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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1478: Get All the Controllers to Help Me Find Boundary Stones!

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Chapter 1478: Get All the Controllers to Help Me Find Boundary Stones!

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Right now, the Epoch Alliance was in troubled times. No one was even issuing missions. If Lin Feng wanted to obtain more Boundary Stones, there was only

one way, and that was to expand constantly.

However, once it expanded, it would definitely evoke a violent reaction from those medium chiliocosm factions. Lin Feng was not really invincible to the point where he could defeat everyone.

Moreover, even if he expanded the faction, how many Boundary Stones could he obtain? Ordinary Boundary Stones already didn’t mean much to Lin Feng now.

What Lin Feng needed was high-quality Boundary Stones, One-star or even Two-star Boundary Stones.

It was impossible to obtain a Two-star Boundary Stone just by expanding his faction.

Hence, Lin Feng had always had an idea in his mind, and that was to make a deal! Or rather, he would be the one to purchase high-quality Boundary Stones.

As long as there were profits, Lin Feng believed that an endless stream of Boundary Stones would eventually come into his possession.

However, he had to consider carefully what to use to trade.

Those high-quality Boundary Stones were usually in the possession of One-star and Two-star Supremacies. What did these Supremacies need the most?

Lin Feng thought carefully. Strength was probably what those One-star and Two-star Supremacies needed the most. Which Supremacy did not need to improve their strength? In particular, with the imminent Epochal Cataclysm, they urgently needed to improve their strength.

To improve their strength, ordinary Supremacies could either devour worlds or nurture worlds.

Devouring worlds was not that easy. Many worlds had owners. How could there be so many unclaimed worlds? Devouring worlds continuously was clearly not feasible. Just searching for those unclaimed worlds would consume a large amount of time and energy.

Then, there was only one thing left—nurturing worlds.

Nurturing worlds required a large amount of world origin.

“World origin. If I trade using world origin, those Supremacies will definitely be willing to contribute Boundary Stones.”

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up slightly.

He lacked Boundary Stones now, but he did not lack world origin. Currently, Lin Feng still had billions of portions of world origin in his body. Moreover, compared to Boundary Stones, it was much easier for Lin Feng to obtain world origin.

After all, Lin Feng only needed to make a trip to the Celestial Devils’ factions to devour countless Celestial Devils, and convert them into world origin.

Although the world origin that entered the Chaotic Lotus would be left with Lin

Feng’s imprint, it did not matter. Lin Feng only needed to continue killing Celestial Devils without letting the Chaotic Lotus devour them to convert the Celestial Devils into pure world origin. Without any aura or imprint from Lin Feng, other Controllers could also use it.

At this thought, Lin Feng also became excited.

Expanding blindly was ultimately not a good plan. Through deals, the other Controllers could also obtain benefits and improve their strength. It would be a win-win situation!

It was actually very difficult for some One-star Supremacies to obtain a large amount of world origin. However, Lin Feng was different. He was now a 10 billion-level Supremacy, and his strength would definitely improve rapidly. How could he lack world origin?

Moreover, a war had broken out between the Epoch Alliance and the Celestial

Devils now. Countless Celestial Devils meant infinite amounts of world origin. These Celestial Devils could all become Lin Feng’s resources continuously, and be converted into world origin for trading.

Moreover, Lin Feng was now famous. Everyone knew his identity and status, and he had a certain degree of authority to begin with. No one would think that he would take advantage of others, nor would they think that he was spouting nonsense.

Hence, the deals would definitely go very smoothly.

Once the deals were successful, as time passed and many Controllers obtained benefits, many Controllers would think of ways to search for Boundary Stones to trade. Then, Lin Feng would not need to spend so much effort to expand the faction at all.

Moreover, Lin Feng could also get the Controllers of the entire small chiliocosm to search for Boundary Stones for him. Naturally, the efficiency was much higher.

At this thought, Lin Feng became more and more excited, and felt that it was feasible. The key now was the pricing. If the pricing was too high, the burden on Lin Feng would be too great.

After all, even killing Celestial Devils would take time.

If the price was too low, it would not be attractive to the Controllers.

“I only want One-star Boundary Stones. Ordinary One-star Boundary Stones range from around the 10,000-level to the 100,000-level, so it can be traded for 1,000 portions of world origin. Between 100,000 to 1 million-level for 10,000 portions of world origin. Between 1 million to 10 million-level for 100,000 portions of world origin. Between 10 million to 100 million-level for 1 million portions of world origin!

“For Two-star Boundary Stone, between 100 million and 1 billion-level, it’s 10 million portions of world origin. Between 1 billion to 100 billion-level for 100 million portions of world origin. Between 10 billion to 100 billion-level for 1 billion portions of world origin, and so on. The higher the quality of the Boundary Stone, the more world origin it can be exchanged for.”

After careful consideration, Lin Feng introduced such a trading ratio.

In reality, it was a ratio of one to ten. One portion of world origin could be exchanged for ten Boundary Stones. This was about it.

The reason why it was not a one-to-one ratio was that for other One-star and Two-star Supremacies, it was relatively difficult to obtain world origin. It only took billions of years of accumulation to more or less have some Boundary


Moreover, the Boundary Stones were useless in the possession of those One-star and Two-star Supremacies. They already had Boundary Stones themselves. These excess Boundary Stones could only be given to some family and friends. Moreover, they could not be converted into strength, and were not considered too precious.

However, if they could be exchanged for world origin, things would be different. World origin could directly improve one’s strength. In a sense, Lin Feng’s actions were equivalent to giving those One-star and Two-star Supremacies another “shortcut” to improving their strength. As long as they had Boundary Stones, they could trade them for world origin, and easily improve their strength.

Of course, since it was a deal, it was beneficial to both parties, especially Lin Feng. That was a profit of almost ten or a hundred times.

Hence, seeing that so many Two-star Supremacies were gathered at the headquarters, Lin Feng took advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and said directly, “Supremacies, I need your help with something. I hope you can spread the news.”

“Dark Domain Supremacy, you’re too kind. Just tell us. As long as we can do it, we’ll definitely help.”

“That’s right. Dark Domain Supremacy, please go ahead.”

Lin Feng did not stand on ceremony. He nodded and said, “I want to announce something. I need Boundary Stones now, and they must be at least One-star Boundary Stones. I can exchange world origin for them. The ratio is one to

ten. ”

Hence, Lin Feng introduced the exchange ratio between the world origin and the Boundary Stones in detail.

As soon as these words were spoken, all the Supremacies were stunned.

“Dark Domain Supremacy, you’re not joking?”

These Two-star Supremacies could not quite believe it.

“I’m not joking. It’s absolutely true. As long as you have One-star Boundary Stones, you can trade them for world origin that will satisfy everyone.

Moreover, the trade is set in ten days. Everyone can bring as many Boundary Stones as you want,” Lin Feng said firmly.

He had set a ten-day deadline, actually so that he could use these ten days to kill a large number of Celestial Devils, and obtain a large amount of world origin for trading.

“In ten days? All right, we definitely won’t disappoint the Dark Domain Supremacy.”

Many Supremacies could not wait.

Boundary Stones could be exchanged for world origin? Such a good thing was simply unheard of. If it were anyone else, they might not believe it. However, since it came from Lin Feng, they had no doubts at all.

This was the benefit of status. If Lin Feng had not destroyed the Proclamation Alliance alone and made his name throughout the entire small chiliocosm, likely no one would be interested even if he wanted to make a trade.

“Thank you for your trouble, everyone,” Lin Feng said with a smile.

As he watched the many Supremacies leave, he could not help but feel anticipation. How many Boundary Stones could he trade for in ten days?

However, Lin Feng also felt a certain amount of pressure. The more Boundary Stones, the more world origin he would need to collect. It seemed like Lin Feng had to plan properly for the next ten days…

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