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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1995 A Change of Heart

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Chapter 1995 A Change of Heart

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"Thankfully, you're fine." Ye Ling breathed a sigh of relief. Even though Cai Yaoyao had already told her about his safety, she couldn't relax until she saw him with her own eyes.

"I worried you," Yun Lintian said softly.

Ye Ling glanced at the large group of children and inquired, "Are they…?"

"They were kidnapped by traffickers," Yun Lintian explained concisely. "More will be arriving soon."

"Can I help?" Ye Ling offered, approaching Yun Lintian.

"Absolutely," Yun Lintian agreed, stepping aside.

Cai Yaoyao strolled over and cast a brief glance at Lynn. "No wonder you refuse Sister Ye. You have this gorgeous blonde here."

Yun Lintian was speechless.

Lynn smiled. "Turns out, a former Hell Church spy."

She scrutinized Cai Yaoyao from head to toe. "Your beauty falls short."

Cai Yaoyao's expression darkened. "Have I provoked you in any way?"

"You know perfectly well why you don't impress me," Lynn said, curling her lips. She genuinely harbored ill feelings towards anyone associated with the Hell Church.

"Fair enough," Cai Yaoyao conceded, choosing not to engage with Lynn further. She walked towards Ye Ling.

"Do you like her?" Lynn asked Yun Lintian, glancing at him. "Sister Ye, she's a good woman."

Yun Lintian sighed. "I can't accept everyone's feelings, can I?"

"Aren't you worried she'll become another me or Sister Ningchang?" Lynn said with a mischievous smile.

Yun Lintian fell silent. He had recognized Ye Ling's affection for him since his days as a doctor at the Hangzhou hospital. However, he was already involved with Xia Yao back then. Not to mention Lynn and Yang Ningchang.?Therefore, he hadn't truly considered Ye Ling's feelings further.

"Let's see what happens," Yun Lintian said gently. "We'll be leaving in a month."

Lynn smiled enigmatically and remained silent.

After the children finished their meals, Yang Wu and Anna led everyone to wash up, change their clothes, and arrange accommodations for them.

During this time, they also inquired about the children's information in case they wanted to reunite with their families.

"They're pitiful," Ye Ling sighed softly as she watched the sleeping children. Undoubtedly, they had never experienced such a peaceful sleep before.

"They'll have a better life now," Yun Lintian reassured her.

Ye Ling turned to him and asked, "How did you manage to escape the explosion?"

"Like this," Yun Lintian said, and his figure instantly reappeared a few meters away.

"What…?" Ye Ling was speechless.

"I'm a cultivator, Sister Ye," Yun Lintian explained. "I was supposed to die a year ago, but I was fortunate enough to survive."

"A cultivator…? Like in those novels?" Ye Ling found it hard to believe.

"Yes," Yun Lintian reappeared beside Ye Ling and offered her the Fruit of Immortality. "Take this, Sister Ye. It will grant you eternal youth and extend your lifespan by at least two hundred years."

Ye Ling felt overwhelmed by the revelation.

"It's not rare," Yun Lintian said, placing the fruit in her hand.

Feeling the warmth radiating from her hand, Ye Ling examined the fruit carefully before taking a bite. A wave of incredible comfort washed over her body.

"This…" Ye Ling stared at her flawless skin in disbelief.

"I'll leave you with one of these. You can give it to Cai Yaoyao when you decide to forgive her," Yun Lintian offered another fruit.

Confused, Ye Ling asked, "Why don't you give it to her yourself?"

"Because I'll be leaving next month," Yun Lintian revealed without hesitation.

"You're leaving…?" Disappointment filled Ye Ling's heart. She understood he was headed somewhere very far, and they would likely never meet again.

"Don't worry, I'll return when I have the chance," Yun Lintian assured her, noticing her concern.

"I like you," Ye Ling confessed suddenly.

"What…?" Yun Lintian was speechless, caught off guard.

Ye Ling's expression held a newfound resolve. "Something felt strange the first day we met, but I didn't dwell on it then. After spending a few months by your side, I realized I've fallen for you."

"I knew you had a girlfriend you deeply cared for, so I believed I should bury these feelings."

Taking a deep breath, she continued, "I don't know if our paths will cross again, so I had to tell you today."

Yun Lintian fell silent, unsure of how to respond.

"Phew…" Ye Ling exhaled deeply, feeling a weight lifted from her chest.

She met his gaze. "I understand if you don't feel the same. You don't need to answer…"

"I do feel something," Yun Lintian interjected. "Like many other…

unconventional men, I have feelings for several women. You're one of them."

Ye Ling was surprised by his frankness.

"Bound by mortal limitations before, I didn't dare accept anyone. But things are different now," Yun Lintian said with a smile. "Will you be one of my women, Sister Ye?"

Ye Ling stared at him for a long time before responding, "Yes."

"Excellent." Yun Lintian smiled, pulling her into an embrace. He also used this opportunity to enhance her profound vein.

A whirlwind of emotions swirled within Ye Ling. Delight and confusion warred within her, making it hard to tell if this was all real.

"Congratulations on acquiring another beauty," a voice suddenly announced.

Lynn, Yang Ningchang, and Long Qingxuan appeared before them.

Ye Ling jolted in surprise, breaking free from Yun Lintian's embrace. "This…" she stammered, unsure how to explain.

Yang Ningchang approached her, taking her hands in hers. "Welcome to the sisterhood, Sister Ling."

"Ah… alright," Ye Ling responded subconsciously.

"With who knows how many women he'll accept, maybe we should form an alliance," Lynn joked.

Ye Ling cast a suspicious glance at Yun Lintian. "How many women do you have currently?"

"Including you, nine," Yun Lintian admitted sheepishly, rubbing his nose.

"You truly are a scumbag," Ye Ling said with a playful jab.

Meanwhile, Long Qingxuan remained silent. Despite her eyes completely shut, Yun Lintian could feel a murderous aura emanating from her.

"Oh, I should go get the next group of children," Yun Lintian declared, making a hasty retreat.

Yang Ningchang laughed. "He is truly not good at handling women."

"Indeed," Ye Ling agreed, a slight smile playing on her lips.

"This is Sister Qingxuan," Lynn introduced Long Qingxuan to Ye Ling. "Our eldest sister."

"Hello, Sister Qingxuan," Ye Ling greeted softly.

Long Qingxuan offered a gentle nod. "Welcome to the family. There's a place I'd like to take you. I will teach you how to practice there."

"Thank you, Big Sister," Ye Ling replied politely.

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