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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1996 A Road Trip

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Chapter 1996 A Road Trip

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A week flew by in a blur. Today, the Cloudhaven Orphanage bustled with activity, housing over eighty thousand children. Originally, the number neared one hundred thousand, but many were successfully reunited with their families.

To manage this vast facility, Yang Wu had hired a workforce exceeding three thousand. The Cloudhaven Orphanage no longer resembled an orphanage; instead, it had transformed into a small, modern city.

Yun Lintian wasn't idle either. He'd spearheaded the rescue of millions of children around the world. The sheer number was staggering, and without his unique abilities, he wouldn't have known the actual depth of the trafficking problem.

He also took decisive action, mercilessly dismantling human trafficking rings across the globe. News of his efforts dominated headlines worldwide for the past week.

Beyond rescue, Yun Lintian focused on building a sustainable future for these children. He established new orphanages worldwide and "negotiated" with local governments to ensure their long-term care. He also implemented foolproof mechanisms to prevent future exploitation, leaving no room for these atrocities to continue.

In a remarkably short time, Yun Lintian had made a significant dent in a problem that had plagued the world for generations. His actions had the potential to eradicate human trafficking altogether.

"Thank you for doing this for the world," the old man said, gazing at the bustling scene before him with a smile.

"I do it out of my selfishness," Yun Lintian admitted. "Human trafficking disgusted me, and since I had the ability to solve it, why wouldn't I?"

The old man shifted topics. "You likely already know this, but for the record, Zhu Ding has been diagnosed with a mental illness. His father, Zhu Wuxing, received a life sentence. As for Zhu Tianlong, in exchange for providing crucial information, he's under house arrest for the remainder of his life."

Yun Lintian smiled, offering no further comment. The grudge between him and the Zhu family had truly vanished.

"I won't take up any more of your time. I wish you the best of luck on your journey," the old man said, preparing to leave. "Remember to come home often."

Yun Lintian smiled as he watched the old man enter his car and drive away.

"Where to next, junior brother?" Nantian Fengyu bounced over, her selfie stick in hand.

"How about a road trip?" Yun Lintian suggested with a smile.

"A road trip? What's that?" Nantian Fengyu inquired curiously.

"We'll travel around the country, driving along the roads," Yun Lintian explained. He'd always desired to embark on a global road trip, but circumstances never allowed it. Now, before leaving Earth, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Nantian Fengyu's eyes sparkled. "That's great! Let's do it!"

Smiling, Yun Lintian said, "Let's get an RV first."

He utilized his spiritual sense to locate one of the best RV models, the Newmar Bay Star Sport.

Without hesitation, he "acquired" it.

Nantian Fengyu, captivated by the luxurious vehicle, flung open the door and hopped inside.

"Boss, are we going on a road trip?" Lei Hao approached and asked.

"Yep," Yun Lintian confirmed. "Is everything settled here?"

"Yes. Uncle Wu can manage everything on his own," Lei Hao assured him.

"Then let's roll," Yun Lintian decided without further ado. He climbed into the car with Lei Hao and drove off.


Somewhere in the Nine Heavens Realm.

A booming shout echoed as a group of practitioners spotted their target. "There he is!"

Ren Yuan's expression darkened instantly. "Damn it," he cursed under his breath, launching himself forward at full speed.

"Don't let him escape!" The practitioners gave chase.

After fleeing the Divine Realm, Ren Yuan used a secret escape route he'd meticulously prepared over the years to reach the Nine Heavens Realm.

He and Chun Yue initially attempted to maintain a low profile, adapting to their new surroundings. Unfortunately, they robbed the wrong target and attracted the ire of a powerful force.

Forced to separate, Ren Yuan and Chun Yue went their separate ways in a desperate escape bid. However, his pursuers remained relentless.

Though he'd reached the Lower God Realm, Ren Yuan was a mere ant in the vast hierarchy of the Nine Heavens Realm. Exposing the legacy of the God of Heaven was unthinkable, so his only option was to run.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Desolate Orb within him vibrated, guiding him towards a specific location. He was currently navigating a dense jungle, the towering trees offering him temporary cover from his pursuers' attacks.

In the distance, a cliff loomed ahead. Through the connection with the Heavenly Desolate Orb, Ren Yuan sensed something hidden below. With a swift turn, he unleashed a terrifying sword beam upon his pursuers.


The explosion forced them to block the attack, allowing Ren Yuan to leap towards the cliff.

He plunged into the deep river below with a resounding splash, following the unyielding direction of the Heavenly Desolate Orb. It led him to a small, hidden cave nestled in the river's deepest reaches.

Without wasting a moment, Ren Yuan darted into the cave. The entrance vanished behind him in a flash, replaced by a solid stone wall, sealing him off completely.

Relief washed over Ren Yuan as he surveyed his new surroundings.

The cave was surprisingly spacious, its walls gleaming with various mineral deposits. Ren Yuan even spotted a vein of divine stones - a rough estimate placed its value at over a billion.

However, these riches held little appeal for him now. His full attention was captured by a statue of a heroic man, faceless yet strangely familiar.

"The God of Heaven?" Ren Yuan ventured a guess, his mind grappling with the impossible - how could a statue of the God of Heaven be here?

After a moment's contemplation, Ren Yuan cautiously approached the statue.

With a buzz, the Heavenly Desolate Orb unexpectedly shot out of his body, propelled towards the statue. The moment it made contact, the statue erupted in a golden light, bathing the cave in its radiance.

"You have finally arrived," echoed an ancient male voice.

"Are you the God of Heaven?" Ren Yuan asked, his voice filled with solemnity.

"I was," the voice resonated. "And you are my heir."

Excitement wasn't Ren Yuan's first reaction. Instead, a wave of caution washed over him. Being the inheritor of the God of Heaven didn't automatically mean blind submission.

"Caution is a wise trait," the ancient voice acknowledged. "But against absolute power, it may serve little purpose."

A beam of golden light, swift and sudden, erupted from the statue and slammed directly into Ren Yuan's forehead…

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