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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1475: The Proclamation Alliance Should Be

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Chapter 1475: The Proclamation Alliance Should Be

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As soon as the official announcement of the Epoch Alliance was made, it immediately caused an uproar.

This announcement was clearly a declaration of war, which infuriated the people of the Proclamation Alliance.

At this moment, at the Proclamation Alliance Headquarters, the 13 Two-star Supremacies were all enraged and gathered.

“Outrageous. What is the Epoch Alliance trying to do?”

“The Alliance Leader of the Epoch Alliance, Supremacy Epoch, is suppressing the Celestial Devil Ancestor now. It was an internecine battle, and he can’t leave at all. What makes them so confident that they dare to issue a challenge to our Proclamation Alliance?”

“I heard that all the core elders of the Epoch Alliance have already gone to the Celestial Devil World. The person who issued the challenge is someone else. It’s a Two-star Supremacy called the Dark Domain Supremacy.”

“The Dark Domain Supremacy? I’ve heard of him. Perhaps you’ve all heard of him. You know about the Sky Horn Alliance, right? It was this person who annihilated it. The Opulent Lodge was also annihilated by this person. Hence, this Dark Domain Supremacy is really fearless against medium chiliocosm factions.’

“Moreover, there are rumors that a while ago, the Sky Horn Alliance sent down nine more Supremacies, all of whom were very powerful. However, they were all defeated by Lin Feng.”

“Hmph, so what? The people sent down by the Sky Horn Alliance were probably all hundred million-level Supremacies, or at most billion-level Supremacies. How can they be comparable to our Proclamation Alliance? All the Supremacies in our Proclamation Alliance are above the billion-level. In fact, there’s also Supremacy Hellslayer, who’s a 10 billion-level Supremacy. Forget about one

Dark Domain Supremacy, even eight or ten of him are nothing.”

“That’s right. We can’t be soft-hearted this time. We must teach this Dark

Domain Supremacy a good lesson. In fact, we have to take a hard bite out of the Epoch Alliance. The Epoch Alliance has a deep foundation. Now is the time when they are at their weakest and most chaotic. If we don’t attack now, there’s no better time.”

The 13 Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance were all eager to attack. At the mention of the Epoch Alliance, their eyes were filled with a trace of blatant greed.

They had already been deployed here at the beginning of the epoch. In fact, it was just a casual move by the Chiliocosm Sovereign. Unlike the Sky Horn Alliance, the faction behind the Proclamation Alliance was simply too powerful. The Chiliocosm Sovereign behind them would not waste too much effort over a mere small chiliocosm. Hence, to put it simply, the 13 of them were actually not valued.

This was the case in the medium chiliocosm faction: if one was not valued, they had to rely on their own efforts. All these years, the 13 Two-star Supremacies had plundered all kinds of resources bit by bit. They had slowly grown from the level of hundreds of millions or billions to their current state, where all of them were above Supremacies above the billion-level. The strongest among them was even a 10 billion-level Supremacy!

This was all the result of their own work.

Currently, the Epoch Alliance was in chaos and very weak. This undoubtedly gave them a chance. Once they could take a huge bite out of the Epoch Alliance, they would make a killing.

“All right, in that case, let’s deal with all changes by not taking any action. Let’s see what the Epoch Alliance can do in three days.”

In the end, Supremacy Hellslayer spoke. He was the 10 billion-level

Supremacy, and had the final say in the Proclamation Alliance. He basically had complete control over the Proclamation Alliance. In fact, they tested the Epoch Alliance first this time because Supremacy Hellslayer could not hold back, and went on the offensive first.

Days passed. In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. However, after three days, there was still no movement from the Proclamation Alliance. They completely ignored the announcement of the Epoch Alliance.


Lin Feng opened his eyes, and his gaze was very calm.

“Three days have passed? There’s still no movement from the Proclamation Alliance. Looks like they really don’t take the current Epoch Alliance seriously. In that case, there’s no need for the Proclamation Alliance to exist!” Lin Feng said indifferently.

He did not like factions of the medium chiliocosm. Since the Epoch Alliance was indifferent to the announcement of the Epoch Alliance, it was provoking the Epoch Alliance. Lin Feng naturally would not hold back.

“Dark Domain Supremacy, are you really going to attack the Proclamation Alliance?”

The other Two-star Supremacies were still a little worried. If Lin Feng attacked the Proclamation Alliance, would it cause a chain reaction? Shouldn’t the current Epoch Alliance be focused on dealing with the Celestial Devils, and avoid complicating matters?

Lin Feng looked deeply at these Two-star Supremacies and said in a low voice,

“It’s not that we are attacking the Proclamation Alliance, but that the

Proclamation Alliance has already attacked us! Remember, the Proclamation Alliance is challenging the bottom line of our Epoch Alliance, and the bottom line is not to be violated. Otherwise, not only will we face the Proclamation Alliance, we will face all the medium chiliocosms! Then, it will truly be a calamity!”

The many Supremacies were stunned. Since they could become Two-star Supremacies, they naturally understood what Lin Feng meant.

“We’ll follow the Dark Domain Supremacy.”

The many Supremacies of the Epoch Alliance had also thought it through. All of them wanted to follow Lin Feng. After all, the Proclamation Alliance was a famous faction in the medium chiliocosm.

“There’s no need. It’s just the Proclamation Alliance.”

Lin Feng shook his head. There was no need to mobilize so many people to deal with the Proclamation Alliance. He alone was enough!

Hence, Lin Feng transformed into a stream of light and disappeared from the headquarters.

Seeing Lin Feng’s disappearing back, the many Two-star Supremacies still at the headquarters looked at each other.

“Looks like we found an impressive Supremacy to preside over the headquarters!”

Many Supremacies could already tell that Lin Feng was definitely not an ordinary Supremacy. He had the bearing of Supremacy Epoch back then. Back then, relying on himself and the pagoda, Supremacy Epoch had suppressed the many medium chiliocosm factions. No one dared to be impudent!

However, everything was in the past. The Epoch Alliance had lost Supremacy Epoch…

“It’s been three days. Has there been any movement from the Epoch Alliance?”

In the hall of the Proclamation Alliance Headquarters, the 13 Two-star Supremacies were all gathered, and did not leave it at all. Clearly, they were not as disdainful towards the Epoch Alliance as they appeared on the surface.

On the contrary, they took the Epoch Alliance very seriously.

After all, back then, the Epoch Alliance had dominated the entire small chiliocosm. Supremacy Epoch was famed for his ferocity. Who would dare to provoke it?

“There’s no movement discovered. The Epoch Alliance can’t even take care of itself now. Even its border defense line is broken through by the Celestial

Devils from time to time. How can they spare the time to find trouble with us? That Lin Feng is probably just bluffing. What can the Epoch Alliance do to us?” the Supremacy in charge of monitoring the movements of the Epoch Alliance said with a smile.

“That’s right. The Epoch Alliance is on the decline now. How can they dare to really attack our Edict Alliance?”

“Why don’t we go straight to them and tear off the Epoch Alliance’s facade of strength? If we’re one step ahead, we’ll be ahead for every step after.

Otherwise, it’ll be too late.”

“That’s right. Our Proclamation Alliance isn’t the only one that covets the Epoch Alliance. Other medium chiliocosm factions are also coveting the deep reserves of the Epoch Alliance.”

Just as the many Supremacies of the Proclamation Alliance were discussing spiritedly and laughing wildly…

Suddenly, Supremacy Hellslayer lifted his head. His expression changed as he shouted, “Who’s spying?”


An unfamiliar voice sounded. At the same time, a white-robed figure walked out of the void and stood mid-air in the chiliocosm domain corridor. His gaze passed through a great distance, as if he was standing directly in the hall.

“I am the Dark Domain Supremacy of the Epoch Alliance! The Proclamation Alliance had provoked the Epoch Alliance. The three-day deadline has expired, yet you remain unrepentant. I have personally descended. The Proclamation Alliance shall be annihilated! ”


Lin Feng’s voice spread majestically throughout countless chiliocosm domains in an instant…

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