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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1474: Declaration of War!

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Chapter 1474: Declaration of War!

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The Epoch Alliance Headquarters was no longer in the Supreme Pagoda. After all, Supremacy Epoch was controlling the Supreme Pagoda to suppress the Celestial Devil Ancestor. He had already moved all the Supremacies out.

The current headquarters of the Epoch Alliance was only a huge world.

At this moment, Lin Feng was in the Epoch Alliance Headquarters. Since he had agreed to guard the Epoch Alliance Headquarters, he naturally had to stay here at all times.

As one piece of information was sent to Lin Feng after another, Lin Feng gradually learned that the current Epoch Alliance was very different from before. In the past, Supremacy Epoch suppressed everything, and was the Alliance Leader of the Epoch Alliance.

But now, the Epoch Alliance no longer had an Alliance Leader. The entire Epoch Alliance was run by the “Elder Council”, formed by nine top Two-star Supremacies.

Of course, the Epoch Alliance itself was a loose organization. Moreover, the Epoch Alliance could be said to be in danger now. No one was interested in ruling the entire Epoch Alliance.

The nine top-notch elders had already led teams to the Celestial Devil World to besiege it. On the other hand, almost no one was guarding the Epoch Alliance Headquarters.

There was actually not much benefit in guarding the Epoch Alliance. Apart from the advantage of intelligence, there were no other resources or treasures at all.

Back when Supremacy Epoch was in charge of the Epoch Alliance, all the resources and treasures were in the Supreme Pagoda. Now that the Supreme Pagoda was suppressing the Celestial Devil Ancestor, no one could obtain those resources and treasures.

However, what Lin Feng needed the most was information. He was actually willing to oversee the Epoch Alliance Headquarters.

Right now, Lin Feng was browsing through the detailed information on the Proclamation Alliance.

This Proclamation Alliance had a very deep foundation. It was a huge faction in the medium chiliocosm. As soon as the ninth epoch began, the Proclamation Alliance had already descended. They had silently begun to make arrangements, and already had major forces.

Back when Supremacy Epoch was around, no one dared to provoke the Epoch Alliance. After all, unless a Three-star Supremacy appeared, Supremacy Epoch was almost invincible. Moreover, it was impossible for even a Three-star Supremacy to kill Supremacy Epoch. The Supreme Pagoda was a life-saving treasure. It was how the Epoch Alliance could develop to its current state.

Supremacy Epoch was also wary of the medium chiliocosm factions, and was unwilling to clash with them over nothing. Hence, both parties were wary of each other, and stability was maintained.

However, the situation had changed now.

Supremacy Epoch had sacrificed himself and suppressed the Celestial Devil Ancestor for 10,000 years. The Epoch Alliance also had to deal with the impact of the Celestial Devils. For a moment, even the Epoch Alliance felt like it was on the verge of collapse. As the true number one faction in the small chiliocosm, now that it showed signs of weakness, some medium chiliocosm factions were also tempted.

Among them, this Proclamation Alliance was undoubtedly a “vanguard”.

“The 13 Two-star Supremacies all descended from the medium chiliocosm. The strongest one is even a 10 billion-level Supremacy!”

Lin Feng flipped through the information on the Proclamation Alliance silently. This Proclamation Alliance did have the strength of a vanguard. There was a reason why the other medium chiliocosm factions did not come to test them, but the Proclamation Alliance did.

The Proclamation Alliance was indeed powerful.

Lin Feng knew very well that the Proclamation Alliance was just testing the waters, and was even testing the waters on behalf of all the medium chiliocosm factions. If the Epoch Alliance could not deal with it, it would probably end up surrounded by wolves, and those medium chiliocosm factions would pounce on them and take a bite without hesitation.

them and take a bite without hesitation.

At that time, between the Celestial Devils and the medium chiliocosm faction, the Epoch Alliance would be in big trouble.

“However, you have to be prepared to pay the price for being the vanguard.”

A cold smile appeared on Lin Feng’s lips. The Proclamation Alliance was so eager to be the first to “stick out”. Since they wanted to stick out, Lin Feng would give the Proclamation Alliance a chance.

Wasn’t it just a 10 billion-level Supremacy?

Lin Feng had already killed one 10 billion-level Supremacy. To Lin Feng, adding another one to the count would just build a vicious reputation for him, but it could protect the Epoch Alliance.

Moreover, Lin Feng did not have a good impression of these medium chiliocosm factions.

“The Proclamation Alliance has to be removed!” Lin Feng muttered softly.

He knew that if all these medium chiliocosm factions were not handled well, it would cause catastrophic consequences. Only by dealing with the Proclamation Alliance could he intimidate the other medium chiliocosm factions.

So what if there was a Chiliocosm Sovereign behind them?

According to the investigation of the Epoch Alliance, the faction behind the Epoch Alliance was too powerful. They actually did not pay much attention to this small chiliocosm. Moreover, not every faction could deploy a Three-star Supremacy at any time.

One must strike their enemy at their weak spot. The weak spot of the Proclamation Alliance was that 10 billion-level Supremacy!

Once he killed that 10 billion-level Supremacy, it would not be difficult to destroy the Proclamation Alliance. As for the revenge of the Proclamation Alliance, Lin Feng did not care at all. The Epochal Cataclysm was about to arrive. When the time came, they would all be reduced to ashes. Who would care about revenge?

Moreover, Lin Feng was already in a lot of trouble. Even without the Proclamation Alliance, there was still the Sky Horn Alliance, and even other medium chiliocosm factions. Lin Feng couldn’t care less.

They had to survive the current crisis first before considering anything else. Otherwise, if they did not resolve the Proclamation Alliance, the Epoch Alliance might collapse in a very short period of time. Once the Epoch Alliance collapsed, the Celestial Devils would wreak havoc.

Perhaps those medium chiliocosm factions would also be fine, and the Celestial Devils would also be wary of these medium chiliocosm factions. However, the native Controllers and most of the native lifeforms would probably be devoured by the Celestial Devils.

Either way, death awaited them. What else did Lin Feng have to fear?

Currently, Lin Feng was completely unrestrained, and had put aside all his reservations.

“Release an announcement. The Proclamation Alliance obstructed the Epoch Alliance from fighting with the Celestial Devils. They disregarded the greater picture, and their crime is punishable by death! The Proclamation Alliance has three days to come to the Epoch Alliance Headquarters to make amends.

Otherwise, the Proclamation Alliance will be annihilated!”

Lin Feng summoned a One-star Supremacy of the Epoch Alliance Headquarters and gave him some instructions.

Hearing them, this One-star Supremacy could not help but look up at Lin Feng, his expression very troubled.

“Dark Domain Supremacy, are we really going to make such an announcement?”

Clearly, even the One-star Supremacy knew that issuing such an intense announcement at this time would undoubtedly enrage the Proclamation Alliance. At that time, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“That’s right. Announce it just like that. Don’t change a single word!” Lin Feng said firmly, his tone unquestionable.

Even though this One-star Supremacy was confused, Lin Feng was now a Two-star Supremacy presiding over the headquarters. Moreover, he had the full support of hundreds of the Two-star Supremacies in the border region. He could be considered the actual person in charge of the Epoch Alliance now.

Hence, no matter how confused he was, he could only follow Lin Feng’s orders now.

So, the Epoch Alliance released this heated announcement. For a time, be it within the Epoch Alliance or those medium chiliocosm factions, it caused an uproar.

Everyone knew very well what this strongly worded announcement meant.

Rather than an announcement, it was a declaration of war, a declaration of war on the Proclamation Alliance!

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