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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1477: Famed in the Small Chiliocosm!

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Chapter 1477: Famed in the Small Chiliocosm!

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“The Proclamation Alliance… has been annihilated!”

Some Controllers who were watching the situation from afar were all dumbfounded and extremely shocked. The Proclamation Alliance was a colossus. Who would have thought that Lin Feng could defeat the 13 Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance alone?

Among them, Supremacy Hellslayer was even a 10 billion-level Supremacy!

But now, even the 10 billion-level Supremacy had fallen.

“How could this be?”

“The Proclamation Alliance has been annihilated. The Epoch Alliance is making an example out of them. With today’s move, many restless medium chiliocosm factions will probably fall silent again.”

“That’s right. A starving camel is still bigger than a horse. Even if the Epoch Alliance no longer has Supremacy Epoch, and even many core elders have gone to the Celestial Devil World, the Epoch Alliance still cannot be underestimated.”

“Heh, these medium chiliocosm factions are all so arrogant. They must be dumbfounded now. Until now, the Chiliocosm Sovereign behind the Proclamation Alliance has yet to make a move. He probably doesn’t care about this small chiliocosm at all.”

“Perhaps. In all these years, I’ve never seen the Proclamation Alliance send down more Controllers.”

Many Supremacies were discussing in low voices.

Lin Feng could be said to have made his name in today’s battle. In the past, although he also had some fame, he was only famous as the Supremacy elder of First Light, and only for destroying the Opulent Lodge and the Sky Horn Alliance.

However, how could the Opulent Lodge and the Sky Horn Alliance be comparable to the Proclamation Alliance?

The Proclamation Alliance was a huge faction that had existed since the beginning of the epoch. Moreover, there was a 10 billion-level Supremacy. But now, it had been annihilated and collapsed suddenly overnight. The impact was unimaginable.

With this battle, Lin Feng had instantly leaped into the ranks of “top-notch Supremacies”. Be it the medium chiliocosm factions or the Celestial Devils, they could no longer ignore Lin Feng in the future.

However, although Lin Feng had killed the 13 Supremacies of the Proclamation

Alliance, there were still some finishing touches that he needed to do. The

Proclamation Alliance was a faction, and the 13 Supremacies were just the core.

It would still take some time to truly destroy the Proclamation Alliance completely.

However, Lin Feng directly got people of the First Light to handle these trivial matters. He informed Supremacy Round Heart. After waiting for a period of time, Supremacy Round Heart brought many Supremacies of the First Light over, and began to take over the Proclamation Alliance bit by bit.

To a certain extent, this could also be considered a new approach for Lin Feng. It helped the First Light to expand its faction further. Although Lin Feng had already joined the Epoch Alliance, the Epoch Alliance was only a loose organization, and did not restrict its members from owning other factions.

Lin Feng still had to prioritize the First Light. At the very least, the First Light was the most reliable when he plundered Boundary Stones.

“Elder Lin, I didn’t expect you to grow to your current level in just a few years. It’s incredible.” Supremacy Round Heart looked at Lin Feng and exclaimed.

The current Supremacy Round Heart was no longer the same as before. In the past, Supremacy Round Heart was limited by the capacity of the Boundary

Stones in his body. Later, Lin Feng defeated the Opulent Lodge and the Sky

Horn Alliance, so he naturally obtained many Boundary Stones. Although Lin Feng did not give Supremacy Round Heart a Two-star Boundary Stone, he still gave him a lot of One-star Boundary Stones. Some of these One-star Boundary Stones even reached the capacity of 90 million worlds.

Hence, Supremacy Round Heart’s worlds had already increased from over 60 million to over 90 million. Although it was far inferior to Lin Feng’s speed of improvement, compared to other One-star Supremacies, it was simply a great leap forward.

Moreover, Lin Feng was also prepared to give Supremacy Round Heart a Two-star Boundary Stone if he obtained one next time. That way, Supremacy Round Heart might be able to become a true Two-star Supremacy in a short period of time.

With a Two-star Supremacy presiding over the First Light, Lin Feng would also be more at ease.

“Supremacy Round Heart, I’ll have to trouble you with the rest. Just like usual, if anyone resists, I’ll deal with them. You just need to take over the

Proclamation Alliance as soon as possible and collect the Boundary Stones, ” Lin Feng said indifferently.

To Supremacy Round Heart or the First Light, this kind of thing was already very familiar.

Supremacy Round Heart nodded and quickly gave the orders. The First Light began to quickly take over the Proclamation Alliance. The Controllers of the Proclamation Alliance were also very sensible. The 13 Supremacies had already been killed by Lin Feng. Those who were close to the 13 Supremacies had long fled. The rest all took the initiative to cooperate with First Light.

Hence, in a very short period of time, the First Light completely took over the Proclamation Alliance. Moreover, it began to collect Boundary Stones.

Lin Feng was not in a hurry. Instead, he waited quietly. He was looking forward to the gains from the Proclamation Alliance. After all, the Proclamation

Alliance had a much deeper foundation than the Opulent Lodge and the Sky

Horn Alliance.

About a month later, Supremacy Round Heart came before Lin Feng.

“Elder Lin, fortunately, I didn’t disappoint you. I found a total of 260 million ordinary Boundary Stones and 100,000 One-star Boundary Stones.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any Two-star Boundary Stones.”

“Oh? Thank you for your hard work, Supremacy Round Heart. This many Boundary Stones is enough.”

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. Actually, such a gain was already very good. 260 million ordinary Boundary Stones was enough to grow 300 million worlds.

The 100,000 One-star Boundary Stones were even more impressive. They could grow at least a billion worlds, or even billions of worlds. It mainly depended on the quality of the One-star Boundary Stones.

This also made Lin Feng sigh with emotion. As expected of a faction established since the beginning of the epoch. Its foundation was indeed extraordinary.

Hence, he did not hesitate. He devoured all these Boundary Stones into the internal chiliocosm domain and returned to the Epoch Alliance Headquarters immediately. He still needed to oversee the headquarters.

In any case, once the Boundary Stones were devoured into the internal chiliocosm domain, as long as there was enough world origin, they could slowly grow into worlds. It just took some time.

Lin Feng returned to the Epoch Alliance Headquarters. Many Two-star

Supremacies immediately came to meet Lin Feng. All of them looked at Lin Feng in wonder, even incredulity.

Clearly, they had already received the news that Lin Feng had defeated the entire Proclamation Alliance alone, and killed the 13 Two-star Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance. He was simply ferocious!

Moreover, there was a 10 billion-level Supremacy among them!

Originally, they had only asked Lin Feng to oversee the headquarters in a Hail

Mary effort, and did not hold much hope. Who would have thought that Lin Feng was actually so powerful?

“Dark Domain Supremacy, with you guarding the border, I believe no Celestial Devil can slip past the defense line.”

“Haha, of course. Even 10 billion-level Supremacies can’t escape the Dark Domain Supremacy. What can Celestial Devils do?”

“I believe that Dark Domain Supremacy’s deterrent action this time will silence many medium chiliocosm factions again.”

Many Supremacies were complimenting him, but Lin Feng did not mind. He knew that his actions this time had completely won the trust of these Supremacies.

After obtaining the trust of these Supremacies, and after the battle of the Proclamation Alliance, Lin Feng rose to fame completely. Hence, some thoughts and ideas in the depths of Lin Feng’s heart gradually came forward in his mind as well…

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