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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1112: Catching the Thief and the King

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Chapter 1112: Catching the Thief and the King

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Meng Chao rode on the centaur knight and crashed into the iron-armored knight from the right at a forty-five-degree angle.

It was like a locomotive colliding with a high-speed train.

Their speeds were pushed to the limit and magnified to the point of no return, turning into a shockwave that was visible to the naked eye.

That was because Meng Chao had initiated his attack from the opponent’s flank, and he did not have to worry about injuring himself at all.

With the crazy stimulation of his spirit energy, he was able to release an extremely terrifying impact on the centaur warrior under him.

He actually knocked the first armored heavy rider flying into the air.

It triggered a chain reaction, which knocked, tripped, and blocked the charge of seven or eight centaur warriors.

The centaur warriors were instantly thrown into chaos as their bodies fell to the ground.

The seemingly unstoppable charge of heavy armor was seriously disrupted by Meng Chao just like that.

But it was far from the end.

To catch a gang of thieves, one had to first catch the leader. Meng Chao understood that even though his and Ice Storm’s totem armor had been upgraded, it would still be a little strenuous to directly battle dozens of clan warriors, who were also wearing totem armor.

Not to mention, there was a large number of pursuers scattered across the entire sunken grassland.

Once Meng Chao observed the burning flames of battle there, he sensed an extremely unstable spirit energy storm.

Reinforcements could appear at any time and kill them.

Therefore, interrupting the second wave of the enemy’s charge was not Meng Chao’s ultimate goal.

The unlucky centaur warrior under him crashed into his companion, causing his muscles and bones to be broken and his flesh, as well as blood, to fly everywhere.

Meng Chao used his strong inertia to soar into the air like a huge bird and pounced on the centaur leader whom he had locked onto.

The centaur leader was also an expert who had survived hundreds of battles.

He had been stabbed from the side by one of his own people. However, he had only been slightly distracted for a second before he relied on his exquisite skills to leap over the threat. It was as if he was dancing on the edge of a blade.

While he was still flying in the air, the centaur leader was keenly aware that Meng Chao was his greatest threat.

He wisely let go of his long spear that was not conducive for close combat. He pulled out two machetes that were both offensive and defensive from his back, and a ball of snow-white blade light surged around his body.

It was like a bright silver armor that covered the totem armor.

However, in the face of a monster like Meng Chao, these actions were all in vain.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two heavy chain blades forged from the blazing war hammers, the Skull Crushers, were like giant pythons that had opened their bloody mouths and spewed magma from the depths of their throats continuously. They bit at the centaur leaders’ two scimitars ferociously.

Before the light from the scimitars could pierce through the gaps in the centaur leader’s armor, the sharp whistling of the blades that were tearing through the air pierced the centaur leader’s ears first. It reached into his ear canal, which had helped to maintain his balance.

The centaur leader only felt a slight tingling pain in the depths of the ear canal, followed by the world spinning, and he almost lost his balance.

With that small distraction, his two scimitars were tightly entangled by Meng Chao’s chain blade.

Meng Chao also used the pull of the chain blade to quickly shorten the distance between them.

Before his opponent could react, he bent his knees and applied all the weight of his body, surging spirit energy, and unparalleled kinetic energy onto his knees.

Covered by the totem armor, his knees, which were as hard as iron, smashed heavily into his opponent’s chest armor like a railway gun!

Although both sides were equipped with totem armor, Meng Chao’s totem armor had already unlocked the extremely violent third form of the Skull Crushers.

Not only was the armor crisscrossed with hot magma flowing down, but two thick and hard collision horns protruded out of its two knee guards.

Complicated cuneiform characters were carved on the collision horns, which could trigger multiple functions, including armor-piercing, thrusting, and high-frequency oscillation.

In addition, Meng Chao took the initiative to attack from a high vantage point, and he caught the centaur warrior off guard.

Immediately, two shocking pits were blasted on the centaur leader’s chest plate.

With spirit energy as hot as magma, it surged crazily into the centaur warrior’s heavily compressed chest cavity from the broken chest plate.

The centaur leader only felt as if a volcano that had been dormant for thousands of years was erupting in his chest.

He wanted to let out a heart-wrenching scream.

Yet, his throat was blocked by balls of burning flesh and blood.

He had no choice but to forcefully swallow them back because he was afraid that once he could not hold it in, broken pieces of lungs and heart would spurt out of his mouth!

However, the ends of two chains that looked like giant pythons and sharp blades that protruded like fangs were more dangerous than having his sternum burst and his heart, as well lungs, invaded by spirit energy.

After all, centaurs had two chest cavities and two hearts.

Even if the heart in the upper half of his body exploded, the giant heart that was placed horizontally in the horse’s body could still continue pumping blood to all parts of his body.

But there was only one cervical vertebra.

There was only one head supported by the cervical vertebra.

Meng Chao’s two chain blades intersected, forming a huge pair of scissors. However, they were perfectly balanced, and they were held at the centaur leader’s neck.

The centaur leader would never have thought that Meng Chao’s skills in controlling the chain blades would be terrifying to such an unbelievable degree.

In just a split second, the two chain blades had pulled away from the entanglement with his scimitars. The chain wrapped around his neck, and the blade was positioned in the most advantageous position to exert force. A series of dazzling sparks were produced from the friction with his neck guard.

Thankfully, his totem armor was thicker than two fingers. It completely covered every inch of his skin, especially around the vital parts of his neck, where it was exceptionally thick.

If it were not for that, Meng Chao might have chopped his head cleanly off!

It was true that the surface of his totem armor was constantly overflowing with light, transferring more liquid metal-like substances to the neck guard and increasing the defense around his cervical vertebra, carotid artery, and trachea.

Despite that, he could still feel strands of murderous intent that were hotter and more violent than lava repeatedly ravaging his cervical vertebra.

The centaur leader growled.

His two scimitars stabbed, twisted, and pulled at Meng Chao’s chains.

He tried to compete with Meng Chao’s brute force, and both sides were trying their best in a game of tug of war. The chains and Meng Chao’s arms were being forcefully pulled apart.

It was not because centaur leader believed that his brute force was stronger than Meng Chao’s.

It was because if both sides tried their best to pull at each other, there would definitely be a short period of stalemate.

Even if his absolute strength was weaker than Meng Chao’s, he would not be completely subdued by Meng Chao in the blink of an eye.

Next to him, the armored heavy cavalrymen, who had been knocked around by their companions, climbed up one after another.

If they were given a few moments to catch their breath, a dozen armored heavy cavalrymen would be able to surround this ghostly enemy who seemed like a crazy devil!

Unexpectedly, just as the centaur leader went all out, Meng Chao suddenly let go and gave up on the chain blade.

The centaur leader had focused all his attention on his chest and neck. He was already prepared to have a tough fight with Meng Chao.

His power that was like a flood suddenly failed. It was so overwhelming that even his whole body staggered forward.

Meng Chao displayed an agility that was completely betrayed his heavy armor.

Like a kite that had been magnified a hundred times, he flipped onto the centaur leader’s back.

Before he could sit still, his two elbows hit the centaur leader’s spine like two war hammers.

The terrifying part of his totem armor was that it could be molded into a new form according to its owner’s wishes at any time.

For example, Meng Chao’s elbow guard now had the same high protruding collision angle on his knee guard.

The thunderous knee strike from earlier had already caused the centaur leader’s sternum to crack and his chest to be severely compressed.

As a result, he could not breathe properly and the oxygen content in his blood dropped rapidly, greatly affecting his motor functions.

That prevented him from responding effectively to Meng Chao’s sudden attack.

A few ear-piercing explosions could be heard. The armor on the centaur’s back had also sunk deep into the ground, squeezing his spine until it was clearly deformed.

Meng Chao’s attack was not over yet.

His elbows were like a recoilless cannon that fired consecutively. He moved along the centaur leader’s spine and blasted out dozens of powerful elbow strikes from the top down.

Not only did it cause the centaur leader’s back armor to be riddled with holes, it also compressed his spine until it bent nonstop.

The centaur leader finally could not help but spit out blood.

However, he did not have the time or courage to look at the sticky substance that he had spat out.

Meng Chao’s series of attacks, which were reminiscent of piling stakes, completely demolished the centaur leader’s fighting spirit.

Only a sliver of luck remained to maintain the centaur leader’s spirit defense that was on the verge of collapse.

His enemy had no weapons in hand.

It would be impossible to kill him in a breath with bare hands.

But, he was wrong.

Meng Chao indeed did not have any weapons, while he did.

The leather quiver that hung diagonally from his waist was filled to the brim. It had been made by the craftsmen, witch doctors, and priests in the Centaur Clan. It was inlaid with crystals, engraved with runes, and blessed by the ancestral spirits, so the arrows were incomparably powerful.

Just then, Meng Chao pulled the quiver off his waist.

Without even looking at them, he casually took out four or five glittering arrows.

Originally, the arrows had to be activated by their owner in order to release the strongest and most stable qualities.

Meng Chao did not care at all, though. He just poured his most violent spirit energy into the quiver.

The offensive spirit magnetic field sealed in the arrows was immediately activated.

It made four or five arrows burn fiercely. Electric arcs surrounded them, and they let out shrill cries that tore through the air.

Before the arrows completely lost control and exploded into pieces, Meng Chao stabbed them deeply into the joints of the centaur leader’s two vertebrae, one horizontal and one vertical.

That was also the most vulnerable point where the human body and horse body fused together.

The armor there had been shattered by Meng Chao’s consecutive elbow strikes, and it was raised high up.

The centaur’s broken bones were exposed, and his flesh was covered in blood.

Those four or five arrows met almost no resistance.

They were easily stuck in the joint between the two vertebrae.

Then, they released the most brutal destructive power.


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