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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 4512 Live and die together (2)

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Chapter 4512 Live and die together (2)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

In order to fight against Rui Jiang, Li Moying’s aura suddenly burst out and in addition to the thunder attribute which was known for its explosive nature.

She was standing so far away but she was unable to withstand this kind of pressure, let alone taking a step forward, walking to the center of the lightning attribute storm to pull Li Moying out.

‘ Didn’t you say that my loyal dog husband would listen to me?!” Huang Yueli’s face flushed red.

On one hand, it was because of this powerful pressure, and on the other hand, it was because of Li Moying’s anger!

It was obvious that Li Moying had noticed that Rui Jiang’s strength had increased by a huge margin and it was still increasing continuously until now. He realised that even if the two of them were to escape immediately, it would most likely be disastrous.

In order to protect her and allow her to successfully escape, Li Moying had decided to sacrifice himself to give her enough time to escape.

From the time they were in Soaring Heavens Continent, this man was like this. Even if there was only a sliver of hope, he would choose to protect her without the slightest hesitation. He didn’t care about what he would become and also didn’t care about how she would feel when she saw the man she loved die for her…

Ever since the two of them had ascended to the Divine Realm, Huang Yueli had already properly educated her husband, telling him that she didn’t need him to sacrifice himself like this. If he died, she wouldn’t be able to live alone!

Li Moying agreed very well at that time.

However, at the critical moment, when she really encountered danger, this man would instinctively choose to stand in front of her…

She knew that now wasn’t the time to be touched but she had to immediately think of a way to support Li Moying.

No matter how talented Li Moying was, he was merely a Heart Profound Realm practitioner. Crossing a major realm to face off against a late stage Heavenly Devil Devil was already almost impossible to succeed, let alone facing Rui Jiang who had temporarily entered the Devil King Realm?

It was very likely that he would die here!

On one hand, Huang Yueli gritted her teeth and endured the discomfort in her chest as she moved forward. On the other hand, she tried her best to mobilize the Profound Energy in her body, wanting to break through the restriction left behind by Li Moying.

Originally, this kind of unique restriction technique was almost impossible to break through.

The two of them often cultivated together and the Profound Energy in their bodies came from the same source. It was not difficult to break the restriction, but the problem was…lt would still take a certain amount of time!

Whereas the showdown between Li Moying and Rui Jiang was about to start! The speed at which the demonic qi in Rui Jiang’s body increased slowed down after he advanced to the Demon King Realm.

He felt a powerful force penetrating his body and could not help but let out a long laugh!

The feeling of entering the devil king realm was too good. It was completely different from the late-stage heavenly demon realm. That feeling was as if everything around him was under his control.

Rui Jiang had also noticed that the two Protoss little fellows in front of him had already run away. Only the young man was left in front of him, and the other party was quickly gathering the energy in the surroundings.

But Rui Jiang didn’t have any intention of interrupting Li Moying.

From his point of view, after he had advanced into the Devil King Realm, he was already an invincible existence on this battlefield. Wouldn’t squashing Li Moying to death be the same as squashing an ant?

An ant struggling before its death, was there a need for him to be on guard?

At most, it would be a circus…

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