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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2410: You don’t love me.

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Chapter 2410: You don’t love me.

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Shen Feng’s gaze was like a snake that was wrapped around her body. It was only until Shen Feng walked out of the door that she was finally free and her tense nerves finally relaxed.

“Come down and eat.”

This time, Shen Feng did not bring the food up. PEI GE had been in the house for a long time and needed to go outside to get some fresh air.


PEI GE was actually not hungry. She was just trying to avoid Shen Feng’s gaze, but she could not hide forever. What was meant to come would come.

PEI GE went downstairs and realized that Shen Feng was no longer there. She asked the servant beside her and found out that he had already left when he went downstairs earlier.

She looked at the food in front of her and was immediately interested. She ate slowly and watched the sun gradually set outside. It was a pleasant scene.

“Miss PEI, is there anything else you need?”

PEI GE finished all the food on her plate, and the servant beside her looked at her with embarrassment. The kitchen did not prepare much food. She had not eaten much in the past few days, so the portions they had prepared these days were much smaller, but now …

“No, thank you.”

PEI GE looked at the maid’s expression and refused. She did not eat too much, so why did she make them feel so embarrassed?

PEI GE walked out of the yard after she was done eating. The weather at this time was most suitable for taking a walk outside, especially after having a meal.

There was a swing in the yard. As she sat on it, someone started swinging behind her. She carefully clutched her stomach, but fortunately, the person behind her did not swing too much.

“Do you like it?”

PEI GE’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the voice behind her. When did Shen Feng return? she did not even notice it.

“I’m feeling a little tired, let’s get down. ”

Shen Feng stopped the swing when he heard her words. Since she did not like it, he could just move it. By the next day, this place would be bare.

“Follow me, I’ll show you something.”

Shen Feng held her hand and walked out. He had prepared a surprise for her, and it was said that every girl liked it.

“Where are you taking me?”

Shen Feng’s footsteps were very fast and it was a little strenuous for her to follow behind him. After climbing so many steps, she felt that her entire body had no strength left.

“Hang in there, we’ll be there in a while.”

When they reached the last floor, Shen Feng opened a metal door. This was the highest floor of the villa. Then, Shen Feng made a hand gesture towards the dark night.

The fireworks bloomed in the sky one after another. Even in the dark, Shen Feng could still see PEI GE’s face clearly.

“Do you like it?”

PEI GE nodded. The fireworks were indeed beautiful, and she had to admit that Shen Feng had put in a lot of effort, but he was only admiring them.

“PEI GE, do you love me?”

Shen Feng suddenly grabbed her shoulders and asked seriously. He looked into her eyes, hoping to get the answer he wanted from them.

“I don ‘t.”

PEI GE knew that as long as she said ‘love’, she would be able to leave this place, but when she saw Shen Feng, she could not bring herself to say it.

She didn’t love Shen Feng. If it was possible, she really wished that they could be friends and not end up in such an awkward situation.

“Why? Why Don’t You Love Me?” she asked.

Shen Feng subconsciously tightened his grip on her when he heard her answer. He clearly treated her well, even better than Ji Ziming, so why was she unwilling to love him? she could not even lie to him.

“PEI GE, as long as you Say You Love Me, I can let you leave this place, right?”

Shen Feng did not give up and threw out another bait. He wanted to let Ji Ziming know that he could easily snatch away what he had obtained.

“Shen Feng, I don’t love you. I really don’t love you.”

She repeated herself. She did not love Shen Feng. She really did not. Even if she could not leave this place, she did not want to lie.

“Where did I not do well?”

Shen Feng’s gaze started to turn terrifying. He was like a tiger, as though he could swallow her into his stomach in the next second.

PEI GE looked at Shen Feng fearfully. Even in the dark, she could not hide from his eagle-like eyes. She kept retreating, and the man followed her step by step.

She was just like a prey that had been captured by Shen Feng and she regretted it. She should not have angered Shen Feng and she did not know what kind of irrational things he would do.

“Is it that hard to say that you love me?”

Shen Feng was currently a little irritable, but when he saw her nervous expression, he tried his best to control himself. However, the beast in his body seemed to be out of control.

“Ah …”

Shen Feng extended his fist to her and, when it was just a centimeter away from her face, he moved it to the wall behind her.

Although the fist did not land on her face, it still gave her a fright. She wanted to run away, but her legs had already turned to jelly.

“You can leave.”

Shen Feng gave up his seat for her. He was currently being extremely irrational and could not guarantee what he would do to her. All he could do now was to stay away from her.

PEI GE hurriedly ran out of his sight, as if she had been pardoned.

Shen Feng made a phone call and soon, the servants brought two boxes of wine up and left.

As though he was drinking water, Shen Feng gulped down bottle after bottle. Only then did he feel that the wounds on his body were relieved.

On this huge rooftop, Shen Feng’s back looked extremely miserable. His hands did not stop moving, but instead became faster and faster.

The blood on his hand continued to flow down, but it was as if he couldn’t feel any pain. He continued to use alcohol to numb himself, and after an unknown amount of time, Shen Feng finally laid down on the ground.

Shen Feng slept on the rooftop for the entire night. The next morning, Shen Feng was woken up by the cold. He rubbed his aching forehead and staggered to the stairs.

The wound on his hand had already formed a scab and it looked extremely tragic, but Shen Feng didn’t seem to feel any pain.

Shen Feng lay down on the sofa the moment he returned to the living room so that she could see him when she woke up. However, he had forgotten that she rarely came out.

It wasn’t until daybreak that Shen Feng woke up from his drunken stupor. The sun was already high up in the sky. Shen Feng drowsily opened his eyes and looked at the dining table. There was no one there.

“Where’s miss PEI?”

Shen Feng asked the maid who was cleaning the room. He thought that he would see PEI GE when he woke up in the morning, so his eyes were filled with disappointment.

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