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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1992 Father's Relic (2)

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Chapter 1992 Father's Relic (2)

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A surge of energy erupted from the spatial stone, distorting the space before Yun Lintian. He reacted swiftly, conjuring a protective barrier to shield the old man and Li Zong from the powerful suction force threatening to pull them in.

"What is that…?" Li Zong stammered in shock, his eyes fixated on the unknowable darkness beyond the spatial rift.

The old man was equally captivated, staring intently at the rift, trying to imprint everything into his memory.

Yun Lintian furrowed his brow slightly, probing the spatial rift with his spiritual sense. His perception revealed a primitive jungle teeming with exotic flowers and fantastical plants. The aura was incredibly dense, surpassing even the Land of Beyond Heaven.

"A coordinate," Yun Lintian muttered in realization. Clearly, this was a clue left behind by his father… but why?

Suddenly, Yun Yi and Zhang Yu materialized beside Yun Lintian. Their arrival momentarily startled Li Zong and the old man.

"This is strange," Zhang Yu said, his brow furrowed. "We previously examined this stone, but there was no reaction at all."

Yun Yi observed the scene behind the spatial rift and stated, "It appears to be within the Nine Heavens Realm."

"But why did my father leave it behind?" Yun Lintian questioned, perplexed. "It seems unnecessary. After all, I can return to Earth, which means I can travel anywhere in the Nine Heavens Realm. Logically, there wouldn't be a need for this coordinate."

Furthermore, Yun Lintian couldn't discern anything particularly noteworthy about the place.

"Just go over and take a look," Zhang Yu advised.

Yun Lintian nodded and prepared to walk into the spatial rift.

"Hahaha! Son, you've finally returned!"

Yun Wuhan's voice, a sound Yun Lintian hadn't heard in a long time, suddenly resonated throughout the room.

Everyone jumped in surprise, searching their surroundings for the source of the voice.

"Don't bother looking," Yun Wuhan's voice echoed. "This is a recording I left behind. Not bad, my technique, right?"

Yun Lintian was speechless. This kind of prank was undeniably his old man's style.

"What? You think it's not good?" Yun Wuhan's voice boomed.

Yun Lintian's face twitched slightly. His father was truly annoying.

"I know exactly what you're thinking," Yun Wuhan's voice carried a hint of grievance. "How sad. My own son doesn't love me anymore."

Yun Lintian rubbed his temples wearily upon hearing this.

"Alright, alright, let's get down to business." Yun Wuhan's chuckle echoed. "The place you saw through the spatial rift is one of the Nine Heavens Realm's ancestral lands, the Kunlun Realm of the Yellow Emperor."

"The Yellow Emperor?" The old man and Li Zong exchanged astonished glances.

The Yellow Emperor, also known as Huangdi, was a legendary figure in Chinese mythology, holding a complex and significant place in their history and culture.

"Is it real?" The old man questioned doubtfully.

"Indeed," Yun Wuhan's voice echoed. "It's the very same Yellow Emperor from Chinese mythology. He was, in fact, a cultivator from the Nine Heavens Realm. He arrived on Earth with other cultivators, those you might know as ancient gods in Western mythology."

"To preserve Earth, they all joined forces to create a barrier. They forcibly stripped away the spiritual energy, turning this world into a realm of mortals."

Yun Lintian touched his chin, deep in thought. He didn't see the connection between his father and mythological figures like the Yellow Emperor.

"Wondering where the connection between me and the Yellow Emperor is? Well… there isn't one," Yun Wuhan's voice echoed again. "I just found it interesting to tell you."

Yun Lintian's expression darkened. He felt an urge to punch his father through the recording.

"If I'm correct, you've already reached the Divine Emperor Realm. The Kunlun Realm is a perfect place for your current cultivation level. There's no need to rush to the God Tomb," Yun Wuhan's voice resonated.

Yun Lintian frowned slightly. How could his old man have anticipated everything so perfectly?

"The God Tomb is actually a trap for you… or rather, an unavoidable one. If you don't go there, those ancient gods will awaken. But if you do, you'll be a mere ant trying to shake a tree," Yun Wuhan's voice turned serious.

"My suggestion: head to the Kunlun Realm first and strive for the Lower God Realm. Then, you can approach the God Tomb with more confidence. The Kunlun Realm holds many secret realms and resources. Just rob them."

Yun Lintian turned to Yun Yi and Zhang Yu, seeking their opinions.

"It seems like the safer option," Zhang Yu said. "I've never been to this God Tomb, but I know it's beyond our current capabilities."

"Our goal is to improve our strength as quickly as possible. If there's a better option available, I see no reason to object," Yun Yi added.

"You're right," Yun Lintian agreed with a nod.

"I left the spatial stone here with the government in hopes they could develop a technology that benefits the world," Yun Wuhan's voice echoed. "Another century, I suppose, before they achieve that."

The old man and Li Zong exchanged silent glances. They weren't expecting such an opportunity from Yun Lintian's father.

"Originally, I intended to give it to the US, but they actually denied my visa application for insufficient funds in my bank account. I'm so mad!" Yun Wuhan's voice carried a tinge of resentment.

The old man: "…"

Li Zong: "…"

Yun Lintian: "…"

"They wanted six thousand dollars! Where was I supposed to find that kind of money? My salary was a measly four hundred," Yun Wuhan's voice continued. "Hey, old man, you must be listening right now. You need to raise teachers' salaries. It's not enough to eat!"

The old man's face twitched, unsure how to react.

"Forget about it… Son, there's no need to rush. Spend more time on Earth before you leave. Even if the Primal Chaos has fallen, it doesn't matter. Your happiness is what truly matters," Yun Wuhan's voice grew serious.

Yun Lintian felt a surge of warmth. Despite his father's strict training, genuine care was beneath the surface.

"Of course," Yun Wuhan's voice took a sharp turn, "if the Primal Chaos has truly fallen, everyone's doomed anyway. Hahaha!"

The heartwarming feeling in Yun Lintian's heart vanished instantly.

"I bet you've found me a bunch of daughters-in-law. Sadly, your old man won't get the chance to see how beautiful they are. Such a shame…"

"Regardless, you better have children as soon as possible. The Yun family bloodline can't disappear. Otherwise, your mother will definitely scold you," Yun Wuhan's voice echoed.

"Mother…?" Yun Lintian was stunned by this revelation…

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