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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1957: The Second Spacetime Cultivator!

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Chapter 1957: The Second Spacetime Cultivator!

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“Another three eternal supreme treasures. If your Principled Sword Sect nurtures with all your might, you can even nurture three more Reverends. Moreover, as more and more holy lands are destroyed, the number of eternal supreme treasures will also increase. At that time, even without me, the Principled Sword Sect will still be able to rule the entire universe.” Lin Feng said indifferently to Reverend Principled Sword.

Reverend Principled Sword was also extremely tempted. At this moment, he was completely convinced by Lin Feng. He said respectfully, “No matter what, our Principled Sword Sect will only obey the orders of Reverend Chaos!”

“Very good. Which holy land is next?”

A smile appeared on Lin Feng’s lips. He was clearly very satisfied with Reverend Principled Sword’s answer.

The reason he left the Principled Sword Sect behind was very simple. When the time came, the Principled Sword Sect would be the only faction in the entire universe. In the future, when Lin Feng controlled this timeline, this would be his homefront.

No matter what, Lin Feng had to ensure the stability of the homefront.

Then, a unified and absolutely powerful faction was indispensable.

The Principled Sword Sect was just an attempt. If the Principled Sword Sect did not obey his orders, he could just change it when the time came. Lin Feng did not pay much attention to it.

“The next one is the Black Sun Holy Land!”

“All right, then let’s go to the Black Sun Holy Land!”

Lin Feng appeared very excited.

Just now, after he personally destroyed the Orbital Alliance, he clearly sensed the fluctuations of spacetime. Moreover, even the future of the entire universe seemed to be fluctuating violently.

The presence of fluctuations was a good thing. If there were spacetime fluctuations, Lin Feng had a greater chance of finding the spacetime nodes and finding the Spacetime Heart.

However, the fluctuations now were not intense enough. More fluctuations were needed.

Hence, Lin Feng naturally followed his original plan and continued sweeping through the other holy lands.

The Nonagon Holy Land was known as the top holy land among the seven holy lands!

Of course, this was only a comparison of the hidden forces between the seven holy lands. In reality, there was no ranking for the strength of the seven holy lands.

However, the Nonagon Holy Land was the most ancient holy land in this universe. At the same time, it was the holy land with the greatest number of Reverends. There were a total of four Reverends! Moreover, every Reverend had comprehended the principle of spacetime. It could be considered incredible.

However, even in the famed top holy land, the four Reverends wore very solemn expressions at this moment.

“Reverend Nonagon, are you still not planning to interfere? A third Reverend, the mysterious Reverend Chaos, is secretly hidden in the Principled Sword Sect. Once he attacks, it’s unimaginable. He destroyed a total of three holy lands in succession, the Orbital Alliance, the Black Sun Holy Land, and the Astral Holy Land. Currently, only the three of the seven holy lands are left. The other two holy lands have even sent people to ask for reinforcements.”

“That’s right, Reverend Nonagon. We can’t remain indifferent anymore. The Principled Sword Sect harbored malicious intent and endured for so long just for the sake of erupting now. If we don’t stop them, I’m afraid no one will be able to stop the Principled Sword Sect anymore.”

“I’m afraid only Reverend Nonagon can kill that mysterious Reverend Chaos.”

The other three Reverends in the Nonagon Holy Land all looked at Reverend Nonagon.

Reverend Nonagon was the founder of the Nonagon Holy Land. At the same time, he could be considered the oldest Reverends, who had experienced the prehistoric era of this universe.

It was rumored that in the prehistoric era, experts were everywhere, but in the end, only Reverend Nonagon succeeded in establishing a holy land.

No one knew how strong Reverend Nonagon was, or how many secrets he was hiding. After all, ever since he established the holy land, Reverend Nonagon had never fought again.

Only the Reverends of the Nonagon Holy Land could vaguely sense that Reverend Nonagon was very strong. However, they did not know how strong he was either.

Faced with the sudden attack from the Principled Sword Sect, which was menacing and ready to sweep through the other six holy lands, they only hoped that Reverend Nonagon could attack and resist that mysterious Reverend Chaos.

Reverend Nonagon kept his eyes closed. No one disturbed him. The entire abode was incomparably quiet. They knew what Reverend Nonagon was contemplating.

In reality, violent emotions were already surging through the depths of Reverend Nonagon’s heart.

It was not fear, but anger!

That’s right, anger. Reverend Nonagon was very angry.

This was because he was a spacetime cultivator!

Reverend Nonagon had already controlled a timeline. This was his second timeline. In other words, this was the second time he had entered the future.

Moreover, he had already entered it a long time ago. He had even experienced the prehistoric era of the great universe and killed many Reverends. However, this history had been concealed by him.

Later, he established a holy land, and even started the model of the holy lands ruling the universe.

All along, he had been trying to find the Spacetime Heart. However, after trying all kinds of methods, he still could not get his wish.

However, Reverend Nonagon was not in a hurry. He only needed to control the Nonagon Holy Land. At most, he would destroy other holy lands and create a new era to slowly search for the Spacetime Heart.

In any case, he was invincible in this great universe.

But now, with the eruption of the incident in the Principled Sword Sect, Reverend Nonagon had already vaguely sensed that he was in the greatest trouble.

The second spacetime cultivator had arrived at this great universe!

In other words, he and that mysterious Reverend Chaos were actually both spacetime cultivators. Once they met, they would have to fight to the death. There was no room for negotiation.

That was, unless Reverend Nonagon was willing to give up on this timeline.

However, that was impossible. Once he gave up, he only had control over one timeline at the moment. He had already obtained the Spacetime Heart. There was no knowing how long he would have to wait to obtain the Spacetime Heart again on that timeline.

Reverend Nonagon did not want to keep waiting for a long time.

Moreover, the two spacetime cultivators had both entered the same timeline, which meant that in an encounter on a narrow path, the stronger one would emerge the victor. Moreover, Reverend Nonagon had another advantage now. He had already guessed that he was still in the dark, and should not have been discovered by Reverend Chaos yet. This was Reverend Nonagon’s greatest advantage at the moment.

“I absolutely won’t sit back and do nothing!” Reverend Nonagon opened his eyes and spoke slowly. His voice was very firm, resolute, and unquestionable.

“Reverend Nonagon is preparing to interfere?”

The other three Reverends appeared very surprised.

Reverend Nonagon had a solemn expression as he said in a low voice, “That Reverend Chaos’ strength probably far exceeds that of ordinary Reverends. Hence, I have to take action. However, in order to avoid alerting the enemy, we have to succeed in one strike and kill Reverend Chaos completely. Let’s all head to the Abyssal Holy Land together. That’s the next target of the Principled Sword Sect. We’ll hide in the Abyssal Holy Land. When Reverend Chaos of the Principled Sword Sect arrives, I’ll take action and kill Reverend Chaos in one fell swoop!”

This was actually not a brilliant plan, but it was the most suitable method. It was to wait for the enemy to exhaust themselves while lying in wait. Moreover, hiding in the Abyssal Holy Land and catching them off guard was very likely to work.

Moreover, Reverend Nonagon was the one acting!

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