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«Number One Dungeon Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 1517 Mount Sunn Defence Part 4

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Chapter 1517 Mount Sunn Defence Part 4

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For his entire career as a dungeon supplier, it is an obvious rule that they would pay him to enter the dimensional instance. There was consent that by entering his dimensional instance they would pay a fee to utilise his instance and get stronger. Should they die within the instance, they could be revived as it was a contract when they paid him a fair sum of money.

Thus this was the first time he conjured a dimensional instance, the usual mode of payment was not cash but their lives. If they were able to get out of it alive, they would undoubtedly get stronger and if they do not, they would be decimated and so all of their points would be transferred to Jin.

Usually, there was a cost attached to the creation of such a dimensional instance. From the materials to recreate the dimensional instance to the time needed to do so. However, because this was technically a grand virtual simulation, all of the materials that were needed to create it had somehow been 'forfeited'.

Still, such a creation had caused the Tactical System to fear that it would alert the administrators and whether they would come in to interfere was another worry hovering over its decisions. Yet, Jin had decided to proceed with it since there was no way to fight against the private corpo army other than this method.

Originally, he wished to delve deeper into this world's variant dungeons little further to learn more about their dungeons and monsters but it seemed like revenge was in everyone's head. No one was immune to it and given that more points one would have by the end of every year if they succeed in doing so, revenge seems to be encouraged.

Jin sighed as he pointed his arm towards the warzone right in front of him and his hand started to pulsate violently. The private corpos had no idea as they continued to rush towards the workshop thinking that victory was at hand. It was not until the fighter planes who were flying back for another attack run that they saw the sky had a black spherical object at the centre of the battlefield.

It started to vibrate and pan out like a curtain encasing the army below them in a dome shape barrier. Without hesitation, the fighter planes attempt to retaliate back and started to shoot at the spherical object, only to find out that it was not working at all. Its bullets went through it as if it was not a physical object. The pilots thought that it might have been a miss and decided to shoot a missile at it too, only to find out there was no heat signature for it to lock on and was subsequently forced to fire its machine guns once again.

It was through the plane's notification that the army below had finally realised the latest problem and assumed it was one of Old Fammet's tricks since they never expected a mountain cannon capable of decimating an entire regiment of troops with it. The commanders quickly ordered their troops to take cover, thinking that there could be another giant blast while the rest at the edge of the battlefield had been asked to halt their movements.

It was not wrong to say they had prepared even more troops for such mass destruction events and conserving their troops and energy would be the smartest thing to do. But just as the black dome surrounds the place, everything turned back to normal as if nothing had happened. The only problem was that something did happen.

All of the troops including the Mechanoids had disappeared excluding the dead corpses. Even the fighter jets that were within the dome when it was emerging were gone with no trace of it anywhere. All communications were cut away from them as if it was some extinction bomb that wiped out all existence.

"There is no way Old Fammet would be capable of doing such crazy weapons without our knowledge!" One of the commanders said as he decided to push his platoon of Mechanoids forward.

The sudden loss of an enemy coming forward was a breather to the defending side and they tried their best to recoup and reorganise. Even though there was a platoon of War Maidens being sent out with their humvees, the remaining long range artillery was tasked to take care of them.

The only difference this time was that the dimensional instance dome was still there but it was transparent and Jin was not activating it anytime soon to accommodate the fresh platoon of Mechanoids to reinforce their belief that there was something constantly there to take their troops away.

"Throw more troops to us. Then I will teleport you guys into the instance. But for now, let's see how those troops are handling our side." Jin grinned as he viewed the dimensional instance through his Tactical System where he saw all of them had 'teleported' safely into one side of a desert, something different from the ashen battlefield that they had created beyond the gates of the workshop.

Every single one of them was confused but the Mechanoids who were programmed to performed had already taken a defensive stance to ensure that they do not get ambushed. Even as the commanders were bracing for their new environment, the War Maidens already started to form up so that the Tanks and Mecha Armour were the centrepiece of their defined formation.

In the meantime, the pilots who were teleported also tried to scout the endless desert and attempt to check their bearings through their navigation. Unfortunately, nothing came out and their map systems were calling out significant errors as if they were in a new land.

"Is this some kind of teleportation bomb?!" One of the commanders said as he could not connect back to their headquarters, thinking that they had been off the grid and there was no way to get a response.

"Wait, I hear something rumbling. Everyone stay alert!" One of the commanders said and he pulled out his pistol while commanding these Mechanoids to stay on their toes. The dunes of the desert started to shake and all of the private corpos soldiers and their mercenaries had no idea that what was going to happen next would end their lives if they were not careful.

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