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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2420: A huge change in attitude

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Chapter 2420: A huge change in attitude

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PEI GE watched as Shen Feng’s car drove back.

Recently, she felt that this Shen Feng seemed to be a little different from the Shen Feng she knew in the past. In the past, he was gentle and extraordinary, always making people feel comfortable. However, the current him always made her feel that he was dangerous and would offend her.

In the past, he was a gentleman who made people feel comfortable, but now, he was the man who would kidnap her. Yingluo said that he kidnapped her, but his actions didn’t count? After all, she was doing well here, and he did not treat her badly. At least, he did not let her be as miserable as the other kidnappers.

Even though this place couldn’t compare to his own home.

She left the window and slowly returned to her room. Thinking of him, she rubbed her stomach and muttered to herself,””I wonder when we can go back? Baby, did you miss daddy?”

Naturally, the child in her stomach could not answer.

She smiled gently and rubbed her stomach even more gently.””I’m starting to miss your father. Do you think he’s eating properly?”

It would have been better if she didn’t think about it. Once she thought about it, that handsome face couldn’t be removed from her mind, and it occupied all her thoughts.

“But he’s an adult. He should be able to take care of himself, right?” PEI GE could not help but laugh at the thought of that man’s tendency to act like he had been wronged in front of her.

A clear and melodious laughter fell into Shen Feng’s ears without any reservation. This woman! He could even laugh so happily when he was alone!

He …

PEI GE finally noticed the man standing at the door and turned to look at him.””Is there something?” All the ties and friendly treatment in the past had begun to wear off after he had tied her up and brought her to this place despite her wishes.

She was now talking to him gently with her stomach in mind.

Shen Feng retracted his complicated expression the moment she turned around.””How are you today?” As he spoke, Shen Feng slowly entered the room.

He looked at her palm on his stomach and his eyes flickered.””How’s the child today?”

His face was full of gentleness and gentleness, and the gaze he used to look at her was full of warmth, as if the person under his palms was his child.

PEI GE subtly turned her body to the side and turned her stomach in an attempt to avoid Shen Feng’s gaze.

It was as if Shen Feng did not notice her actions as his long and broad palm gently caressed her hand, as if he was caressing her stomach through her hand.

PEI GE’s gaze was complicated, but she resisted the urge to fling his hand away. Shen Feng was no longer the same person as before, so she really did not dare to take the risk of doing something that would anger him. It would have been fine if she was alone, but she had a child in her stomach.

Even if she didn’t care about herself, she couldn’t ignore her child.

“It’s alright. ” She nodded.

“When I came up just now, I told the kitchen to make soup for you. Drink more soup to nourish your body.” Shen Feng gently looked at her stomach,”After all, she’s a mother. It’s not good if she doesn’t have enough nutrition.”

Before she could reject him, Shen Feng smiled and said,””The weather is quite good today. Are you interested in going for a walk?”

Shen Feng’s attitude made her even more confused. She really could not understand why he seemed to have become a different person after going out for a while.

Without waiting for her reply, Shen Feng looked up at her and waited for her to answer. There was not a trace of impatience in his eyes.

“Alright.” She thought for a moment. No matter what Shen Feng wanted to do, she had indeed not seen the sun for a few days.

The desert was full of life, and PEI GE was in a good mood as she strolled on it. The sun shone on her, warming her up. The uneasiness she had felt in the past few days seemed to have left her.

Through the shadows on the ground, she realized that Shen Feng, who had been following her, had disappeared.

She turned around and saw Shen Feng walking over with a thin shawl in his hand.

Shen Feng laughed as he placed the shawl over her shoulders.”Although the weather is good today, there’s a slight breeze. Put on the cloak and don’t catch a cold.”

Frowning, she adjusted the cloak on her shoulders and accepted the offer.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a pregnant woman.” Shen Feng did not care that he had hit a wall with her and gently said,””I didn’t expect a pregnant woman to look so weak.”

“I’m not weak. I’m just a little apprehensive.” She glanced at him. When there were many things that one wanted to do, one would only consider the danger even more.

A mother is strong, in fact, in another way, it’s just like that.

Shen Feng nodded his head as if he had been taught, “How’s your appetite these days?”

“I’m alright. “She nodded. She would try her best to eat it for the sake of the child.

Shen Feng continued,”do you have anything you want to eat?” I’ll tell the kitchen to make it for you. ”

The sun’s rays on the ground elongated the two shadows, making them look like a couple.

Shen Feng looked at the ground and moved two steps away from her with a smile.

“It’s alright. “She looked at Shen Feng as if she did not know this.”If you are so patient, why don’t you send me back? that would save you a lot of effort.”

“No.” Shen Feng smiled and shook his head.

This answer was within her expectations. It wasn’t easy for Shen Feng to capture her, how could he let her go back like this? She smiled and did not say anything else.

“Although I can’t send you back, I’ll try my best to satisfy you with whatever you want to eat,” Shen Feng continued.

When two countries were at war, envoys would not be killed, and between him and Ji Ziming, he disdained to hurt women.

He had no choice but to kidnap her.

Other than sending her back, he could satisfy her with anything else.

She shook her head lightly.”There’s no need. I’m fine with it now.”

Since they were destined to be enemies, too much entanglement would only do more harm than good.

Shen Feng stopped in his tracks and looked at her side profile. As she walked past him, her eyes sparkled under the sunlight.

“Alright, alright.” Shen Feng spread his hands and said,”even if you don’t want to eat anything, what about the child in your stomach?” Is there anything I must eat? I’m a man and I don’t know about these things. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known. ” Shen Feng took two steps forward and walked to her side.””You know that there are no experienced aunties here.”

PEI GE rubbed her stomach and recalled how her father had been feeding her different types of tonics at home. She could not help but smile.”Then, can I trouble you to make me a bowl of chicken soup every day?”

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