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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1110: Double Attack

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Chapter 1110: Double Attack

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At this point, with the afterimage of the Rat God still lingering in their minds, the terrified centaur warriors realized that the “dirty and smelly rats” whom they despised and slaughtered, had suddenly turned into the craziest and most vicious demons.

Rat people surrounded by murderous aura constantly leaped out from the bushes and jumped behind them.

Sharp swords that had been sharpened to the point that they could cut a strand of hair pierced deep into their bodies through the gaps between their armor.

The rat people would also swing their war hammers that were covered in spikes and smash the most vulnerable parts of their spine and the back of their heads.

The furious centaur warriors struggled violently and threw the audacious rats off their backs. They stomped on their chests with their iron hoofs until their sternum, heart, and lungs exploded.

However, after taking the divine medicine given by the Rat God, the rat people’s adrenaline was now akin to a volcano erupting. They displayed the strong vitality of the advanced orcs in its full glory.

Even though their chests were a mess, they were still alive.

They even took the opportunity to wrap their bodies around the centaur warriors’ hoofs tightly. No matter how the spikes on their hoofs pierced through their bodies, the rat people still wanted to hang their burning flesh on to the hoofs, just to become a burden to the centaur warriors.

Even whenever one of them took his last breath, a bright smile would appear on his face.

That was how the rat people who had been bullied showed their bravery and loyalty to the Big-horned Rat God in the clouds.

The other rat people were not scared by their companions’ horrible death.

Instead, they were inspired by the blood that was spilled.

They roared and charged forward one after another, hanging on to the centaur warriors like leeches.

The physiological structure of the centaur warriors determined that while they had the advantage of being able to gallop and sweep everything in their path, once someone sat on their backs, it would be difficult to completely shake the person off.

After all, the centaur warriors had two separate vertebrae.

Their two vertebrae, one vertical and one horizontal, were connected by an extremely complicated and specific joint drive structure.

The synonym for “complicated and specific” was “redundant and fragile.”

When the swords in the rat people’s hands stabbed deep into the centaurs’ backs and struck their transverse vertebrae…

It became very difficult for the upper human half of their body to rotate a hundred and eighty degrees and enable them to sweep the rat people off the lower horse half.

The centaur warriors could only jump desperately and thrash around manically, burning the flames of war to the limit and releasing shockwaves around their bodies.

Using that method, they would throw the rat people down repeatedly, breaking their bones and even shattering their brains.

However, the armor and flesh around their bodies would be torn off as well, revealing the white of their bones.

The bloody scene further stimulated the fierce nature of the rat people.

Hundreds of rat people swarmed over.

Almost every centaur warrior had to deal with the attacks of several dozen rat people at the same time.

Some rat people jumped up and tried to land behind a centaur warrior to attack his blind spot where the two vertebrae were connected.

Other rat people held long spears and short blades and tried to stab the round belly on the horse half and cut off the tendons above the iron hoofs.

Some of the clever rat people even circled behind the centaur warriors, trying to attack their vital parts through their digestive and reproductive systems.

The centaur warriors charged left and right, brandishing their spears and great swords with the sound of wind and thunder, killing many of the rat people as if they were chopping vegetables.

Nevertheless, they were so shocked that their hearts were beating wildly, and they were drenched in cold sweat. All their attention was focused on the crazy rat people, and they had no time to care about the more dangerous killers lurking behind the rat people.

Under the cover of the rat people, Meng Chao was reminiscent of an active carnivorous lizard in the swamp area, hiding in the mud mixed with fresh blood.

He had already activated his totem armor silently.

However, he had smeared a layer of mud on the surface of his armor, hiding the light that was flowing out like mercury.

In order to avoid exposing his existence, he did not even try to crawl forward and quietly approach the centaur warriors from behind.

Instead, he observed the battle situation and waited patiently, silently waiting for the centaur warriors to fall into his trap.

As expected, an unlucky centaur warrior soon bumped into his blade.

The centaur warrior had just swung his saber that was three to five arms long, slashing at a dead space filled with blood and broken limbs.

After taking a short breather, the centaur warrior did not dare to continue engaging with the rat people who were still eyeing him outside the dead space.

He changed his direction and rushed out of the battle formation, trying to move in a circle, activate his totem armor, and gain enough speed to turn back and slaughter all the d*mned rats.

However, he did not realize that a monster more terrifying than all the crazy rat subjects combined was lurking in his path.

Just as the ignorant centaur warrior leaped over Meng Chao’s body, Meng Chao’s arms suddenly sprung up like a spring that was released after it was compressed to the extreme.

The two sharp scythe-like blades that were attached to the front of Meng Chao’s arms unleashed two faint shadows as he swung them. Then, they swept toward the centaur warrior’s two hind hoofs.

Meng Chao’s speed was almost like an illusion.

Not only did the rat people who were chasing the centaur not notice his existence, but they also did not notice his presence.

Even the fleeing centaur warrior himself did not realize that the joints and tendons in his two hind limbs had been severed by Meng Chao’s blade in an unbelievable way.

After taking another seven or eight steps, he felt an inexplicable emptiness in his two hind legs.

It was as if a gate had opened, and all the strength in his body poured out like a flood from the bottom of his hind legs.

The centaur warrior staggered and fell heavily to the ground.

Driven by inertia, he rolled about seventeen or eighteen times in a sorry state.

When he finally broke free from the dizziness and tried to regain his balance, he realized that he could not sense the existence of his two hind legs at all.

The dirty and smelly rats had caught up to him and surrounded him in a tight circle.

He watched as he was precisely disintegrated, leaving only a layer of skin as thin as a cicada’s wings and his hind legs that were still connected.

There was a familiar yet unfamiliar predatory expression on the faces of the rat people.

Unprecedented fear finally oozed out of the centaur warrior’s bone marrow.

On the bright side, maybe he should be grateful…

Grateful that he was the first centaur warrior to be attacked by Meng Chao.

Since the fierce battle was still going on, time was limited.

No matter how cruel the rat subjects would judge him, it could not be crueler than the “games” they had played with the rat subjects when they were bored the night before.

Meng Chao did not have time to enjoy the centaur warrior’s end.

His attention had already shifted to his next prey.

With the help of the first centaur warrior’s heart-wrenching scream, the attention of the surrounding people was attracted. Like a loach, he suddenly darted to the second predetermined ambush location. It was the most suitable ambush location for the centaur warrior to escape.

The second round began, and they did not have to wait long.

Soon, Meng Chao did the same thing. He severed the six hoofs of three centaur warriors.

He made them limp on the ground. As the rat people pounced on them, the most powerful of the Turan warriors were unleashed. Hearing their roars, centaurs’ legs went weak.

Ice Storm deployed a different style.

She was still hiding in the depths of the grass, and her arms were buried far into the ground.

Her vitality magnetic field kept spreading, carefully searching the underground water system. It wrung out every handful of moist soil, condensing a large amount of the water element into ice crystals that she firmly held in her hands.

When the centaur warriors were surrounded by the rat people, the ice crystals continued to condense into sharp ice cones. Like bamboo shoots after a rain that were accelerated a hundred times, they rose from under the centaur warriors and stabbed the round belly of their horse half, as well as the vital parts behind the horse belly.

Together with Meng Chao, she had undergone a trial of near-death experience in Blood Skull Temple.

Ice Storm had seemingly received the blessings of the Turan ancestors as she opened the door to surpass all limits.

Right then, her control over her totem power was at a higher level than when she had been fighting in the arena.

Her sharp icicles were sealed with blue rays of light, and the endless chill froze one’s bone marrow.

Even though the centaur warriors had extremely sharp senses, the moment the icicles broke out of the ground, they contracted their abdomen and dodged the icicles.

They were mostly unable to dodge the blue rays of light that whistled out the tip of the icicles.

As long as the cold rays entered their abdomen, they would be able to freeze the centaur warriors’ internal organs.

Even if it could only freeze them for a few seconds, it would be enough to make the centaurs’ movements slower and clumsier. The crazy rat people would have a chance to catch them and attack, which would then result in them dying together.

Ice Storm was especially wary of those centaur warriors who would once again increase their speed.

She would predict their route ahead of time.

Just as they were about to run, an ice cone that was half the height of a human would poke out of the ground at the right time.

If the centaur warriors could not dodge it in time and rammed straight into it, a bloody bowl-sized hole would definitely be created where the upper half of the human body and the lower half of the warhorse’s body merged.

If they could barely dodge it, they would still inevitably lose their speed again and allow the rat people to catch up.

Even those centaur warriors who did not hit the icicles felt a chill from the top of their heads to the end of their spine when they saw such a strange scene from afar. It froze their blood vessels and nerves.

There were not many centaur warriors who were directly attacked by Meng Chao and Ice Storm.

However, the two extremely dangerous experts were hiding deep down in the grass. They could sever their hoofs at any moment, pierce their abdomen, freeze their internal organs, and throw those who could not move to the crazy rats. The psychological pressure brought about by the two experts made every centaur warrior break out in cold sweat and almost suffocate.

However, the rat people cheered again.

They were weak, so they could not see Meng Chao and Ice Storm’s attacks clearly. They did not even notice their existence.

They only saw icicles suddenly rise up from the ground, and the centaur warriors fell down one after another without a clear explanation. The expression on the remaining centaur warriors’ faces changed drastically, and they appeared extremely terrified.

If that was not the Big-horned Rat God’s blessing, what else could it be?


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