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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2413: What are you worried about?

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Chapter 2413: What are you worried about?

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Huang tie, who was standing at the side, looked at Shen Feng with a serious expression.”Boss, are you sure you want to meet this Ji Ziming? What if he finds someone to catch you? What if he’s playing dirty behind our backs?”

Huang tie could not help but worry. If this really happened, what would Shen Feng do? he had just returned, and he could not possibly ruin his hard-won day just because he had kidnapped PEI GE and offended Ji Ziming.

“You’re playing dirty with me?”

Shen Feng sneered, and his voice was frighteningly cold,”I’m afraid he doesn’t have the qualifications to play dirty with me. At least, I’m much better at it than him.” He’s always been living in the sun, but I’m different. I live in the dark. Thus, in the dark, I’m much more familiar with the path than he is. He doesn’t even need to compete with me. ”

Huang tie stood at the side and didn’t speak, but his eyes followed the sunlight outside the window and looked into the distance. If there was another world in this world, it would definitely have nothing to do with pain and despair. All the good things and happiness were there.

As for Shen Feng, Huang tie believed that he would definitely be able to live in that world.

“Huang tie, you must ensure PEI GE’s safety when I’m out. You must be careful of Liu Lina’s return. She’s pregnant right now, so you must pay special attention to her. You must pay more attention.”

Shen Feng was not afraid of anything else, but he was afraid that Liu Lina would have ideas about PEI GE.

“Boss, you’re already in this state and you’re still worried about that woman? besides, I don’t think anything will happen to that woman. It’s a little strange that you’re so worried about her.”

Shen Feng turned his head and looked into Huang tie’s eyes.”You don’t have to care about what I’m thinking right now. You just have to do as I say. No matter what happens in the future, or to be more precise, no matter what happens to me in the future, you must protect PEI GE well. To me, she’s not just a chess piece that I can negotiate with. ”

He could not understand if she had any other use other than being a chess piece.

Her eyes were filled with doubt, and when she looked into Shen Feng’s eyes, she seemed to see a gentleness that she had never seen before.

Could it be love?

However, what was the reason? That PEI GE was already a married woman, not to mention that she was pregnant with another man’s child. He, Shen Feng, had never lost or used other people’s things before, so how could he fall in love with such a woman?

“Boss, may I ask, what kind of person do you think that PEI GE is? Otherwise, I’m very curious, very curious, why would you treat her like this? logically speaking, kidnapping a person, even if she’s pregnant, but you’re so good to her. It’s already beyond the relationship between the kidnapper and the abductor. ”

Shen Feng didn’t say anything, but the gentleness in his eyes had already betrayed him. How could he not understand what he was doing?

“Don’t ask anymore, just do as I say. If he really wants to harm me, you can hide her somewhere else if I don’t return within two hours. If anything happens to me, he’ll never see her again. ”

Shen Feng already had a plan and a way out, so why would he be afraid of Ji Ziming?

“Boss, why do I feel like you’re getting more and more bizarre? could it be that you’re …”

Huang tie did not continue. It was obvious that he already had a rough understanding of Ji Ziming’s psychology and whereabouts. He was certain that the man would not touch him as long as PEI GE was in Shen Feng’s hands.

“Of course. No matter what she is, she’s just a chess piece in my hands.”

Shen Feng was certain and didn’t dare to think too much. He was afraid that he would fall into such a Whirlpool again.

He couldn’t get it, nor could he let it go.

It was truly an ill-fated relationship, but he had no choice. He wanted to forget it, but he could not remember how many times he had woken up from his drunken stupor because of her. In the days that followed, PEI GE’s figure was always among the women he came into contact with. Their eyes and brows were like hers, their outlines were like hers, their eyes were like hers, and even their hair texture was like hers. But they were not her.

She was not the PEI GE in Shen Feng’s heart, nor was she the person he wanted to see the most when he woke up from his drunken state. They only looked like her, but they were not her.

Perhaps this was how ill-fated relationships were, tormenting you for a lifetime, making you unable to have her, and never seeing the picture of her smiling brightly at you.

It was engraved into his mind, the deepest memory, and also the most painful torture.

“Boss, you must remember that you’re our boss now. I’ll support you in whatever decision you make. When you’re gone, I’ll watch over PEI GE and not let Liu Lina deal with her. I’ll also protect PEI GE and the child in her stomach. Don’t worry and go meet him. I’m at home, so you can rest assured. ”

Huang tie’s eyes were serious and sincere. At this moment, he was Shen Feng’s family. As long as it was Shen Feng’s words, he would follow them. He had to be obedient as a good assassin.

“Alright, I’ll be at ease with you around.”

Shen Feng sighed, and his eyes became even more resentful. Through her pure and innocent gaze, he seemed to recall the first time he saw PEI GE. She was so pure and innocent. He had seen many beautiful girls, but he had never seen PEI GE who was like a little chili.

When it was almost time, Huang tie knocked on Shen Feng’s office,”boss, it’s time. You can leave now.”

Shen Feng then opened his eyes and looked at the pendulum clock on the wall. He nodded and said,”okay, I understand. You can go down first and get someone to drive me. I don’t need too many people, I only need two.”


Huang tie couldn’t believe it. If something really happened to Shen Feng on his way there or on his way back, then how was their gang going to continue?

“Yes, two is enough. One will drive, and the other will open the door for me. If you’re worried, bring your men’s weapons. I’m sure that he won’t do anything to me. Just stay at home and watch over PEI GE. I’ll deal with things outside.”

Shen Feng nodded. The confidence in his eyes was like a ray of light that dispelled the confusion in Huang tie’s heart. He only had to take good care of PEI GE and wait for Shen Feng and Ji Ziming to return from their negotiations.

“Alright, boss. Don’t worry and go negotiate with Ji Ziming, but just to be safe, I’ll still send a team of brothers to protect you in secret. It’ll be fine if that man doesn’t do anything to you.”

Huang tie paused for a moment.

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