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«Number One Dungeon Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 1515 Mount Sunn Defence Part 2

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Chapter 1515 Mount Sunn Defence Part 2

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As expected, the Private Corpo Armies and the rest of the mercenaries were trying to avoid the artillery fire by going into the forest and by doing so, they fell into Click's minefield. Improvised C4 with just a simple tiny and yet sensitive movement sensor courtesy of the Mecha Smith's stockpile had allowed the Grey Bear engineer to 'creatively' stash multiple C4s into the forest for killing.

Jin and the others saw the first of the fireworks as the armies rushed for cover only to find that it explodes and kill their own people. There was no way out other than moving forward. Some of the commanders took the opportunity to use their Mechanoids as fodders by rushing into the forest so that it could clear the way for the advancing army.

It was not a bad move and it also showed that the particular path had been cleared of C4 explosives, allowing them to move forward. The only caveat to this method of clearing the minefield was that it showed where the enemies would be likely to be moving and Jin who still have remaining sensors that were away from the minefields was able to roughly pinpoint the number of Mechanoids coming their way…com

Thus, it enabled Jin and the Tactical System to adjust their artillery and spent their firepower on those pinpointed areas of concentrated enemies. It was to the point that the Private Corpo had decided to call in for an airstrike, hoping to down the artillery guns so that they could move forward with much ease.

The only problem was there were surface to air missiles (SAM) defensive systems at the top of Mount Sunn, causing difficulty for the enemy planes to move erratically to reach their target. Some of them had decided to shoot long range missile in hopes that they could destroy something from afar. However, Mount Sunn also built anti air gatling guns that were able to destroy those long range missiles from afar, causing their shots to be rendered ineffective.

"I do not care! Survive, restock and go again! We have the money! Just fucking storm their place!" The CEO of Diamondz continued to rant as he saw the pathetic situation that was developing from the current fight. He expected resistance but not to the point where it was like a fortress. However, he knew that the workshop can only last that long given its estimated manpower.

Even if the Mecha Smith were to spend his entire time smithing out new ammunition, there was no way his old cranky production machine would able to chunk out massive amounts to fight against the CEO's privately hired army. All he needed was to clear the current obstacles and then push in with more people and War Maidens to the point that there was no way out for him.

In fact, he was collaborating with the major private Mechanoid company Rocketeer to strike from behind Mount Sunn. While it was true that Mount Sunn was indeed a mountain of great… height, there was nothing attack helicopters and helicarriers could not bring over. It was also laughable that through aerial imaging, the back of the mountain was not exactly the most well defended. Mainly because there was nothing back there other than it facing a deep crevice and more mountains and woodlands.

That was why Diamondz CEO had decided to put all his forces as a distraction right at the 'front' while he used Rocketeer's aerial forces to parachute his elite Mechanoids into the workshop from behind them. All they needed was to know when was the right time to enter. After all, those SAM systems were a pain in the ass and the private corpos got to clear them before they could send their troops from the back.

But Jin, the Tactical System and Old Fammet were not dumb, they pretended to be. They had to make it not apparent by putting those SAM systems up as the only defences on the mountaintop. (Though Old Fammet grumbled because Jin and the Defending Mechanoids dismantled those SAM systems and brought them up and then requested him to rewire them so that they could be integrated again into the workshop system. And of course, it requires electricity.)

They had other things in store for attackers who decide to sneak from the back but right now, their focus was the army that was gunning for the main gate. Since air strikes were not enough to bring them down, the commanders on site had unanimously agreed to drop napalm on the forest and burn the remaining portion since they were losing troops at an unacceptable rate. They were also hoping that any hidden defending Mechanoids would go into ashes as well along with the strike and thus reducing their numbers.

However, they had no idea that those improvised sensory C4s were the only things within the forest. With the exception of a few additional traps that they prepared, Jin had already made up his mind not to use the forest as part of his defensive plans since he knew the amount of firepower the other side was able to obtain. And seeing how their forested area was burned so easily, it reinforced the reasoning to keep all the defending Mechanoids within the workshop base.

"Destroying more of our forested property through illegal means. Looks like we can get even more money from them." Page remarked with a wry smile and Jin nodded his head in agreement while looking at the current development. Despite the napalm fire, the private corpo War Maidens were tasked to go down the main road against the raging fires from the side and press on the attack, not allowing Jin and the rest to have any breather.

The artillery fire was now more focused on the main road and even though its more concentrated in its attack, their range of fire was limited especially the intervals, allowing the enemies to get the rhythm of the strikes and charge in even more decisively. It looked like they were going to put up a fierce fight when they come closer to the workshop base.

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