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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1993 Father's Relic (3)

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Chapter 1993 Father's Relic (3)

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Throughout his life on Earth, Yun Lintian had never heard anything about his mother. His father had never mentioned her even once. Whenever Yun Lintian asked, his father would avoid it and say, "You will understand it one day."

"Haha! You must be curious about who your mother is. Unfortunately for you, I cannot tell you because she doesn't want me to. I can only tell you that she is a cultivator, a very powerful one," Yun Wuhan's voice echoed.

Yun Lintian felt disappointed, even though he had already anticipated this.

Meanwhile, the old man and Li Zong didn't seem very surprised. Their investigation had revealed no information related to Yun Lintian's mother. The revelation about a cultivator perfectly explained the puzzles.

"But you don't have to be sad. Since you have returned to Earth, it means she must have noticed your presence by now. It all depends on when she wants to appear in front of you," Yun Wuhan's voice resounded further. "As for me, I am truly dead. You don't need to look for me."

A wave of sadness washed over Yun Lintian's heart. He didn't want to believe it, but Yun Wuhan wouldn't have lied about it. Perhaps he truly was dead.

Linlin sensed his mood shift and nuzzled her fluffy head against his cheek, offering silent comfort.

"I'm alright," Yun Lintian said gently, patting Linlin's head.

"Son, this will be my final message," Yun Wuhan's voice filled with tenderness, a stark contrast to his previous tone. "The future is uncertain, but never give up. Trust in yourself. You are my son. You are undoubtedly the strongest in the Primal Chaos."

"No matter where you roam, remember that I'll always be by your side… And don't forget to have more children and wives! Hahaha!"

Yun Wuhan's voice gradually faded. Yun Lintian closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to compose himself. It was the first and could be the last time he'd hear his father's concern.

He opened his eyes a moment later and dispelled the spatial rift with a wave of his hand.

Turning to the old man and Li Zong, he said, "I'll take this spatial stone with me. Don't worry, I'll leave another behind. However, I advise against developing spatial law technology for now. It could be disastrous."

"Understood. I'll keep it secure," the old man replied.

"I heard about the green energy issue. Let me handle it," Yun Lintian declared, raising his hand.

A collection of the best-grade divine stones materialized in the air, accompanied by a gleaming piece of golden metal. Yun Lintian channeled his divine energy, fusing the divine stones and metal into a golden, metallic ball that emanated a gentle energy.

"Replace your nuclear core with this. It can generate electricity for ten thousand years, completely safe. I've also placed a restriction to prevent its use as a weapon," Yun Lintian explained, handing the ball to the old man.

The old man, his hand trembling, accepted the metallic sphere. He could sense the surge of energy within. With this, the nation could fully transition to clean energy, eliminating fossil fuels.

"If possible," Yun Lintian continued, "I urge you to prioritize developing the mountainous areas. Grant everyone access to electricity and communication as soon as possible. You can assist other countries later."

"That's my plan," the old man confirmed firmly.

"Just ask Wei Jianhong for money if you need it. He's a good man," Yun Lintian offered with a smile.

The old man and Li Zong chuckled in response. Wei Jianhong? A good man?

"Well then, I'll take my leave for now," Yun Lintian said, preparing to depart. "If you have a chance, visit the Rain Mountain. I've transformed it into the Cloudhaven Orphanage. Incidentally, I could use some help with the children's identities."

"We will." The old man responded. Witnessing the fantastical events of the day, he wasn't surprised Yun Lintian transformed Rain Mountain into an orphanage overnight.

Yun Lintian turned to Li Zong. "Grandpa Li, remember to pick up Sister Ye from the police station. Cai Yaoyao is no longer a threat; she's currently working at the orphanage."

"She's already been released," Li Zong confirmed with a smile.

"I'll be here for a month. If anything arises, contact Uncle Wu at the orphanage," Yun Lintian said before disappearing with everyone else.

The old man solemnly gazed at the golden metallic ball in his hand. This wasn't just a game-changer for their nation but the entire world.


"Thank you, Officer Qin," Ye Ling said to Qin Qi as she stepped out of the car. I

"I apologize for the inconvenience, Ms.Ye," Qin Qi offered apologetically.

"No worries, I understand. Anyone would've suspected me in that situation," Ye Ling assured her.

"Thank you for your understanding," Qin Qi replied. "General Li will arrange a group of guards for you. They'll be in touch soon."

"Understood," Ye Ling acknowledged.

Qin Qi gave a parting nod and drove away.

Ye Ling watched the car disappear, then prepared to enter the hospital. Suddenly, a familiar figure caught her eye - Cai Yaoyao.

Ye Ling's expression shifted slightly, but she didn't bolt. Running wouldn't outrun Cai Yaoyao if she intended to harm her.

Cai Yaoyao approached, her face etched with guilt. "Sister Ye, I'm so sorry. You can turn me in if you want."

Ye Ling was stunned by Cai Yaoyao's approach.

"Why are you…?" Ye Ling began, confused.

"I'm no longer an agent of the Hell Church, all thanks to Yun Lintian," Cai Yaoyao explained cryptically.

"Lintian?" Ye Ling's voice rose. "He's alive? Where is he?"

Cai Yaoyao offered a teasing smile. "Thought you weren't interested in him. Look at you now."

A blush crept onto Ye Ling's cheeks. "Just tell me everything," she said quickly.

Cai Yaoyao hesitated, then, assuming Yun Lintian wouldn't mind, launched into an explanation of everything she knew about him.

By the end of the story, Ye Ling's head throbbed. The whole thing sounded insane.

"If you don't believe me," Cai Yaoyao said, "you can follow me to the Rain Mountain and ask him yourself."

"Rain Mountain?" Ye Ling echoed, confused.

"He transformed it into an orphanage," Cai Yaoyao clarified.

Ye Ling opened her mouth to speak but closed it again.

"Seeing is believing, and it's not far," Cai Yaoyao pressed.

Curiosity finally overrode her skepticism. "Alright, let's go," Ye Ling conceded.

The two of them called a taxi and set off towards the Rain Mountain…

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