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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2422: Shen Feng, just you wait.

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Chapter 2422: Shen Feng, just you wait.

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Liu Lina’s white teeth bit her lower lip, which was smeared with blood. Her two fingers twisted the silk scarf back and forth forcefully. She paced around the room, almost leaving two footprints on the floor.

This Shen Feng, I came all the way from South America alone and helped you with so many things, but now he’s actually looking for all sorts of reasons to avoid me. This was simply bullying.

The more Liu Lina thought about it, the angrier she got. Her face gradually darkened and turned livid.

“Men, come.” Liu Lina suddenly stopped and shouted.

One of his underlings hurriedly ran in from outside.””Big sister, what’s wrong?”

“Go and find out where Shen Feng is currently staying.” Liu Lina had just given her instructions when the little brother ran out. “Wait, come back!”

“Big sister?”

“Go,” Liu Lina said after some thought.

She was still worried that if she were to investigate Shen Feng in private, Shen Feng would not like her even more. But on the other hand, Shen Feng’s avoidance and disregard for his feelings clearly showed that he wanted to burn the bridge after crossing the river. Since he’s heartless, then don’t blame this old lady for being unjust.

Liu Lina’s mind was filled with anger, and she didn’t even realize that deep down in her heart, she really wanted to see Shen Feng and live with him.

However, after all, the group of people brought by Liu linna were all from South America. They were not familiar with the domestic environment and had poor connections. Such a trivial matter had actually been investigated for three to four days.

During this time, Liu Lina had been restless, and she had been drinking with her every day. If she really couldn’t find Shen Feng, and she was alone in an unfamiliar place, what should she do with this bunch of people who had their mouths open to eat? Where are you going to run back to? What kind of eyes would that lover use to look at him? Moreover, he had helped Shen Feng to kill the old dragon, and the old dragon had a few loyal underlings who might be thinking of ways to seek revenge.

Liu Lina was a strong-headed woman. Otherwise, she would not have gone from being an ordinary gangster to being the mistress of a big gang in South America.

Shen Feng, don’t go too far!

Liu Lina was restless and did not like anything. She would lose her temper at the slightest thing. The lackeys looked at each other and tried their best to avoid Liu Lina. They would not come over without orders, and when they heard orders, they would refuse to come over. Liu Lina was even angrier. She thought to herself,”this old lady doesn’t believe in this heresy. I’ll stay in the country, and I won’t go anywhere until I find Shen Feng!” Once I find Shen Feng, I’ll have to settle this score with him!

A few of his underlings had used all sorts of methods and begged for Shen Feng’s address with great difficulty. They then ran over to ingratiate themselves to him,”Big sister, let us bring our weapons and exterminate this Shen guy? Or should I bring him back to help you vent your anger?”

“F*ck off! Do you think I need you to do anything?” Liu Lina’s almond-shaped eyes widened. With one hand on her waist, she pointed at her underlings with the other.”You bunch of good-for-nothings, I’ve made you search for one person for so long. If it’s an emergency, it’ll be too late!” The more he spoke, the angrier he got. He raised his leg and kicked the nearest underling.”Get lost. Go and familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment. Find out whose territory it is and see if you can be friendly.”

Liu Lina’s underlings had already left the room, but she was still angry. “What’s the point of bringing you bunch of trash here!” Thinking about it, all of this happened because of Shen Feng. If he had not avoided her, there would not have been so much trouble.

“You with the surname Shen, just you wait! I’d like to see what you’re busy with, leaving me all alone at the side. ” Liu Lina cursed as she put down her wine glass. She grabbed a bag and drove to Shen Feng’s address without even bringing any underlings with her.

In order to hide her, Shen Feng had arranged for her to stay in an ordinary residential area. It was said that the small hid in the wild and the big hid in the city. Shen Feng had planned everything, but he did not expect Liu Lina to find him first.

There were two to three subordinates standing guard at the door. These were the people who had followed Shen Feng to get rid of the Cang Dragon. Confidant. Liu Lina was also involved in this incident. This woman was more or less the mastermind, so they were familiar with each other.

When the few underlings saw Liu Lina walking over aggressively, they immediately became timid. Who knew what kind of relationship this woman had with Shen Feng? If he offended her, he would not be able to bear the consequences.

In addition, this was a residential area, and gangs did not dare to be too arrogant in the country. Liu Lina wanted to force her way in, and a few of her subordinates could not stop her.

“Sister Liu, sister Liu …” A few subordinates could only follow behind Liu Lina and call her name in a low voice. Liu Lina did not even look at them. Her high heels clattered against the ground, and her chubby little legs moved in quick steps as she arrived in front of Shen Feng’s residence.

“Sister Liu, I’ll help you pass on the message.” One of his subordinates saw that he couldn’t stop Shen Feng and was afraid that Shen Feng would blame him for not doing his job well, so he wanted to turn around and calm Liu Lina down.

Who knew that Liu Lina would not fall for it at all? of course, she knew what her subordinate was thinking. She raised her eyebrows and shouted angrily,””Get lost! Was this still the throne room? Can’t I come? Do I still have to wait here for you to pass the message? Do you want to accept the Imperial edict?”

The underling chuckled drily, but he did not dare to stop her anymore. Liu Lina pushed him hard on the shoulder, and he was caught off guard and almost fell. This female Yaksha had great strength. He really couldn’t afford to offend a drunk woman.

Liu Lina barged into Shen Feng’s residence. His subordinates did not give any orders and could only helplessly stand guard at the door.

It was a small three-bedroom apartment, clean and warm, just like an ordinary small family. There was no one in the living room. There was a candy-colored sofa and a long white velvet carpet. At first glance, there were a few women’s long dresses hanging on the balcony. Liu Lina was even more furious.

Good, good, Shen Feng! No wonder she was avoiding me, she was keeping a Little Vixen here! I’d like to see what this little hussy looks like!

Liu Lina opened her mouth and was about to shout for Shen Feng to come out when the fragrance of food that whetted one’s appetite came from the kitchen. It was neither breakfast time nor lunch time, which meant that the cook had probably just woken up.

“Ha, not bad, you really know how to enjoy yourself. The little hussy I found knows how to cook!” Thinking about how Shen Feng slept with this woman until noon before starting to prepare breakfast, Liu Lina’s anger doubled.

Liu Lina sneered and went straight to the kitchen.

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