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Chapter 2418: All alone

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However, now that she was pregnant and the child had encountered such a thing, how could he not worry?

I can’t panic.

Ji Ziming warned himself immediately when he noticed his change of heart.

Liu Lina laughed at his change.””I guess you’re going to call me your wife now, right?”

Ji Ziming closed his eyes and said in a low voice,””If you want to hear it, I’ll naturally call it out.”

He sounded exhausted.

“Aiya.” Liu Lina pretended to be surprised and happy at the same time.”I think it’s better if you don’t scream. I don’t think it’ll sound good enough.”

“Is there anything else?” Ji Ziming was already too lazy to deal with her.

Liu Lina laughed and said,”you must think that women are really annoying now.”

“What a pity. I just like to see you, a person who is obviously as cold as ice, being teased by me until you are helpless.” Liu Lina hugged Ji Ziming’s arm once more, grinning like a flower.

“I won ‘t,” Ji Ziming only gave her a cursory glance before answering,””I’m afraid I’ll never think that women are troublesome creatures. ”

“Is it because of your wife?” “The power of love is great. Look, you didn’t even shake my hand off,” Liu Lina asked.

“If you think it’s interesting to talk to yourself, there’s no harm in playing around like this,” he replied expressionlessly.

“Ji Ziming!” Without a doubt, this sentence had hurt the depths of Liu Lina’s heart.

A person talking to himself.

From the beginning to the end, it was just a one-man performance.

The man mercilessly tore open Liu Lina’s wound.

Liu Lina was actually a very lonely person. She had always yearned to be noticed and truly loved.

What kind of demand was this?

Liu Lina thought about it in her heart, then turned around and laughed.

Liu Lina, is that you?” That’s not it.

She rejected it in her heart.

“Yeah, it seems like I’ve been thinking too much all this time.” Liu Lina then hugged his arm and sighed.

The man had already clenched his fists. If Liu Lina were to look at him, she would see the veins on his forehead popping out.

Of course, Liu Lina did not care about these things.

Hence, she mumbled to herself again,””Then, I should make some changes. I can’t let others see me clearly.”

Sweeping her a glance, he had a bad feeling about this.”What else do you want to do?”

“What did I do?” Liu Lina sized him up with a lecherous gaze.”Could it be that I did something wonderful when I was drunk last night that I don’t know about?”

Ji Ziming could not take it anymore and pushed Liu Lina’s body away. He had used a lot of force this time and could not take it anymore.

Liu Lina, on the other hand, had been waiting for a long time, so she was already prepared. She pretended to stagger and ‘fell’ onto the sofa again.

Ji Ziming did not even spare a glance at Liu Lina’s rehearsed dance.

Liu Lina did not mind. She let out another “Aiya” and pretended to be very miserable. Then, she smiled and said,”well, you see, you pushed me gently, and I couldn’t take it and fell. If I were pregnant, would I be able to take such a fall?”“

He turned to look at Liu Lina.

“I’m really curious. ” Liu Lina met his gaze and even said this on purpose.

“Don’t you dare!” His deep voice was filled with danger.”Liu Lina, if you dare to do anything to PEI GE and her son, don’t even think about living!”

“Wow, you’re angry!” Liu Lina crossed her arms hypocritically, making herself appear weak.”You’re still being fierce to me.”

Ji Ziming could clearly sense that the other party was either bored out of his mind or had gone crazy. He did not intend to continue talking to a lunatic.

“Please help yourself, I’m tired.” He went straight upstairs.

Liu Lina’s mood was exceptionally good as she watched him leave.

When Ji Ziming closed the door and looked down from the second floor, he saw Liu Lina still playing with her dankou.

It seemed very boring, but it also seemed like he was up to no good.

Ji Ziming frowned when he saw it.

PEI GE was in this lunatic’s hands, so even though she was only a lunatic, she could still control his emotions.

PEI GE, are you and the child doing well?

He closed the door and decisively locked it.

Only then did Liu Lina look upstairs. The sound of Ji Ziming locking the door could not be any louder.

“I want to play with you even more now.”

Liu Lina thought to herself, and her mood became even better. She crossed her legs and stood up. However, the moment she stood up, she looked at the empty and luxurious villa and suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Liu Lina was even more displeased, especially when the Western chandeliers were all diamonds.”Guards! Are they all dead?”

She suddenly mumbled.

The servants suddenly shivered and hurriedly ran to Liu Lina’s side.

Liu Lina’s mood improved a little when she saw that they were like ants. She said arrogantly,”Where are the people just now? where the hell did they go?”

“…” The servants stood in a neat row with their heads lowered, afraid that they would be caught by this Shrew. In the end, the Butler had to stand up and say,””Reporting … Madam, the servants in the Ji residence all start to rest after dinner at seven.”

“Your President is so nice?” Liu Lina was suspicious.

“…It’s Madam …” The old Butler answered with a trembling voice. However, he immediately changed his words when Liu Lina glared at him. “It’s the rule set by the previous Madam. ”

“Oh …” Liu Lina said sarcastically. Then, she laughed.”It seems like every Emperor has his own courtier.”

“…Madam, we know our mistake!” The servants lowered their heads even more, which greatly increased Liu Lina’s satisfaction.

She thought to herself,’it’s impossible for a new emperor to have a new courtier. If we want to replace a new batch of people, it’s very likely that I’ll have to pay for it myself. Of course, it’s not a problem for Ji Ziming to pay for it, but I’m the wife of South Africa’s most powerful mafia boss. It’s very embarrassing for me to use someone else’s money to hire servants.’

Moreover, if he wanted to torture the two, he would have to use the original people. That would be more interesting.

“So, do you know what to do now?” Liu Lina threatened them.

“Madam has the highest authority. We’ll listen to everything Madam says!” The servants immediately said.

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