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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 4513: Live and die together (3)

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Chapter 4513: Live and die together (3)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

It was until Li Moying’s accumulation was almost complete that Rui Jiang spoke lazily with a mocking tone,” What’s wrong? Little brat of the god race, is this all you can do? Do you think you can protect your little lover? Do you want some more time?”

If it was in Soaring Heavens Continent or Cloudy Qilin Continent, if anyone dared to speak to Young Master Li like this, they would have long been dead souls under Li Moying’s sword.

But at such a moment, facing the mockery of a powerful Devil King Realm opponent, Li Moying appeared exceptionally calm as his expression didn’t change at all. His thin lips were pursed slightly and he didn’t say a single word.

He knew that he had no time to waste.

He could only grab hold of every breath of time to complete his Storing Power so that he would have a chance to protect his Li ‘er.

Rui Jiang casually said a few words. He originally wanted to see this god clan genius’s enraged appearance to find some fun. Who knew that the other party actually did not get distracted at all and was unexpectedly calm.

This made Rui Jiang unhappy.

‘ Damned little bastard, how dare you ignore me!”

Rui Jiang sneered and raised his right hand again.

Surging demonic qi once again gushed towards Li Moying.

Huang Yueli was still trying to break through the restriction in her body as she used all her strength to move towards Li Moying’s direction.

The moment she saw the black smoke, her heart almost stopped beating.

Ruijiang… He was too strong!

It was so strong that Huang Yueli couldn’t help but feel helpless.

However, she couldn’t do anything now as she could only watch helplessly as Li Moying’s figure was swept into that black aura.

Li Moying’s eyes flashed slightly but he didn’t retreat or dodge, instead taking Rui Jiang’s attack head-on as he charged forward.

Right the moment before Rui Jiang attacked, he successfully completed accumulating power. The profound energy in his body soared to peak Heart

Profound Realm. Just a little more and he could buy into Dao Profound Realm.

This explosive thunder attributed Profound Energy was instantly compressed into a bolt of lightning by Li Moying’s unique cultivation method, as it shot straight towards Rui Jiang’s chest!

Compared to Li Moying’s usual shocking might of heavenly lightning which could destroy the heavens and shake the earth, this lightning bolt was too thin and small, too inconspicuous.

If it was any other practitioner with a lower cultivation, they would probably think that Li Moying’s willpower had completely collapsed and lost the ability to resist under Rui Jiang’s powerful pressure.

However, Rui Jiang’s expression changed slightly.” Merely a Heart Profound Realm brat, and he’s actually able to comprehend lightning concept to such an extent! To be able to condense the power of the heavenly lightning into such purity! If you were to cultivate for a few more years, you might be able to kill a Demon King Realm expert. Unfortunately, you’re still too young!”

From the Intent Profound Realm to the Heart Profound Realm, it was a process of releasing the Profound Energy in one’s body. Through one’s own Profound Energy, one could draw in the Profound Energy between heaven and earth. The more one drew, the more powerful it would be.

But after reaching Dao Profound Realm, continuing to cultivate became a process of condensing toward the inside.

The practitioner no longer paid attention to the amount of Profound Energy, but instead focused on the purity of the Profound Energy.

A little bit of pure power was enough to kill people.

Except, the process of entering was harder than exiting. Many practitioners who had reached Dao Profound Realm Peak were unable to condense their own Profound Energy to Li Moying’s level.

As for Li Moying…He was only at the Profound Heart Realm and was so young, so how could he have done it?

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