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«Power and Wealth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1424: Promotions

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Chapter 1424: Promotions

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Standing Committee Meeting.

Dong Xuebing made a promise.

Mayor Jiang had already expressed his opinion, and Secretary Meng had also given his approval during the meeting. This matter was considered settled, and everyone's expressions varied.

Zhang Wanshui felt somewhat pleased with the misfortune.

Cheng Fuguang frowned and shook his head continuously.

Jian Xiangrong and Puan both looked worried and helpless.

Perhaps only Mayor Jiang Fangfang remained with an expression that was neither clear nor cold throughout the meeting.

The atmosphere paused, and Dong Xuebing wanted to implement things quickly. He said, "Secretary Meng, Mayor Jiang, should we finalize the personnel adjustments and promotions now?" Dong Xuebing came prepared, immediately handing them a few documents and files. He didn't expect things to progress so smoothly, so he wasn't fully prepared. He only had the information of a few people from the Investment Promotion Bureau. "After all, this Saturday is the city's investment fair. If we follow the usual procedures one by one, I'm afraid we won't receive any responses next week. The personnel won't be able to be transferred, and the promotion matters also need to be discussed by the Party Committee."

Involving positions like the Deputy Bureau Chief's office director belonged to county-managed leaders.

Meng Rui looked at him. "People have already been chosen."

"Probably." Dong Xuebing said modestly.

Jiang Fangfang said indifferently, "If you need a driver, just transfer one from the driver's team to your Investment Promotion Bureau. I'll handle it with a word."

Dong Xuebing immediately said, "Thank you, Mayor. As for a clerk, let's just transfer one from the county government office. I'll find someone."

Jiang Fangfang nodded slightly and said, "Alright. Once you've selected someone, just inform the personnel department. What about the others?"

Transferring these two personnel was easy. It wasn't a promotion, just a lateral transfer. Dong Xuebing could handle it with a word as long as the county provided policies. The main event was the promotion. Dong Xuebing wasn't the head of the Organization Department and didn't have such authority. Even if he were the head of the Organization Department, he couldn't simply promote anyone. Everything had to go through the Party Committee, and controversial cases needed a vote. So, Dong Xuebing wouldn't let go of the opportunity he had won with the military order. It was too rare. "Previously, the Investment Promotion Bureau had a Business Department, which was streamlined later. This time, I want to revive it. After all, the Business Department is a crucial unit directly dealing with investors, a very important department."

Meng Rui and Jiang Fangfang looked at the files Dong Xuebing gave them.

Dong Xuebing continued, "I recommend Chen Yunsong from the Investment Promotion Bureau as the head of the Business Department. Although he has only been here for a year or two, he has been responsible for business. Last year, he also achieved good results. He's smart, motivated, and has a drive to succeed. I think he can be developed."

Chen Yunsong, Deputy Director of the Finance Bureau and Chen Xiaomei's younger brother.

Almost everyone present was a veteran of Zhen Shui County, and they were familiar with each other's backgrounds. There were few secrets in government offices. Chen Xiaomei belonged to Dong Xuebing's faction, but even though everyone knew that Dong Xuebing was promoting his people, those from the Meng faction couldn't object. After all, Chen Yunsong was originally a staff member of the Investment Promotion Bureau, and Dong Xuebing was the head. His opinion at this time was even more critical than the personnel department's opinion. It was the top priority in assessing cadres.

Meng Rui nodded, "I think it's okay, Mayor."

Jiang Fangfang looked at Chen Yunsong's file and said, "His abilities are good. Let him be."

Chen Yunsong was decided. Even if Chen Yunsong became the head of the Business Department, it wouldn't be considered a promotion. It wasn't a position at the Deputy Section Chief level. It was just the treatment of a Deputy Section Chief.

Dong Xuebing continued, "The position in the office is also significant. The current structure of the Investment Promotion Bureau is somewhat chaotic. Tasks are assigned to whoever is available, which is too disordered. An unhealthy structure also directly affects work arrangements. Internal harmony is a prerequisite for external success. Therefore, I recommend…" Dong Xuebing hesitated momentarily, maybe even hesitating about Chang Juan, but then he said, "I recommend Cheng Yujie from the Investment Promotion Bureau.” Sister Cheng is an old comrade, experienced, and older. She can handle people, and being a female comrade, I think she can handle office work. She is the best candidate."

Meng Rui looked at Liao Haiwei, "Old Liao, what's the opinion of your Organization Department?"

Liao Haiwei smiled bitterly, "Just reported, and we didn't have time for a pre-inspection."

Jiang Fangfang slowly said, "This is urgent, and we don’t have time for a pre-inspection. The same goes for post-inspections. I think Cheng Yujie is good."

Deputy Secretary Zhang Wanshui said, "I haven't dealt with Xiao Cheng from the Investment Promotion Bureau, but from the files, her work ability seems average."

Dong Xuebing looked at him and said, "You are referring to the investment promotion performance. Indeed, Comrade Cheng Yujie's performance in this aspect is average. But what I value is her logistical ability. She has expertise in her field. When it comes to office work, business ability is secondary. Experience and leadership ability are the most important."

Zhang Wanshui frowned, "But she…"

Dong Xuebing interrupted directly, "Then recommend someone from the Investment Promotion Bureau for me."

Zhang Wanshui opened his mouth in frustration, but in the end, he didn't suggest anyone.


Only two people were in the Investment Promotion Bureau except for the Deputy Bureau Chief and the office clerk.

The head of the Business Department was settled, leaving only Cheng Yujie.

The Director of the Publicity Department, Cheng Fuguang, added some confusion, "I think we can transfer someone from another department."

Dong Xuebing retorted, "How can we take care of the emotions of the comrades below? Cheng Yujie has dedicated her youth to the Investment Promotion Bureau. Now, if we appoint someone else as the office director, it's inevitable that there will be resentment. I want this investment promotion team to be a fighting force. We need everyone's combat effectiveness and cohesion, not a bunch of loose sand."

Cheng Fuguang said, "Building team cohesion is your responsibility as a leader."

Dong Xuebing responded, "I'm not incapable of doing that, but I don't have the time right now. There are still three or four days, and I need everyone to quickly get into their positions."

The meeting erupted in arguments as soon as it involved sensitive personnel adjustments.

In the end, Meng Rui lightly tapped his water cup on the table. "Let's respect the opinions of the responsible leaders. Let it be Cheng Yujie. Old Liao, inspect after the meeting as soon as possible."

Liao Haiwei responded, "Okay, I understand."

After that, Zhang Wanshui and Cheng Fuguang didn't say much. They didn't care about such small positions, and even if they valued the promotion quota, they didn't see the Investment Promotion Bureau as a significant place. They didn't believe Dong Xuebing could attract 50 million investments to Zhen Shui County. It was too unrealistic. If, by any chance, the investments didn't materialize, the officials who took office would be held responsible along with Dong Xuebing, possibly facing dismissal. They were meticulous because Dong Xuebing was speaking, not because of the matter itself.

Meng Rui said, "There's still one position left among the ones you requested, right? A deputy bureau chief."

"Yes." Dong Xuebing put down the files in his hand and thought for a while without speaking. Finally, he said, "I'm more inclined to recommend an old colleague. I don't have her file with me right now, but after the meeting, I can have someone provide it to Director Liao. She's a female comrade."

Liao Haiwei glanced at him. "Your old colleague?"

Dong Xuebing grunted, "I don't need to hide it. I've known this comrade for a long time. Her personnel file is currently in a branch of the Beijing State Security. When I spoke with Mayor Jiang, I heard the county would focus on investment promotion work. So, I brought her over, hoping she could help me. I want to clarify: I value this comrade's work ability."

Liao Haiwei asked, "From the State Security?"

Dong Xuebing said, "Yes."

Liao Haiwei asked, "Isn't it a bit far?"

Dong Xuebing shook his head. "Not far. I've also contacted some friends and talked to her supervisor. After a long discussion, they agreed to let her go as long as we accepted her. Her file will be here soon. I want to emphasize once again that this comrade has strong work capabilities. Without her, I have little confidence in attracting 50 million investments within a month. So, I strongly recommend her for this position." Constantly boasting about Chang Juan's work capabilities, Dong Xuebing would help her gain some benefits. Even though most of her work capabilities were exaggerated.

Meng Rui asked, "Does she have experience in investment promotion? What specific aspect of her abilities are you referring to?"

Dong Xuebing said, "She hasn't worked on investment promotion projects, but her ability to deal with people is outstanding. Everyone should know that our county's investment promotion results are not improving due to objective factors that can't be reversed in a day or two. Therefore, our focus is still on building relationships with investors. The closer the relationship, the better the communication, and the greater the chances of investment opportunities. This is the most critical aspect, in my opinion."

Cheng Fuguang said, "Didn't you say that transferring people from other places would affect the comrades' emotions?"

"Introducing new blood is also important. This is not contradictory to what I said earlier." Dong Xuebing argued convincingly.

One moment, you're talking about this; another moment, you're talking about that. Anyway, you always sound reasonable.

Cheng Fuguang had clashed with Dong Xuebing today and had to confront him again. After all, it wasn't just him; many officials from the Meng faction thought Dong Xuebing was climbing too smoothly. The first two recommendations were acceptable since they were old veterans or backbone members of the Investment Promotion Bureau. However, this last person seemed a bit unreliable.

However, before they could speak, Secretary Meng spoke up. "Let's go with this person. After the meeting, organize her personnel files for the Organization Department, contact her to come to Zhen Shui County for duty, simplify the inspection, and even if it's not time for a promotion, get her to come first. Arrange the transfer." After finishing, he looked at Jiang Fangfang.

Jiang Fangfang calmly said, "I have no objections."

Dong Xuebing was pleased and said, "Alright, I'll take care of it."

Surprisingly, Secretary Meng supported all three candidates proposed by Dong Xuebing.

Zhang Wanshui looked at Meng Rui, perhaps understanding something, and the words at the corner of his mouth were also swallowed back.

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