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«Number One Dungeon Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 1516 Mount Sunn Defence Part 3

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Chapter 1516 Mount Sunn Defence Part 3

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"Move Move Move!" The private copro commanders shouted at the top of their lungs as they saw their Mechanics bring bombarded at the main road. The smoke, dust and haze might cause them to cough but for now, that was the least of their concern as they tried to push towards the workshop.

The Mechanoids might not need to worry about the quality of the air but they were served as pawns to waste the shells flying out of the workshop's barrels and their objective was to gain as much ground as possible.

Surely, it was not the most ideal way of moving but it sure beats the unknown element of being blown apart within the forest. Not to mention ambushes, although such thoughts were already useless now that it was burning fiercely.

Additionally, even more airstrikes were conducted at a disheartening pace with strafing runs against the workshop as the anti air guns attempted to foil their runs. However, more of their missile attacks went through as the SAM sites needed to be reloaded manually before they could be of use against the private corpo air force.

This, in turn, allowed the private corpo air assets to be more assertive in their attacks, destroying artilleries as well as those inactive SAM sites. And thus, the rush towards the workshop base had been more than just a burst of adrenaline, it was the hope of being able to complete this mission.

"Idiots." Old Fammet grinned widely as he saw the Mechanoids reaching the main gates, with only a hundred metre distance between them and the workshop walls. With a console beside him, he pushed the buttons that enabled a loud whizzing sound within the workshop itself…com

Before long, a large gigantic thermic beam emerges from the centre of Mount Sunn, burning everything in the main pavement. There was nowhere else for the Mechanoids and Commanders to run away from, considering the intense napalm fire that the higher ups had inflicted to reduce the possibility of a forest ambush.

A few managed to hide within the holes that had been created by the previous artillery attacks but they were not spared by the severe burns. "Hahahha! Now, this is retribution in the making!" Old Fammet laughed loudly as he pressed a few buttons once more and the middle of the mountain started closing. From the invader's point of view, the beam tore through the mountain centre when all along it was merely camouflaged.

Hence once the beam burnt the main straight road to ashes, the mountain cannon as they dubbed it at that point in time, was protected by having the "windows" close before it was exposed too long by air strikes.

"Now that's what I called firepower!" Diaz said as she continued to slay those remaining War Maidens that had managed to dodge the Mountain cannon. (Since the cannon fired from an angle before moving upwards, hitting the rest from the back.)

"This will only buy us some time. The rest will rely on Jin." Lynn said as she too picked up a rifle and shoot the rest down with the Grey Bears.

"Don't forget your assigned jobs as well," Jin replied as he continued to monitor the situation.

"You want me to go right now?" Lynn asked and Jin thought for a while before shaking his head.

"No. The battlefield is still too much of a chaos. We expected the forests to be destroyed but they had proven to us that they could give us the worse case scenario within the shortest time possible. Let the forest be burnt down." Jin commented.

"We would not be lasting too long if those airstrikes continue. I think they were initially worried about Tellie's infamous shot that brought down the fighter jet but since nothing had happened up till now, those pilots are getting bolder." Yinn reported.

"I think I can shoot one or two down. We are not travelling on a high speed SUV so there is not much compensation needed for the shots." Tellie volunteered herself instantly and yet Jin shook his head once more.

"Save it for emergencies. We do not need to show our Mechanoids' prowess unless it is necessary." Jin reiterated.

"What he means is that he wants to flaunt his powers. Especially the dungeon making portion." Lynn chuckled as she managed to shoot down two Mechanoids before hiding back behind the walls to reload.

"I honestly did not see it in action and was unable to comment whether it would be useful."

"Oh. It will be fantastic, I assure you. For now, continue to hold off the attacks as much as possible. Get the defending Mechanoids to shift all focus on the main road." Jin ordered and they acknowledged them with a loud and strong "Yes Sir!"

As they had expected, the battle had begun to shift towards the favour of the private corporation as more troops started to flood in and reinforced the rear. The trees burnt out surprisingly fast and Jin believed it was mainly because of the firepower they had used, mixed along with the hidden C4s and claymores.

Thus as the burnt ashen fields slowly reveal themselves to be empty pathways for the rear to enter, they did not hesitate to push their forces ahead with tanks and other armoured vehicles as their cover. Two legged juggernaut Mechanoid Armours were also deployed to walk alongside the tanks and they were dishing out missiles and bullets at an incredible rate which the workshop walls had a very hard time holding out.

Yet for some reason, those walls continued to remain tall despite proven feats of such missiles capable of bringing them down. This showed that Old Fammet's skills in the manipulation of metal were worth their salt. Still, that did not mean that it could take this kind of punishment forever and the walls are starting to crack.

And that was the signal for Jin to finally make his debut as this world's first dungeon supplier.

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