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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1956: Destroying the Holy Land with One Hand!

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Chapter 1956: Destroying the Holy Land with One Hand!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Three Reverends. This was the reason behind the Orbital Alliance’s confidence!

The overall strength of the Orbital Alliance could even be ranked in the top three of the seven Holy Lands. They were almost always the only ones who could suppress the other holy lands or covet them threateningly. No one had ever been able to suppress them in turn.

Hence, the three Reverends of the Orbital Alliance erupted in anger now. Their terrifying aura swept through the hearts of all the cultivators of the Principled Sword Sect like a storm.

Even the two Reverends of the Principled Sword Sect were actually a little hesitant. They both looked at Lin Feng.

Although Lin Feng had casually confined the two Reverends of the Principled Sword Sect back then, he had not really fought them after all. Even now, in the depths of his heart, they still felt a little lucky.

Hence, this huge battle became Lin Feng’s litmus test. Reverend Principled Sword also wanted to test Lin Feng’s “true quality”.

The eruption of the auras of the three Reverends was indeed extraordinary, but Lin Feng was very calm. His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the three Reverends calmly. No matter how the auras of the three Reverends erupted, he was like a reef at the bottom of the sea, unmoved by the surging waves.

However, the next moment, Lin Feng extended his hand.

Just this hand alone seemed to have torn apart the terrifying auras of the three Reverends at once.

In fact, the eternal supreme treasures used by the three Reverends were nothing in Lin Feng’s eyes. The moment he extended his hand, the medium chiliocosm already descended and enveloped his hand.

In the next moment, Lin Feng pressed down with his palm!

This hand carried the power of the medium chiliocosm, and even spacetime power. If all the power was gathered, it would no longer do something as simple as “confinement”.

It would kill!

This was the power to kill, the power to kill a Universe Hegemon!

With Lin Feng’s current strength, even without using eternal supreme treasures, he would still be a powerful entity that far exceeded Void Hegemons. One of his hands actually carried all the power of the medium chiliocosm. How terrifying was this? It was simply stronger than an eternal supreme treasure!

In the void, Lin Feng’s palm grew larger and larger, even surpassing the entire cosmic wonder, enveloping the three Reverends and the entire Orbital Alliance.

The aura erupting from his palm was earth-shattering. The terrifying power directly tore apart the aura of the three Reverends joining forces, and landed hard.


At this moment, only anger and fear were left in the hearts of the three Reverends.

That’s right, fear. They felt a lethal threat. Even when fighting with the other Reverends back then, they had never felt such a lethal threat.

They knew very well what this meant. This meant that if they could not resist it, they might even die!

Was it possible for a Reverend to die?

The seven holy lands had existed for countless years. All the parties restrained each other, and opportunities to fight greatly were very rare. Even back when they were fighting for eternal supreme treasures, although many Reverends fought, in reality, not a single Reverends had fallen.

But now, just Lin Feng’s palm alone had actually made the three esteemed Reverends of the Orbital Alliance feel a fatal threat. Was this possible?


Finally, Lin Feng’s palm landed. Even against the eternal supreme treasures of the three Reverends, there seemed to be no resistance. This palm still landed firmly.

It landed on the three Reverends, the entire cosmic wonder, and even the base of the Orbital Alliance!

It was crushing, majestic and almost unstoppable. It was completely crushing.

Be it the eternal supreme treasures, the three Reverends, the cosmic wonder, or the entire Orbital Alliance base, none of them could withstand Lin Feng’s palm.

They were crushed into dust by Lin Feng’s palm without any power to resist!

Reverend Principled Sword and everyone from the Principled Sword Sect watched this scene in shock. They were already stunned to the extreme.

The phantom of Lin Feng’s palm had already disappeared.

However, as the palm disappeared, the entire cosmic wonder and the entire base of the Orbital Alliance disappeared with it.

In fact, even the three Reverends had disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only three eternal supreme treasures, which Lin Feng put away.

They were destroyed. The entire Orbital Alliance was destroyed by Lin Feng’s palm strike, reduced to dust and completely erased from the universe!

How shocking was this?

He destroyed the holy land with one hand!

In the long history of the universe, who could do it?

Forget about destroying the holy land with one hand, almost no one could suppress a holy land alone. Even the most astonishing and powerful Reverend in history could not possibly suppress the entire holy land alone.

But now, Lin Feng had destroyed the holy land with one hand. With a palm strike, the entire holy land was annihilated, and it completely became history.

Seeing this scene, the hearts of the two Reverends of the Principled Sword Sect trembled.

They had almost ended up like the Orbital Alliance. Fortunately, they had submitted to Lin Feng back then, which saved the Principled Sword Sect.

In fact, before, Reverend Principled Sword even held a trace of hope of getting lucky in the depths of his heart.

But now, the trace of hope in the depths of Reverend Principled Sword’s heart had completely disappeared. In fact, he was very glad. Otherwise, the Principled Sword Sect would not exist now.

Could Lin Feng’s promise to them back then perhaps be fulfilled one by one?

It was not something that might happen, but something that was definitely going to happen.

With Lin Feng’s current strength, who could resist him?


Lin Feng retracted his hand. In reality, he had already destroyed the three Reverends and the entire Orbital Alliance with a single palm strike, while the large amount of energy left behind was devoured by the spacetime prison.

Lin Feng sensed carefully and realized that there was actually a change in the spacetime prison. It appeared that devouring this energy would also be of some use to the spacetime prison.

At the very least, it could enhance the spacetime prison.

Ever since the last metamorphosis of the spacetime prison, Lin Feng had realized that the potential of the spacetime prison was unimaginable. In fact, it was not as simple as a peak Origin supreme treasure.

As long as the spacetime prison continued to devour energy, in addition to being constantly nourished in the River of Spacetime by Lin Feng’s spacetime power at every moment, the spacetime prison would undergo metamorphosis again one day.

As for what the spacetime prison would be like after the metamorphosis, even Lin Feng himself did not know.

However, he knew very well that the metamorphosis of the spacetime prison was definitely beneficial.

However, for the spacetime prison to continue metamorphosing, the amount of energy required was unimaginable. Forget about the energy of just three Reverends, even the energy of 30, 300, or even the entire great universe could not allow the spacetime prison to undergo metamorphosis.

However, Lin Feng was not discouraged. As long as the spacetime prison could continue to strengthen, it was enough for him.

After all, Lin Feng was now a spacetime cultivator. In the future, he would not be entering this one spacetime, but countless spacetimes.

At that time, there would definitely be sufficient energy to slowly nurture the spacetime prison. One day, the spacetime prison would undergo metamorphosis again!

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