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«Power and Wealth (Web Novel) - Chapter 1423: Mayor Dong made promises

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Chapter 1423: Mayor Dong made promises

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Around 3 pm.

County Party Committee, inside a small meeting room.

Dong Xuebing complained about being financially tight for a long time, finally beginning to reach out for support.

Jiang Fangfang took a sip of water, looked up, and said, "The Investment Promotion Bureau has been neglected in recent years. Positions were not filled. I know that positions such as Deputy Bureau Chief and Office Director have been vacant for a long time. There's only one Bureau Chief and a few staff members handling the work. If we want to improve performance, internal matters must be addressed first. Only then can the investment promotion team have cohesion and combat effectiveness."

Pu An said, "I agree with Mayor Jiang's point of view."

Chu Peng paused and said, "I also agree. Four people are too few."

Jian Xiangrong also agreed, riding on the momentum. The opinions of those affiliated with the Jiang faction were all heard.

"I disagree." Deputy Mayor Ci Boyang said, "The achievements of the Investment Promotion Bureau are well known. The results in previous years were not outstanding. From what I know, there was a bit more investment last year, but it was only a bit less than ten million. Now, the county is short of people and money. We faced difficulties everywhere. Difficulties cannot always be attributed to reasons. We have to find ways to solve them ourselves. Adding one more person means additional expenses. A new staff means more expenditures. The county recently launched a family quarters construction project. Now, it's already tight for funds."

Dong Xuebing and Zhang Wanshui had conflicts in the open, which was normal. However, Ci Boyang, as the Deputy Mayor of the county government, had always opposed Dong Xuebing in tandem with Mayor Jiang. Dong Xuebing had a low opinion of him and retorted, "Mayor Ci, you haven't distinguished the primary from the secondary. I am in charge of finance. You are not clearer than me about the county's finances. It's precisely because the county is financially tight that we need to address the issues of the Investment Promotion Bureau. Only by solving the problems of the Investment Promotion Bureau can we unite combat effectiveness and fight well in the upcoming city investment promotion meeting this weekend, attract more investments, and support the county's development. Increasing the county's tax revenue. If you think adding one more person means more expenditure, then why not just dismiss all the staff in the health department at your disposal? We will save more money, and none of us will have a job. Let's just dismiss everyone in the departments below. Then there will be no spending."

Ci Boyang was annoyed, "What kind of logic is this?"

"Look at that. Why are you getting so anxious? This is not my logic, Mayor Ci. It's your logic. I haven't said anything. I just interpreted and translated it according to your wishes." Dong Xuebing and Ci Boyang started quarreling again. This guy would pick a fight with anyone.

You guys can talk without feeling any pain.

If it's not your department, you think it's okay.

But I'm about to attend the investment promotion meeting. Can I not be in a hurry?

Everyone knew that the Investment Promotion Bureau was a bit shabby. It had indeed been the largest county government department cut in recent years. After Dong Xuebing took over the post, the only department he could actively operate was the Investment Promotion Bureau. If they weren't given some benefits, they couldn't work wholeheartedly. Where was there light for a horse to run if it couldn't eat grass? It seemed that Secretary Meng and Mayor Jiang intended to shift the focus of this year's work to the Investment Promotion Bureau. So, support would certainly be given. Now, the question was how much to give.

Jiang Fangfang made a statement.

Meng Rui had been silent.

For the next five minutes, Dong Xuebing and the officials from the Meng faction argued noisily. Dong Xuebing was the only one speaking.

One response after another.

Another retort.

Dong Xuebing once again demonstrated his outstanding eloquence. Not only did he confuse Zhang Wanshui and Cheng Fuguang, but Dong Xuebing's words were also irritating. The whole meeting room seemed a bit chaotic and filled with gunpowder. In theory, this wasn't a big deal. Giving a job position to the Investment Promotion Bureau wouldn't starve the county, and even if they succeeded in attracting investment, everyone in the county would benefit. It was a good thing, but Dong Xuebing, a member of the Jiang faction, proposed it. This involved factional struggles and was quite complex. It couldn't be resolved with a win-win situation.

Finally, Meng Rui couldn't bear it anymore. He slapped the table to interrupt their argument, "Stop arguing."

The scene gradually quieted down.

Everyone was waiting for Secretary Meng to speak.

Meng Rui glanced at Dong Xuebing, "Mayor Dong, if your Investment Promotion Bureau lacks personnel, the county can provide you with people. If you lack positions, the county can also provide them. However, you need to deliver results. Forget about the past; we won't bring it up now. But in the future, after providing you with policy support, what results can you achieve?"

Dong Xuebing looked at him and asked, "What kind of results do you want?"

Meng Rui said, "I've discussed it with Mayor Jiang. The county's finances cannot last through the year's second half. We must achieve some results in this investment promotion meeting. I just don't know if you have the confidence and capability."

Upon hearing this, Dong Xuebing's attitude changed. "If you give us positions and personnel, we have the confidence to succeed in this investment promotion meeting."

Meng Rui asked, "How much funding can you attract?"

Dong Xuebing replied, "What do you think is appropriate?"

"I want to hear your mission goals," Meng Rui said.

Instead of immediately stating how many tasks they could complete, Dong Xuebing boldly said, "I want a promotion quota for the Deputy Bureau Chief of the Investment Promotion Bureau, an office director, a head of the Business Department, and a driver and a clerk. Of course, the promotion quota needs to be screened by the Organization Department. I'm just suggesting suitable candidates." Without waiting for the angry reactions of Meng's faction officials, Dong Xuebing dropped a bombshell, "With this investment promotion team, I am confident that we can attract at least fifty million in investment in this meeting—no less."

Fifty million.

Are you out of your mind?

Everyone was shocked.

Jiang Fangfang glanced at Dong Xuebing.

Pu An and Chu Peng kept signaling to Dong Xuebing.

However, Dong Xuebing didn't feel anything wrong. He naturally had to promise something to sweeten the deal, and fifty million was Dong Xuebing's most conservative estimate.

Meng Rui also seemed stunned by his bold statement. He looked at Dong Xuebing and said, "What if you fail to meet the target?"

Dong Xuebing hesitantly replied, "Then you will see my resignation report next month. I will take full responsibility."

Meng Rui stared at him and said, "I'll pretend I didn't hear that. The achievements you've made since coming to Zhen Shui County are well-known. There's no talk of resigning or not resigning. However, the county can support the policies you mentioned. Fifty million, alright. I hope you can lead the Investment Promotion Bureau to complete this task."

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