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«My Girlfriend is a Zombie (Web Novel) - Chapter 654 – The Color Changing “Jellyfish;

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Chapter 654 - The Color Changing “Jellyfish;

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In the depths of the alley, the mental ability user walked alone in the middle of the road, moving forward cautiously.

Relying on mental power to sense his surroundings, the sight of the chaos in the small shops lining the road made him feel uneasy.

Underneath the toppled shelves and behind the glass doors stained with dark brown blood, it felt as if something was always watching him.

“It’s fine, as long as I can sense their trail, this injury is worth it. Don’t be nervous, focus…”

The ability user muttered to himself, but his expression suddenly changed. He slowly turned his head to look towards a shop in the rear to his side.

It was only for a moment, but he felt as if he sensed something…

In the dim light, the small shop appeared dead silent. Inside the shattered display window, a lopsided mannequin stared blankly at him, its body draped in tattered cloth barely recognizable, fluttering and making a rustling sound in the breeze.

Beside it was a sliding door, only half intact. Looking through it, one could see shadows deeper than the night itself.

The ability user watched for a while before turning his gaze to the nearby street.

Song Jinsen was still standing there, carrying two guns and looking around, seemingly still consumed by anger.

The ability user hesitated for a moment, then swallowed hard and cautiously made his way toward the shop.

It was a lie to say he was not apprehensive; the blood on his face hadn’t even dried yet.

However, the other party’s evasive actions had given the ability user a fair amount of courage.

Ling Mo’s attack had seemed bizarre, but it was just a surprise blow. It hurt, but the injury wasn’t serious.

This indicated that even if his strength was considerable, it was limited.

Besides, their fear of this man stemmed mainly from the deaths of Ai Feng and Number 0.

Leaving Ai Feng aside, most people had no real concept of how formidable Number 0 was.

Especially the people from the branch, who almost all regarded Number 0 the same way as Mu Chen did: purely as a high-powered information processing and exchange unit.

Even if they had heard about its formidable combat capabilities, the extent of its strength was unclear to them.

Even the deaths of Shen Le and the experimental product Number 1 were just names to them.

“Maybe Song Jinsen is exaggerating on purpose? It’s very possible. If an experimental product is killed, of course, the opponent is made out to be as strong as possible…”

The mental ability user thought to himself as he stepped into the store.


As he turned on the small flashlight in his hand, a figure suddenly appeared in the beam of light.

The mental ability user was startled, but after a closer look, he let out a long sigh of relief.

It was just a dirty clothes steamer…


Muttering a curse, the mental ability user couldn’t believe he was scared by such an inanimate object. But his recent encounter with Ling Mo had indeed left some shadows in his mind.

Just because he hadn’t sensed someone didn’t mean no one was there…

On the other hand, if he did sense someone at this time, it was likely one of Ling Mo’s companions.

With this thought, the mental ability user calmed down and carefully started searching the room, rotating his wrist.

But after scanning the room with the flashlight, he found nothing.

“It can’t be. Not sensing someone is one thing, but sensing them incorrectly?”

The mental ability user frowned, standing in the middle of the store, a look of confusion on his face.


A slight noise suddenly came from above, and he instinctively raised his head to look at the ceiling.


A dark shadow fell from above, rapidly enlarging in his eyes.

Just as he opened his mouth, the shadow plunged right in, slamming him to the ground.

At the same time he fell, a pair of feet landed beside him.

Ye Lian held a sniper rifle to the man’s throat, her delicate face showing no hint of murderous intent, even looking a bit dazed.

But the wide-eyed mental ability user was filled with shock and despair.

He wasn’t wrong; he had indeed sensed one of Ling Mo’s companions.

But he couldn’t be happy about it!

Such formidable stealth and explosive power, what was going on?!

Ye Lian didn’t even look at him, instead she reached into her backpack and pulled out something, tossing it at his face.

The Psychic tried to struggle, but unexpectedly, a cluster of white material suddenly smashed onto his face.

Before he could get a clear look, the material enveloped him.

A sucking force immediately came, accompanied by the horrifying sensation of his brain matter nearly being sucked out through his nostrils. The Psychic felt his wounds gushing out blood streams crazily.

His vision was quickly drenched in blood red…

The “jellyfish,” originally semi-transparent, had turned red in an instant.

Its thin “skin” was pulsating, seemingly absorbing Mental power while also ingesting the fresh blood.

The Psychic, with his face covered by the jellyfish, convulsed, and after a short while, he stopped moving.

Ye Lian watched this scene blankly. Once the “jellyfish” stopped pulsating, she bent down and gently picked it up.

Now the “jellyfish” had returned to transparency, but its originally slightly white appearance had faint traces of blood.

“Ling Mo said… help him store Mental power…” Ye Lian tried hard to think, “Blood… he didn’t say to store.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, Ye Lian silently stuffed the “jellyfish” back into her backpack.

He hadn’t said to store it, but he also hadn’t said not to let it absorb, right?

At the same time, another Psychic who had just turned around a corner suddenly saw a blur in front of him. He immediately raised his weapon and pressed against the wall, his hands bulging with veins, ready for a fight.

But a shadow suddenly appeared on the wall above his head and began to approach him slowly.

“If you dare come out, I’ll split you in two!” thought the Psychic nervously.

However, at that moment, a pair of hands suddenly appeared on either side of his head.

The Psychic’s body tensed up, and his pupils shrunk instantly.

What he caught in the corner of his eyes were tender, fair hands that seemed almost boneless.

But on one of those beautiful wrists, a cold light extended, hooking around his neck like a crescent moon.

A warm stream suddenly appeared between his legs, and at the same time, another warm stream sprayed out from his neck.


The corpse slumped against the wall, slowly collapsing to the ground, eyes wide open, blood covering the entire body…

As the dispersed Niepan members kept falling one by one in different corners, Song Jinsen, who had been waiting in place, finally sensed something was wrong.

The anger from being played gradually subsided, and Song Jinsen started to feel that these people had been gone for too long…

Moreover, they said they would search nearby, and until recently, there were still occasional shouts like “Come out!” or “Stop hiding!” So why had it suddenly become so quiet?

There weren’t even any sounds in the surroundings.

Suddenly, a scream erupted from nearby, followed quickly by the sound of approaching footsteps - “patter, patter”.


A figure, face covered in blood, burst from an alleyway and upon seeing Song Jinsen, desperately reached out, crying out, “Help me! They’re not running away! Not running away!”

This person was indeed one of the two headquarters members from before, but now he was covered in wounds, looking very miserable.

A sense of dread dropped in Song Jinsen’s stomach, and before he could rush over, the figure suddenly stiffened mid-stride.

With his mouth agape and Adam’s apple bobbing, no sound came out.

Then, a spot of black began to emerge on his chest.

As the blackness slowly spread, the man also staggered and fell to the ground with an expression of disbelief, thudding down.

Song Jinsen watched this scene, his heart growing colder bit by bit.

After the body fell, another figure appeared not far away.

Calm eyes, a somewhat relaxed expression…

Although they had only met once, that face had already made a deep impression on Song Jinsen.

“We meet again,” said Ling Mo.

“You guys…” The cigarette in Song Jinsen’s mouth had burned down to the butt, but he seemed completely unaware, just staring intently at Ling Mo.

Several other figures appeared nearby, none of them being any of the other eight.

Song Jinsen’s gaze slowly swept over these figures and he said resentfully, “You’re quite cunning…”

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