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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2411: An arm can not win against a thigh

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Chapter 2411: An arm can not win against a thigh

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“Miss PEI said that she’s not feeling well, so she brought breakfast upstairs.”

“Have you called the doctor?”

The servant looked at Shen Feng’s serious expression and shook her head in fear. Miss PEI said that she was fine, so they did not think of looking for a doctor.

“Are you all dead? Hurry up and call the doctor. ”

Shen Feng pushed everything on the coffee table to the ground. His current expression showed that he was extremely angry.

The maid was so frightened that she was on the verge of tears. Her hands were trembling even when she was making the call. How could she have thought that it would be so serious just because she did not call the doctor? furthermore, miss PEI was fine when she was sent over.

“Tell the doctor to get here in 15 minutes.”

Shen Feng shouted and anxiously ran upstairs. He stood at her door and hesitated for a while before raising his hand and lowering it.

PEI GE was currently lying on the bed. She caught a cold yesterday and did not feel well, but it was not that serious. She wanted to stop Shen Feng when she heard his voice, but she gave up on that thought after some thought.

Shen Feng only entered after the doctor arrived. As he had already done a routine check, the doctor went straight to PEI GE’s room.

She hurriedly sat up the moment she heard the door open, and only relaxed when she saw that it was the doctor.

“Doctor, I’m fine. I just caught a cold.”

She explained to the doctor. It did not really affect her and she just wanted to avoid Shen Feng.

“Why are you up? lie down and let the doctor examine you.”

Shen Feng walked out from behind the doctor and looked at her with a frown. Why did she always treat her body like it was nothing? she already had a child.

“I’m really fine. ”

PEI GE did not want the doctor to waste any more time on her, but she still gave in when she saw Shen Feng’s determined look. Arms could never win against thighs.

“Miss PEI’s body is indeed fine.”

Shen Feng could finally relax after hearing the doctor’s diagnosis. He only felt a slight headache now that he knew that PEI GE was fine.

“Young master Shen, let me take your temperature.”

The doctor also noticed that something was wrong with Shen Feng. His face was unusually red, and at the same time, PEI GE also noticed the wound on his hand.

“Doctor, please treat the wound on his hand.”

PEI GE said guiltily. If not for her, Shen Feng would not have gotten hurt. She sighed. What an ill-fated relationship.

“Treat this wound for me,”

Shen Feng grabbed the doctor’s first aid kit and placed it in front of her. This injury was caused by her, so of course, she had to take responsibility.

“I’m not a professional, let the doctor do it. ”

PEI GE did not move, so Shen Feng took out the things inside and placed them in front of her before stretching his hand out.

She looked at him helplessly. He was like a stubborn child who only acknowledged one thing.

PEI GE looked at the doctor, who was still standing at the same spot and deliberately avoiding her, with no intention of coming up to help. Thus, she could only resign herself to her fate and treat Shen Feng’s wound.

PEI GE did not have any experience in this area. When she saw the wound on Shen Feng’s hand, her hand trembled non-stop, but the latter was expressionless, as if the hand in front of her did not belong to him.

“I think you should let the doctor treat it for you.”

PEI GE threw the cotton swab into the trash can. She really could not bring herself to do it. Shen Feng’s hands were covered in blood, and she could not even tell which one was his wound.

“Young master Shen, let me take care of it for you. You have a fever, and it might spread to the pregnant woman.”

Shen Feng’s movements stiffened when he heard the doctor say that it would spread to PEI GE. He then took the item from her hands and walked toward the doctor.

“Let’s go out. ”

He still did not want her to fall sick. If he did not use the medicine, she would definitely feel very uncomfortable.

The doctor looked at Shen Feng in surprise. He didn’t expect that his one sentence would change Shen Feng’s mind.

He looked at her. Sigh, what an ill-fated relationship …

After the examination, it was confirmed that Shen Feng had a fever of 38.5 degrees. This was the first time he took the initiative to let the doctor put him on an IV drip.

Shen Feng was thinking that he did not know how long it would be before he could see her again.

Shen Feng felt much better after the IV drip. His fever had subsided, and he looked much more energetic, but he did not go to look for PEI GE so quickly.

The next day …

Feeling guilty about what happened the day before yesterday, she went downstairs early in the morning to find out more about Shen Feng.

“Why are you up so early?”

Shen Feng placed breakfast on the table. He had not seen her for the whole night and could not fall asleep in the morning. To his surprise, she actually came downstairs so early.

“You, are you alright?”

She did not dare to look into his eyes. She was afraid of him now and did not know if he would go crazy the next second.

“It’s fine now. Come and have breakfast. ”

Shen Feng could not be any more normal. He waved at her.”Am I that scary?”

Shen Feng teased when he saw that she did not dare to approach him.

“No, I didn ‘t,”

Shen Feng’s cold joke made PEI GE feel even more awkward. She quickened her pace to the dining table, thinking to herself, it’s not like we haven’t eaten together before.

“I’ll take you to the movies after breakfast. ”

Shen Feng said nonchalantly as he placed the warm milk in front of her.

“What movie?”

Although she said this with a calm expression, she was already very excited inside. Did this mean that she could leave this place? Her mood brightened at the thought of being able to leave this place, and she had double the usual breakfast.

Shen Feng could tell how she was feeling from the way she ate her breakfast, especially from the way her lips curled up, which betrayed her expression.

She was no longer happy when Shen Feng brought her to the cinema.

She had to admit that Shen Feng was really good at this small movie theater, but she was still too stupid. His villa even had an inspection room, so how could this small movie theater not have one?

The movie had already started, and Shen Feng noticed her expression.

“What’s wrong? you don’t like this one?”

Shen Feng pointed at the movie on the screen. He did not know what PEI GE liked, so he had prepared a lot. There must be something she liked.

“It’s fine. Let’s just watch this. ”

PEI GE did not know what the plot was about. What was important was not the movie but the person accompanying her to watch it. She could not bring herself to like it …

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