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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1111: Taking Over the Battlefield

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Chapter 1111: Taking Over the Battlefield

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The repeated “miracles” finally forged the false beliefs of the rat people into wills of steel, making them dare to withstand the flying internal organs and broken limbs of their companions. They launched a charge toward the clan warriors who were unafraid of death.

Blue veins were popping out of their skin, and their incomparably ferocious faces made them seem like the vengeful souls of countless people who had been bullied, oppressed, and massacred for thousands of years.

The morale of the centaur warriors was even lower than before.

Although such a shameful thing as being killed by the rat subjects had not happened yet…

Many of them were surrounded by the rat tide, and bloody wounds appeared on their bodies at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was a fact of despair.

In the end, Meng Chao and Ice Storm attacked four more “prey” in a row.

The crazy rat tide swarmed forward, tearing these guys into pieces, including their skin and bones.

It got to the point that the heads of the centaur warriors, who died with grievance, were kicked around by the rat people like rubber balls.

Only then did the remaining centaur warriors find an opportunity to activate their totem armor.

When the mysterious and complicated runes that had been engraved surged with tyrannical and unparalleled flames of war, the totem armor emitted the roars of fierce beasts. It was as if the armor had been forged by death himself, covering every inch of the centaur warriors’ strong flesh and blood. These pursuers who could not tell whether they were “hunters” or “prey” finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Their faces, which had yet to recover from the shock, once again revealed an incomparable viciousness and brutality.

Driven by their totem armor, they brandished long-handled war hammers and the two-handed great swords, turning into burning tornadoes with a speed and strength that had increased by several times.

The rat people who were close by were all sucked into it and torn into pieces by the storm.

The totem warriors used this method to vent their anger and fear to their heart’s content.

Following that, with their leader at the forefront, more than ten totem warriors finally carved out a bloody path and rushed out of the grass where the rats were gathered, gaining valuable breathing space a few hundred meters away.

The centaur warriors who were still stuck in the grass gradually regained their footing after activating their totem armor as well.

One had to admit that after equipping the ultimate single soldier equipment developed by the ancient Turan people with incredible military technology, the professional warriors put aside their arrogance and went all out.

It was definitely not something that the rat subjects, who had not received professional training, could withstand.

Not only were the swords and sabers in their hands wreathed in raging flames, but they were three to four arms longer than before. When they waved the weapons, they could almost cover a radius of ten meters. The centaurs chopped the rat people and even the weeds into pieces.

Just from the iron hoofs trampling on the ground, the shocking killing intent compressed the air and exploded with an overwhelming shock wave that crashed into the rat people’s chests.

It was enough to crack their bone armor, dent their leather armor, and shake out mouthfuls of blood.

However, the totem warriors were not in a hurry to attack because, not far behind them, the leader’s dozen or so companions had already started running for the second time.

Equipping and not equipping one’s totem armor were two completely different situations when charging.

If the centaur warriors who had charged in the first round were like a flood that had broken through a dam…

Then, the totem warriors who were currently armed to the teeth with heavy armor and launching a crushing charge were like a super tsunami that was rarely seen in a hundred years, with violent waves more than ten meters high.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dozens of iron hoofs stomped on the grassland, and it sounded like thousands of horses galloping along with thunder exploding.

The furious fighting will of the rats seemed to have crashed into a wall of ice that covered the sky and the Earth, and they were discouraged.

At that moment, the effects of the divine medicine bestowed by the Rat God had passed its peak in the rat people’s bodies.

The adrenaline burst brought by the stimulant also brought extremely serious side effects. It was burning their blood vessels and nerves like flowing magma, making them exhausted and suffering at the same time.

Some of the rat people’s skin was as red as a cooked lobster. Steamy heat was released from every pore on their body, and their sweat vaporized before it could condense on their skin.

Some of the rat subjects were suffering from the pain of having their hearts pierced by thousands of arrows and their internal organs burned. They curled up on the ground again, foaming at the mouth and twitching all over.

Some of the rat subjects burned out all of their life potential in the extreme excitement of the killing. They closed their eyes and stopped breathing in the crazy laughter.

Even the rat subjects who had strong bodies and luckily survived the side effects of the divine medicine were not as excited as before. It was impossible for them to withstand the second wave of charge from the centaur warriors.

Now, it was up to Meng Chao and Ice Storm.

“A total of thirteen centaur warriors equipped with totem armor? How challenging!”

Meng Chao licked his lips, the corners of his mouth curling up impatiently.

It was different from the chaos in Black-corner City, where he would fish in troubled waters and take advantage of the situation.

On the sky-sinking grassland, there were not so many broken walls and underground tunnels that he could hide in and pass through.

The pursuers also worked together. There was no contradiction that he could use.

If he wanted to escape, he had to defeat this group of opponents who had been weakened to the extreme in a fierce battle where the brave would win!

Meng Chao activated his life magnetic field and pushed his perception to the limit.

He instantly took in all the information around the battlefield.

He noticed that most of the rat people, including the old bear skin and the round bone club, were exhausted and disoriented.

In addition, the centaur knight’s “rocket” had lit up part of the grass. Although the fire did not spread because the grass was very wet, it ignited thick smoke, further obscuring the rat people’s sight.

None of the rat subjects had yet to notice his presence.

“Then from now on, take over the entire battlefield!”

Meng Chao jumped up from the grass again.

This time, he unscrupulously released an incomparably violent killing intent.

The mud that was wrapped around the totem armor instantly splashed, shattered, and evaporated.

On the surface of the shiny black armor, there were circles of dark red ripples that continuously rippled and gradually became bright, as if it was tearing the earth apart and spewing out magma from the depths of the Earth’s crust.

Very soon, a large amount of liquid metal-like substances were extracted from the mysterious alternate dimension.

Meng Chao’s totem armor continued to widen and thicken. His two scythes that were as thin as cicada wings also transformed into war hammers that were mounted directly on the front end of his gauntlets. The overall style of his armor changed from that of a black cheetah with wings to a fanged beast, a charging rhinoceros.

In the blink of an eye, his totem armor that had just been fully upgraded changed from the first form of the Grim Reaper’s Scythes to the second form of the Demon Subduing War Hammers!

The two war hammers collided fiercely in front of his chest, creating sparks that could rival a thousand riders fearlessly. Meng Chao grinned and pounced on the centaur warrior that was closest to him.

Although this centaur warrior could not keep up with his leader’s pace, pulling away and speeding up…

He had also activated his totem armor in time.

He was waving a millstone-sized war ax, raising a huge wave of blood and flesh.

Meng Chao had a hundred ways to deal with this huge ax.

He chose the simplest and most violent one.


His war hammer struck the sharpest point of the ax blade opposite him without any deviation.

Sparks flew everywhere and a deafening explosion sounded.

The giant ax, which was more than half-a-palm thick, was shattered by Meng Chao.

The spirit energy around Meng Chao also flowed into the centaur warrior’s body through the cracks on the surface of the ax and through its handle like a mudslide.

From the centaur warrior’s arm to his shoulder blade and then to his chest, it was like thunder rumbling nonstop.

The explosion made him cough out blood, and the battle ax flew out of his hand.

Meng Chao took advantage of the situation and jumped up. Borrowing the force from the falling battle ax, he somersaulted and rode on the centaur warrior’s back.

His weight was naturally not something that the rat people could compare to.

With a little strength from his gluteal muscles, the centaur warrior sensed the presence of a battle hammer that was covered in spikes, surrounded by electric arcs, and even burned red. It ruthlessly smashed into the middle of his spine.

Not to mention, his internal organs were about to be squeezed out by Meng Chao’s two legs that were like iron pincers.

The fearful centaur warrior subconsciously jumped and struggled, trying to throw Meng Chao off his back.

However, while Meng Chao flew onto the horse, he had changed the form of his totem armor, turning the two war hammers that were connected to his arm armor into chains and sharp blades.


Two chains engraved with dense cuneiform characters wrapped around the centaur warrior’s neck from behind. After crossing each other, they circled once again.

Then, Meng Chao grabbed the chains tightly. Using his elbow as a fulcrum, he pressed against the centaur warrior’s back and pulled hard.

The chains instantly embedded themselves into the centaur warrior’s neck.

It was so tight that the cervical vertebrae made “ka ka” sounds.

The channel through which the oxygen entered his body was completely locked by Meng Chao’s strange strength.

One had to know that a centaur had two body cavities and two internal circulation systems.

The consumption of oxygen reached a very shocking level.

The only channel through which the oxygen could enter was the upper body’s trachea.

When this channel was completely locked by Meng Chao, the centaur warrior only struggled for a moment before his brain was deprived of oxygen. He saw stars and descended into darkness.

For a moment, he could no longer see anything.

In his panic, he could only try his best to charge forward, driven by his desire to survive.

However, the centaur warrior, who had been deprived of most of his senses, did not know that the spirit energy around Meng Chao’s body was using the vibration of his vitality magnetic field to fully invade his two vertebrae.

The scaling of the chains interfered with his muscle twitching, causing him to change direction unknowingly. From a forty-five-degree angle, he crashed into the heavy armored cavalry that was launching the second round of charge.

From jumping up, riding, to completely controlling the opponent’s route, it only took Meng Chao a few breaths.

In the span of these few breaths, the centaur leader had brought the other twelve heavily-armored cavalry troops and increased their speed to the limit.

Just as they were about to turn into raging waves and devour all the rat people, they never expected the first person to block their to actually be one of their own, who was jumping crazily!


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