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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1476: Annihilation!

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Chapter 1476: Annihilation!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“What was that sound just now?”

“I think it’s someone calling himself the Dark Domain Supremacy of the Epoch

Alliance, saying that he’s going to annihilate the Proclamation Alliance?”

“What? The Epoch Alliance really sent someone? Moreover, they announced to our face that they’ll annihilate the Proclamation Alliance. This… This is really unbelievable. After all, the current Epoch Alliance can barely protect itself. It’s no longer the Epoch Alliance from back then.”

“The Proclamation Alliance is a medium chiliocosm medium. It is powerful and has a deep foundation. I have never heard of this Dark Domain Supremacy. How dare he boast so shamelessly?”

“Heh, the Dark Domain Supremacy is not a nameless junior. Do you still remember the Opulent Lodge and the Sky Horn Alliance? They were all annihilated by the Dark Domain Supremacy alone. The Dark Domain Supremacy is not afraid of the medium chiliocosm factions. A storm is really brewing. ”

Lin Feng’s voice was not concealed at all. He even deliberately spread it in all directions. Forget about the Proclamation Alliance, even outside the Proclamation Alliance, many Supremacies heard Lin Feng’s voice.


In the hall of the Proclamation Alliance, all the Supremacies stood up.

“What audacity!”

“What shameless boasting. You’re simply courting death!”

“The Dark Domain Supremacy is spouting nonsense. His death is not worthy of pity!”

The 13 Two-star Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance were all furious when they heard this. When had the Proclamation Alliance ever encountered an attacker at their gates with such arrogance? This was no longer a provocation. It was simply an insult. Even Supremacy Epoch back then had not been so impudent.

Of course, that was also because the Proclamation Alliance did not dare to provoke the Epoch Alliance back then.


The 13 Two-star Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance were all filled with righteous indignation. Supremacy Hellslayer’s expression was also dark. Then, with a wave of his hand, the 13 Supremacies flew into the chiliocosm domain corridor and confronted Lin Feng from afar.

“Dark Domain Supremacy, what arrogance! The Proclamation Alliance is right here. I’d like to see how you can annihilate us.”

Supremacy Hellslayer sneered. He looked at Lin Feng as if he was looking at a dead man.

The Epoch Alliance might be declining, but its foundation was still strong.

Perhaps there were many top-notch Supremacies who were far stronger than Supremacy Hellslayer, but they had all gone to the Celestial Devil World. Lin Feng was not included among those top-notch entities.

Even if Lin Feng was not a nobody, and the Opulent Lodge and the Sky Horn Alliance had both been annihilated by Lin Feng, how could a dignified 10 billion-level Supremacy like Supremacy Hellslayer be afraid?

“Is that so? You’re Supremacy Hellslayer? A 10 billion-level Supremacy. What a great reputation! I’ve said before that the Proclamation Alliance shall be annihilated. Then, it will definitely be annihilated!” Lin Feng did not waste his breath and took a step forward.


A mighty aura erupted instantly. Lin Feng did not hold back at all. The power of 12 billion worlds swept over instantly like a surging tide.

The 13 Two-star Supremacies were all slightly stunned. They could not believe their eyes.

“A 10 billion-level Supremacy. That’s a 10 billion-level Supremacy!”

“How is that possible? I’ve investigated the Dark Domain Supremacy. A few years ago, he only had a few hundred million worlds. How could he suddenly become a 10 billion-level Supremacy?”

“It’s an illusion. All of this is an illusion.

The 13 Supremacies were all stunned. They could not be more familiar with 10 billion-level Supremacies, because Supremacy Hellslayer was one. Of course they knew how terrifying 10 billion-level Supremacies were.

Just the power of 10 billion worlds was like a thick swamp, instantly enveloping the 13 Supremacies, making it difficult for them to move an inch.


Supremacy Hellslayer roared. Right now, he was the only one who still had most of his combat power, and was almost unaffected. Although he was also very shocked that Lin Feng was actually also a 10 billion-level Supremacy, he would not sit back and wait for death.

In particular, in such a situation, the experienced Supremacy Hellslayer quickly came back to his senses and immediately attacked.

“Eradicate All!”

Supremacy Hellslayer was known as “Hellslayer” , and naturally had a monstrous kill record. He had fought in four small chiliocosms and killed countless Celestial Devils and Controllers.

He was very experienced in combat. Up until now, he actually also had about 12 billion worlds. Hence, the clash between the two parties was actually evenly matched.


Terrifying shockwaves spread in all directions. Even Supremacy Hellslayer could not protect the others at a time like this. The terrifying shockwaves arrived instantly, causing the other 12 Two-star Supremacies to all feel as if they had suffered a heavy blow. The weakest one was even severely injured.

“Damn it, Lin Feng, I’ll fight you to the death!”

Supremacy Hellslayer was simply furious to the extreme. Who would have thought that Lin Feng was actually a 10 billion-level Supremacy? Moreover, the two parties were actually evenly matched in this battle.

Actually, the two parties were not evenly matched. Strictly speaking, Lin Feng still had the advantage. Even though his body was also shaking, his chiliocosm domain membrane was very strong. Hence, he was not afraid. In reality, the impact he suffered was very small.

However, there were also the other 12 Two-star Supremacies joining forces to help Supremacy Hellslayer, putting Lin Feng under some pressure. Originally, Lin Feng wanted to fight to his heart’s content, but in this situation, he had to end the battle quickly.

After all, he wanted to intimidate the other medium chiliocosm factions this time. He had to defeat the Proclamation Alliance with overwhelming force in one fell swoop. Only then would it have the best deterrent effect.

In that case, Lin Feng would not tangle with Supremacy Hellslayer anymore.

“Stop time!”

In the next moment, the invisible rule fluctuations on Lin Feng’s body instantly enveloped the 13 Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance. Immediately, the 13 Supremacies seemed to be confined by some force. Their bodies stiffened, and they stopped moving.

Stopping time. This was the effect of stopping time!

Lin Feng took a deep breath. These three people were even stronger than the nine Supremacies of the Sky Horn Alliance back then. In particular, Supremacy Hellslayer was not much inferior to Lin Feng. They both had 12 billion worlds. Moreover, the power of worlds was incomparably abundant. Lin Feng could only stop time for the span of a breath at most. Any more and the burden might increase, and Lin Feng would suffer some backlash.


Worlds and chiliocosm domains floated above Lin Feng’s head. The power of worlds boiled and struck the 13 Two-star Supremacies hard.

Immediately, the 13 Supremacies’ entire bodies shook. Being stopped by the rules of time, they were all living targets. They did not even have any defense, and could only resist it head-on.

However, Lin Feng was a 10 billion-level Supremacy. How terrifying was his strength?

With a single strike, the 13 Supremacies were severely injured to varying degrees. One of the 1.3 billion-level Supremacy even lost more than half of his worlds at once. It could be said to be a heavy loss.

Even Supremacy Hellslayer lost a billion worlds!

In the span of a breath, Lin Feng could attack more than once. He could attack at least three times during the span of a breath.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

After three attacks, Supremacy Hellslayer’s entire body shook. He looked at Lin Feng in disbelief.

The three attacks had caused him to suffer heavy losses. He lost a total of three billion worlds. His internal chiliocosm domain had also declined to about 9 billion, instantly reduced to below 10 billion.

Only six of the original 13 Supremacies were actually left. Seven Supremacies had fallen at once.

At this moment, Supremacy Hellslayer no longer cared about what method Lin Feng had used. He was terrified. There was only one thought in his mind, and that was to escape!


This was Supremacy Hellslayer’s only thought. However, just as he was about to escape, Lin Feng’s world power enveloped Supremacy Hellslayer like a huge net.

“Trying to escape? It’s too late! The Proclamation Alliance will definitely be annihilated today!”

Lin Feng did not care what the other Supremacies thought. How could he let Supremacy Hellslayer off? Even the other Supremacies fell under his frenzied attacks, leaving only Supremacy Hellslayer, who was also on the verge of death.

In the blink of an eye, Supremacy Hellslayer only had a few hundred million worlds left.

“Lin Feng, His Majesty the great Chiliocosm Sovereign will not let this matter rest. You’re dead for certain, you’re dead for certain…” Supremacy Hellslayer cursed Lin Feng viciously.

“The Chiliocosm Sovereign? I’ve offended more than one or two Chiliocosm Sovereigns. I won’t worry about more. If your Chiliocosm Sovereign refuses to let the matter rest, go ahead.”

Lin Feng’s nonchalant words made Supremacy Hellslayer despair completely. As Lin Feng’s last punch landed, Supremacy Hellslayer was instantly reduced to dust.

As the 13 Two-star Supremacies were completely annihilated, the entire Proclamation Alliance collapsed.

The Proclamation Alliance was annihilated!

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