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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 4514: Live and die together (4)

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Chapter 4514: Live and die together (4)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Rui Jiang put aside some of his contempt, but still did not take it too seriously. After all, the gap between the two sides was too great.

At this moment, no matter how high Li Moying’s innate talent was, he could only become a dead soul under his demonic aura.

The almost undetectable purple lightning shot out at an extremely high speed. It was like a sharp needle piercing the depths of the black mist. In the blink of an eye, it had already pierced Rui Jiang’s chest.

However, not only was Rui Jiang not nervous, he even smiled faintly.

He slowly raised his hand and was about to wipe the lightning away so that the two little gods could feel the power of the Devil Overlord Realm.

But before he could touch the lightning, his expression changed. “Not good!” He cried out.

Following Rui Jiang’s low growl, Huang Yueli, who was a few thousand metres away, also saw the changes in the middle of the black mist.

The thin, thread-like condensed lightning suddenly split into two after trembling slightly. Then two became four and then eight…

The lightning split at an extremely high speed. In the blink of an eye, it had already formed an entire lightning field that completely covered Rui Jiang’s chest.

He hastily mobilised his devil qi and tried to block the extremely sharp lightning from outside his body.

Rui Jiang’s current level of cultivation was at the Devil Overlord Realm, and his speed was unimaginably fast. Even though Li Moying’s lightning speed was already celestial enough, Rui Jiang still managed to retract some of his Devil Qi in time, forming a protective shield in front of him.

This time… He was safe!

Before Rui Jiang could finish exhaling, a chill suddenly rose from his back.

A purple light shadow with a low roar that shook the world leapt towards his back. Its sharp claws reflected the lightning and suddenly grabbed his head!

Rui Jiang’s body trembled, but he instinctively sensed danger.

He quickly turned around to see a huge Qilin Divine Beast appear behind him. The scales on its body emitted a dark blue cold light under the illumination of the lightning, and its power was shocking.

“Qi… Qilin? Where did this Qilin come from? Wasn’t it said that the Divine Beasts of the Twelve Continents of the Divine World were already extinct?

This… ”

Where did it come from? That child… Who is it from the Cloudy Qilin Clan?

Rui Jiang was shocked, but he didn’t have time to think about it.

In the situation of being attacked from both sides, he could only forcefully disperse the limited devil qi and defend against attacks from both sides. But this way, the defensive effect would be greatly reduced.

Rui Jiang thought that the attack from the divine beast behind him would be more dangerous, so when he defended, he used a lot of demonic energy on the shield behind him.

However, reality proved him wrong.

The earth-shattering claw of Qilin’s divine beast seemed indestructible, but it immediately let out a scream of pain when its claw came in contact with the devil qi.

Although it still left a claw mark on Rui Jiang’s back, the little Qilin quickly retracted its claw the next moment.

There were faint traces of corrosion and burns on her claws.

The Devil Overlord Realm’s devil qi actually had such a strong corrosive power against divine beasts!

However, Rui Jiang couldn’t rejoice because on the other side, Li Moying’s lightning had also passed by his chest!


Rui Jiang suddenly let out a muffled grunt and looked at his chest in disbelief.

The lightning was like a sharp blade, cutting through the devil qi barrier in front of his chest and stabbed straight into his chest!

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