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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1991 Father's Relic (1)

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Chapter 1991 Father's Relic (1)

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Zhu Ding's mind completely snapped. A desire for revenge flared in his heart. However, it only lasted for a few seconds. In his current condition, exacting revenge on Yun Lintian was an impossibility.

Jin Kong looked at Zhu Ding impassively. "You will remain here for a month before being transferred elsewhere."

After speaking, he turned and left the room directly.


"Sprinkle more salt. It's not enough," Yun Lintian instructed Lei Hao, who was engrossed in grilling fish.

"Don't underestimate my skills, Boss. I've been practicing for a year," Lei Hao chuckled, adding a pinch of salt to the fish.

Qingqing watched the fish intently from the side, clearly waiting for her share.

Yun Lintian smiled and adjusted the fishing rod with practiced ease. Suddenly, his spiritual sense picked up on Zhu Ding's situation, but it caused him little surprise.

At that moment, Yun Yi materialized beside Yun Lintian. "How long do you plan to stay here?"

His sudden appearance startled Lei Hao, but he remained silent.

"A month," Yun Lintian replied. He had nearly finished his business here, and it was time to move on. However, he wanted Nantian Fengyu to savor this rare moment longer.

Yun Yi simply nodded and turned to leave.

"Did you find anything?" Yun Lintian called out before he could disappear.

Yun Yi paused and replied, "No. Perhaps another investigation is necessary."

"Alright, thank you," Yun Lintian said, a slight frown creasing his brow.

Yun Yi vanished in a flash.

"Who was that, Boss?" Lei Hao inquired curiously.

"His name is Yun Yi," Yun Lintian answered mildly. "How about a world tour after this?"

"Sounds great!" Lei Hao replied enthusiastically. He knew their departure from this world was imminent and their return uncertain.

Yun Lintian rose from his seat. "I'll be back shortly. I need to take a trip." He addressed Lei Hao and Qingqing.

"Understood," Lei Hao replied with a nod.

Yun Lintian then departed with Linlin for Beijing.


Inside the Forbidden City, Li Zong reported the situation to the old man.

"So it truly is them," the old man said, betraying little surprise at the revelation of the Hell Church's masterminds.

"What shocked me the most was our nation's tycoon, Wei Jianhong. After all, his grandfather was a war veteran," Li Zong sighed softly. He hadn't expected a hero's descendant to turn against the country.

The old man smiled but remained silent. The most terrifying thing in the world, he knew, was the human heart. Being a descendant of a veteran who served the country with his whole heart didn't guarantee the same ideals in future generations.

"Sir," Ren Jie approached at that moment and respectfully placed a tablet on the table. "Wei Jianhong has just made an announcement. His Life Group will donate twenty percent of their profits annually to support rural education across the country."

The old man smiled. "Our little friend is quite thoughtful," he said.

There was no doubt; Wei Jianhong was being forced into this by Yun Lintian.

"We're fortunate he's on our side," Li Zong said with a sigh of relief. He couldn't imagine the disaster it would be to have Yun Lintian as an enemy.

"Indeed," the old man agreed with a nod.

"Sir, we've also identified a change in the environment," Ren Jie continued, swiping his tablet to reveal information about the pollution index. "Air quality has improved dramatically in the past few hours, and water pollution has also decreased. We estimate it will all be completely eradicated within a month."

"Remarkable," Li Zong said, glancing at the figures on the tablet with surprise.

"We need to replace all fossil fuels with green energy within two years," the old man said thoughtfully. Originally, complete replacement would have taken at least another decade. He didn't want to waste the incredible opportunity Yun Lintian had presented - a second chance for everyone on the planet.

"That might be difficult, sir," Ren Jie offered his opinion. "We haven't fully mastered the new generation nuclear reactor yet."

The old man pondered for a moment, about to speak, when Yun Lintian materialized in the room.

Startled, Ren Jie swiftly moved to stand protectively in front of the old man.

"There's no need to be alarmed," the old man said calmly. "He's a friend."

Ren Jie quickly recognized Yun Lintian but was bewildered by his ghost-like appearance. Nevertheless, he remained silent and stepped aside.

"Thank you for all you've done for us," the old man said to Yun Lintian with a smile.

"It's nothing, senior," Yun Lintian replied. "Actually, I'm here to ask a favor. I'd like to see what my father left behind."

"Of course," the old man responded immediately. "Let's go. I'll take you there myself."

Yun Lintian could have accessed the location without permission, but he was simply being polite. The old man, recognizing this courtesy, knew it would be disrespectful not to personally escort Yun Lintian. After all, he didn't believe he deserved such deference.

"Stay here," Li Zong instructed Ren Jie before following closely behind Yun Lintian.

Guided by the old man, they all arrived quickly at a secret underground chamber.

Upon seeing the old man, the guards immediately saluted him in military fashion.

"At ease," the old man said with a smile. "Tell everyone inside to leave. No entry without permission."

The guards, slightly surprised, hurried into the room. Soon, several scientists and officers emerged.

"May I inquire, sir, what brings you here today?" The middle-

aged leader of the group asked with a confused frown.

"Your concern is understandable," the old man replied calmly. "I'll explain later."

"Very well," the middle-aged man conceded reluctantly and left.

"Please," the old man then gestured for Yun Lintian to enter the room, drawing curious gazes from the guards.

The room housed numerous instruments and unusual objects, most likely originating from ancient civilizations. Their purpose here wasn't difficult to guess.

Unfazed by the surroundings, Yun Lintian made a beeline for a spatial stone located at the back of the room - an artifact left behind by his father.

His spiritual sense detected nothing out of the ordinary within the stone.

"Your father imparted to us a basic principle of spatial law," the old man approached and explained, "but we lack the capability to delve deeper."

Li Zong stepped forward and handed Yun Lintian a stack of papers containing notes on spatial law.

Yun Lintian skimmed the content quickly, finding nothing amiss.

He turned his gaze back to the spatial stone and reached out to grasp it.


A buzzing sound filled the air…

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