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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1958: Clash!

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Chapter 1958: Clash!

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“This is the Abyssal Holy Land?”

Lin Feng led the people from the Principled Sword Sect to the Abyssal Holy Land. This was also a cosmic wonder, filled with an aura of danger.

“That’s right. This is the Abyssal Holy Land.” Reverend Principled Sword said in a low voice. His tone was actually very complicated.

He had already witnessed Lin Feng destroy the three holy lands, the Orbital Alliance, the Black Sun Holy Land, and the Astral Holy Land single-handedly. The current Abyssal Holy Land was the fourth holy land.

Perhaps, there would be no accidents. The Abyssal Holy Land would soon be destroyed as well.

At this thought, Reverend Principled Sword felt a little complicated.

The seven holy lands could not even withstand a single blow from Lin Feng. Were the holy lands really that weak?

Reverend Principled Sword did not know. He had witnessed how Lin Feng destroyed those holy lands single-handedly all along. Every time, those holy lands gave out just after a palm strike.

Could the seven holy lands really be so weak?

“Let’s fight.”

Lin Feng did not know that Reverend Principled Sword had very complicated feelings. Even if he knew, he did not care. He would not even care to learn much about the Abyssal Holy Land.

In any case, it would all be over with a single palm strike.


Lin Feng made his move. He suddenly struck out with a palm in a mighty manner towards the cosmic wonder of the Abyssal Holy Land. No matter how strong the cosmic wonder was, it could not withstand this palm strike.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura erupted from the Abyssal Holy Land as well.

One, two, three, four, five… A total of 11 terrifying auras actually erupted in a frenzy. One of them in particular seemed to be above ordinary Reverends.

“These… These are 11 Reverends? This is bad. Reverend Chaos, the remaining three holy lands have joined forces! Retreat quickly!”

Reverend Principled Sword was shocked.

He understood now. He understood immediately. The remaining three holy lands had finally joined forces. Hence, there were a total of 11 Universe Reverends. This power was simply earth-shattering. They had lay in ambush in the Abyssal Holy Land precisely for Lin Feng’s appearance.

And now, as soon as the two parties fought, it was earth-shattering. The side of the Abyssal Holy Land had bidded their time and were better prepared than their enemy. There were even a total of 11 Universe Reverends with incredible strength and astonishing power.

More importantly, among them was the person that Reverend Principled Sword least wanted to see, Reverend Nonagon!

It was the great entity who founded the holy land.

“It’s Reverend Nonagon. I didn’t expect him to still appear. Reverend Chaos is probably in danger…”

Reverend Principled Sword was also very nervous now.

He and Lin Feng were long tied together. They were bound together for good or ill. Once Lin Feng lost, the Principled Sword Sect would probably be finished as well. Hence, Reverend Principled Sword was actually supporting Lin Feng now.

However, it was useless. In particular, when he thought of some legends about Reverend Nonagon, it was like a huge rock pressing down on Reverend Principled Sword’s heart, and he could not relax the whole time.

According to legend, Reverend Nonagon was a famous entity in the prehistoric era of this universe.

It was even rumored that in the prehistoric era, there were many Reverends in the entire universe. These Reverends fought without restraint and almost blasted the entire universe apart.

Later, it was Reverend Nonagon who killed these Reverends one by one.

In the end, Reverend Nonagon even established a holy land alone! The holy lands ruled the entire universe.

The Nonagon Holy Land was also the number one holy land in the current universe. In reality, it was not due to how ancient Nonagon Holy Land was, or how deep its foundation was, but due to Reverend Nonagon’s presence!


Even though Reverend Principled Sword already knew, there was no chance to remind him at all. The forces of the two parties had already collided. At this moment, it was useless to remind him.

Lin Feng felt his entire body shake. For the first time, his attack was blocked.

In reality, Lin Feng had also seen 11 Universe Reverends, but he did not take ordinary Universe Reverends seriously at all. Forget about 11, even 20 were nothing.

What really worried him was that one of the Universe Reverends actually gave him a sense of familiarity.

That’s right, familiar. It was not that they had met before, but that their powers were very familiar.

The other party used his spacetime power very skillfully and ingeniously, far surpassing ordinary Universe Reverends. Moreover, he hid among the 11 Reverends and took Lin Feng by surprise, breaching Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm one fell swoop.

However, that was all.

The other party’s unexpected attack was indeed powerful, and even tore apart Lin Feng’s medium chiliocosm. If he were just an ordinary Universe Reverend, he would not be able to do this at all.

Lin Feng’s figure retreated rapidly. At the same time, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he instantly fixed them on one of the Universe Reverends.

“A spacetime cultivator?”

Lin Feng was a little uncertain.

However, the more he looked, the more he found it to be likely the case. The other party had a very familiar aura, which was actually the principle of spacetime. The other party had also comprehended the principle of the future.

Comprehending the principle of the future just in this universe was completely impossible.

There was only one possibility, and that was that the other party was also a spacetime cultivator!

In the Eternal Realm, Lin Feng had heard of what would happen if two spacetime cultivators met on the same timeline. However, he did not expect to encounter another spacetime cultivator the first time he used the Spacetime Heart to warp.

This was rather dangerous.

Only a spacetime cultivator could deal with a spacetime cultivator!

“Hmph, you’re indeed a spacetime cultivator! I’m Nonagon. You invaded this timeline?”

Reverend Nonagon also stopped.

He had actually used all his strength in that unexpected strike just now, but he did not expect that it would only repel the “Reverend Chaos” in front of him, and did not severely injure Lin Feng.

This could not help but shock Reverend Nonagon. He also had a vague feeling that Lin Feng was not easy to deal with.

Now that he had already been discovered by the other party, it was impossible for him to continue launching a sneak attack.

“Invaded?” Lin Feng smiled. “We have a common future, which is the same timeline. What invasion?”

“Of course you’re the invader. I’ve been here since a long time ago, and even began making arrangements since the prehistoric era. If not for you, I would have been able to find the Spacetime Heart sooner or later and control this timeline.”

“In other words, you still haven’t found the Spacetime Heart?”

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up.

This Reverend Nonagon in front of him was indeed a formidable opponent, and a spacetime cultivator at that. Lin Feng could also tell that the other party had been in this universe for a long time, even before him.

He was just afraid that the other party had already found the Spacetime Heart, or clues to it.

But from the looks of it, it was not the worst case scenario yet. The other party had not found the Spacetime Heart at all, nor did he have any clues on it.

However, the two of them actually knew one thing very clearly.

It was impossible to force the other party away with a verbal confrontation. There was only one possible outcome when multiple spacetime cultivators appeared in the same timeline. The winner would take all!

Only the victor could stay in this timeline!

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