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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1994 A New Dawn

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Chapter 1994 A New Dawn

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Yun Lintian returned to the orphanage with Linlin.

"Welcome back, Boss," Lei Hao greeted him immediately, handing a grilled fish to Qingqing. "Anna and her people have already arrived. They're currently in the reception hall."

"Right," Yun Lintian acknowledged with a slight nod and walked towards the reception hall.

Inside, Anna and over a hundred women were looking around curiously. They'd seen plenty of high-end communities, but this place was on another level entirely.

"Are we going to live here, Sister Anna?" a young blonde woman named Sherley inquired.

"Yes, we'll be taking care of children here," Anna explained. "Of course, if you ever wish to leave, no one will force you to stay."

"Leave? Never!" Sherley shook her head firmly. "Master saved our lives. How could we leave her?"

Anna smiled and remained silent. On their journey here, she'd already explained Lynn's intentions. These women deserved the freedom to choose their own paths. However, none of them seemed interested in leaving.

Just then, Yun Lintian entered the hall and several gazes immediately fixated on him. Some women didn't hide their hostility; for them, he was the reason behind their master's downfall.

Yun Lintian addressed them, "Thank you for coming here. I understand you might harbor resentment towards me, but that's alright. I'm not here to seek forgiveness."

"Arrogant," Sherley muttered under her breath.

"Where can I find my master?" Anna inquired curiously.

"Just a moment," Yun Lintian replied, summoning the Gate of Beyond Heaven. Its appearance startled everyone present.

He sent a sound transmission to Long Qingxuan, and soon, Lynn emerged from the gate.

Lynn smiled at everyone. "Thank you all for your hard work."

"Master!" Sherley and the others were overjoyed to see their master restored to her original beauty.

"Anna has likely already explained," Lynn continued. "From now on, you all have the option to stay here and take care of the children."

"Yes, Master!" Sherley and the others readily agreed.

"Where are the children?" Lynn looked at Yun Lintian.

"Well," Yun Lintian raised his hand, and a group of over twenty thousand children from various nationalities materialized in the hall. A significant portion were Chinese.

Sherley and the others were stunned, speechless. They hadn't even fully processed the magical appearance of the gate and Lynn's return, and now this.

The children looked around bewildered, many clinging to each other in fear. Their appearance was heartbreaking - many had wounds, some even missing limbs. It was impossible to imagine the horrors they'd endured.

"Who… who are you?" A sixteen-year-old boy, the eldest among them, asked cautiously. He bravely tried to appear strong, protecting the children behind him.

Earlier, he and the others had been locked in a basement. They couldn't understand how they'd suddenly arrived here.

"Don't worry, children," Lynn said softly, her eyes reddening with sadness for them. "We mean no harm."

The boy remained unconvinced. "I don't believe you!" he shouted, his eyes filled with distrust and suspicion.

Lynn halted her approach in response.

"Let me try," Yun Lintian offered, stepping forward. He raised his hand, and green vines erupted from it, wrapping around the children.

Before the children could react, a warm current surged through their bodies, instantly erasing their pain and wounds. Miraculously, missing limbs regenerated.

Sherley and the others were speechless, momentarily forgetting to breathe at the sight of this magic.

A moment later, Yun Lintian retracted the vines. "This place will be your new home from now on," he declared. "These kind sisters will take care of you. You'll never have to endure torture again."

"Are you Superman?" a ten-year-old American boy asked, his eyes sparkling with excitement as he gazed at Yun Lintian.

"Well, let's just say you've figured me out," Yun Lintian chuckled.

"Wow! Superman's real!" the boy exclaimed with joy, his infectious enthusiasm gradually easing the tension among the other children. Smiles began to appear on their faces.

"You must be hungry," Yun Lintian said, waving his hand. Instantly, an array of delicious dishes materialized on the long tables lining the hall.

The aroma enticed the children, but they were hesitant to approach.

Lynn glanced at the stunned Sherley. "Why are you just standing there?" she asked.

Sherley and the others jolted back to reality and hurried to serve the children food.

The eldest boy cautiously sniffed the food before taking a tentative bite. His eyes widened in delight. "It's safe, everyone! Come on, let's eat," he declared, quickly distributing food to the others.

"What's your name, kid?" Yun Lintian knelt down to meet the boy's eye level.

"Xia Renhao," the boy replied, a hint of trust flickering in his eyes. Perhaps he sensed Yun Lintian wasn't a threat.

"Xia Renhao, that's a strong name," Yun Lintian said with a smile. "Do you remember anything about your parents?"

Xia Renhao dipped his head and offered a small, sad nod.

Yun Lintian scanned Xia Renhao's memories with a quick mental probe. He discovered the boy originally came from a well-off family, but his parents were tragically killed by Hell Church members during a European trip four years prior. Xia Renhao had been taken captive then.

Placing a hand on Xia Renhao's shoulder, Yun Lintian offered reassurance. "It's alright. Consider us your family now. As for those who wronged you, they've been dealt with."

"Really?" Xia Renhao's eyes darted up, a flicker of doubt lingering.

"Didn't you witness my abilities earlier?" Yun Lintian chuckled. "They wouldn't stand a chance."

"Well…" Xia Renhao nodded slowly. "Thank you… for saving everyone."

"We'll be welcoming more children soon. Would you be willing to help these kind ladies care for them?" Yun Lintian asked gently.

"Leave it to me," Xia Renhao declared with newfound determination.

"Excellent," Yun Lintian smiled, silently infusing a sliver of his power into Xia Renhao. This would ensure the boy grew stronger in the future.

"Young Master Yun," Yang Wu approached. "I've hired staff to manage the facilities. Would you like to take a look?"

Yun Lintian waved his hand dismissively. "Uncle Wu, you're the dean. Make the decisions you see fit. Now that we have ample funds, feel free to hire more staff."

"Understood," Yang Wu acknowledged, his gaze softening as he looked at the children.

"I'll bring the next group of children tomorrow," Yun Lintian continued. "Let's focus on getting this group settled first."

A voice rang out from the entrance. "Lintian."

Ye Ling stood there, her eyes locked on Yun Lintian.

Yun Lintian turned, a smile spreading across his face. "Sister Ye."

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