took another two steps forward, not caring that she had stepped on the soup. She came in front of Shen Feng and puffed out her ample chest,”Look at me, look at me properly! Which part of me is inferior to her? In terms of looks, I, Liu Lina, am also a beautiful rose. In terms of ability, I can help you do much more than she can. In terms of sincerity, the little B*tch has been resisting you, but I’ve been helping you. Mr. Shen, have you been possessed?”

As Liu Lina spoke, she stretched out her white and tender fingers that were painted with new red nail polish to stroke Shen Feng’s face.

Shen Feng subconsciously tilted his head.

Since he was young, he had been living in a guarded state of mind, and he was very resistant to the contact of others. Even when her mother was still alive, the mother and son did not hug each other as intimately as other mothers and sons did. Later on, Shen Feng’s life was filled with schemes, and he was able to maintain a distance that was neither too close nor too far from others. Not to mention Liu Lina, who was someone Shen Feng could make use of, even PEI GE, the woman he liked from the bottom of his heart, could be too close to him. Perhaps Shen Feng had always had a good impression of PEI GE because she did not like him, so he kept his distance from her?

Shen Feng took two steps back to increase the distance between him and Liu Lina.

“Hahahaha!” Liu Lina laughed even more insolently. Suddenly, she stretched out her hands and tightly hugged Shen Feng’s face. “Look at me, the one who abandoned the wealth and riches of South America for you and came all the way back to China. I have nothing!”

Shen Feng’s face was still gloomy, but he didn’t Dodge,””Did you drink?” He could smell the alcohol on Liu Lina’s body.

Liu Lina pouted, but her anger had subsided a lot. She looked aggrieved and sulked. “Don’t do this to me,” Under the influence of the alcohol, she leaned into Shen Feng’s arms. Half true and half false, she thought, Shen Feng, Oh Shen Feng, I’ve sacrificed so much for you. Even if I can’t get your heart, I’ll get your body first.

Shen Feng furrowed his brows as he held onto Liu Lina and shouted,”Men, come.” A few of his subordinates ran over.

“Take her to the next room to sober up.” Shen Feng ordered.

Liu Lina’s arm was tightly wrapped around Shen Feng’s body. A few of her underlings pulled, pushed, and dragged her to the room next door. Liu Lina was half-drunk and half-awake, and she was mumbling and crying.

As he was worried that PEI GE would be affected and that others would spy on his actions, as it was illegal to detain her, he bought the entire floor.

PEI GE had long heard Liu Lina’s shouting, smashing, and making a ruckus in the kitchen. She was woken up the moment she fell asleep. Sitting up on the bed, she wrapped herself in a blanket and leaned against the cushion. Quietly listening to the commotion in the kitchen, she found the story to be outrageously funny.

As Shen Feng’s voice was low, she didn’t hear the last part of his sentence. “How am I not as good as her?” Liu Lina yelled. She was able to guess a part of their conversation. It was just that Shen Feng’s fondness for her only made her feel even more disgusted.

Shen Feng thought that she must have been woken up by the noise, so he knocked on the door twice. Without her consent, he pushed the door open and entered the bedroom.

PEI GE could not guess the relationship between the woman outside and Shen Feng, nor did she want to guess. In any case, they were all in cahoots and could not be good people. The two of them were a perfect match. She could not help but smile at this thought.

When Shen Feng entered, he happened to see the smile on her face and was stunned. Ever since she had been imprisoned here, her expression had been cold and distant. She no longer had the courtesy she usually had with acquaintances. Now, because of Liu Lina’s intrusion, PEI GE actually smiled, which surprised Shen Feng.

During this period of time, the thing that PEI GE was most disgusted with was Shen Feng’s freedom to enter and leave her bedroom. Although as a “hostage,” she shouldn’t care about any human rights and although Shen Feng didn’t do anything out of line when he entered and left the bedroom, this feeling of being his possession was really not good. Her face darkened again.

Shen Feng smiled at her,’did I wake you up? The soup is spilled. What do you want to eat? I’ll get them to buy it for you. ” If Liu Lina were to find out about the gentleness in his tone, she would probably faint from jealousy.

“No need.” She lightly replied with two words. She rubbed her head against the blanket, pulled it up, and turned around to face the inside. “I’m going to rest. ”

This was an order for him to leave. Every time Shen Feng entered her bedroom, she would reject him in this manner.

Shen Feng frowned. He stood at the door for a while, then turned around and closed the door before leaving.

She let out a sigh of relief.

His underlings had already cleaned up the kitchen, and Shen Feng ordered them to get a new set of cutlery.

He was still worried about letting her eat food bought outside while she was pregnant.

Shen Feng, who had never felt pity for anything, actually felt a little heartache for Liu Lina because of the ingredients that she had knocked over. After using that woman, he would think of a way to get rid of her.

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