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«My Girlfriend is a Zombie (Web Novel) - Chapter 653 – Are You Kidding Me?!

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Chapter 653 - Are You Kidding Me?!

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A surge of anger raced through Song Jinsen’s heart.

What special abilities does this person have?!

How can he just appear and disappear without a trace? Could he be using mental abilities?

But if it weren’t for mental abilities, there’s no way he could have taken down Number 0.

It’s neither an illusion nor a delusion, so what kind of trick is he using?!

Song Jinsen was going crazy with frustration. Without figuring this out, they would continue to be played by Ling Mo.

One man was beating up their group of nine!

Even if the opponent was powerful, this was just too humiliating!

If word of this got back to headquarters, he wouldn’t be able to show his face.

Just thinking about the mockery and humiliation from others made Song Jinsen seethe with rage.

“Calm down, calm down! Whether in the past or now, my status compared to this man is like heaven and earth. Who is he? A piece of trash that can’t even afford a decent meal!”

“Even if we’re both survivors, I’m not on the same level as him!”

With this thought, Song Jinsen immediately exhaled a breath of foul air.

Sure, Ling Mo’s performance was impressive, but he wouldn’t cower like those fools over something so trivial.

And the situation he faced didn’t allow him to shrink back.

The Niepan headquarters, that was a fiercely competitive place…

In fact, there was a stark difference between the members and the level system of headquarters and the branches.

The rank of branch members was generally lower and easier to rise through.

But headquarters was comprised of members above level five, and the contribution needed to level up was something that the average branch member wouldn’t even dare to dream of.

However, with each level gained, the treatment received was vastly different.

Though there were always some who would coast through their days, these individuals were often replaced in the intense competition, and their ends were usually quite grim.

Most, however, were like Song Jinsen, seizing every opportunity to climb quickly, never giving others the chance to push them down.

Bringing Number 1 to the Dongming Branch was a rare and valuable opportunity for Song Jinsen, who hadn’t earned contributions in a long time.

Although Number 1 had been taken to many places before without achieving a complete transformation, causing many to regard the task as thankless and strenuous, Song Jinsen had still fought to take on the assignment.

Sure, it was a bit of a hassle, but there was no danger involved, and there were no penalties for failing to achieve a breakthrough. Yet, if a breakthrough did occur, it would be a major jackpot!

With this gambling mindset, Song Jinsen brought Number 1 and Shen Le to the Dongming Branch, a place nobody wanted to come to.

He thought it would be a simple trial with no complications, but who could have anticipated that the experimental product would just vanish from his grasp?!

When he saw Number 1’s corpse at the bottom of the building, Song Jinsen almost exploded on the spot.

This has to be a joke, right?!

What to do!

After calming down, Song Jinsen thought of the only solution: to atone for his fault with a great merit.

And a significant one at that!

If it had just been the killing of the experimental product and Shen Le, then the value Ling Mo could bring to him would be much diminished.

But now that the Dongming Branch was almost destroyed because of him, killing Ling Mo would make headquarters look at him differently!

No matter how insignificant the Dongming Branch was, it was still part of Niepan!

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy from the start. But trading so many lives for yours, how could I possibly fail? I’d like to see how long you can hold out!”

Though the harsh words were roared internally, the question remained: how to flush him out?


Biting on his cigarette, Song Jinsen suddenly shouted, “Don’t be fooled by his harassment tactics; he won’t last much longer!”

While calling out, Song Jinsen stealthily signaled to the crowd.

Among them were some “reserves” he had brought from headquarters. Although they, like the members of the branch, had harbored doubts about Song Jinsen due to Ling Mo’s words, their objectives immediately aligned once more when Ling Mo demonstrated strength beyond their expectations.

Whether or not they would become cannon fodder was another matter; the point was that they didn’t even qualify to be cannon fodder now!

Enhancement types couldn’t understand Ling Mo’s special abilities, and mental ability users were simply not on the same level as Ling Mo. Even though Ling Mo’s current lethality was limited, everyone feared they might be the next target!

Upon seeing the signal from Song Jinsen, two psychics leaning on each other exchanged a complex look.

One of them thought for a moment, a hint of ruthlessness appearing in their eyes, and nodded slightly.

The other displayed a similar expression, and both shot Song Jinsen a knowing glance before suddenly dashing towards a corner.

Song Jinsen turned to face them, his hands shaking, gun barrels lifted, and he aimed at their backs.

What was this about?!

This sudden development stunned everyone else.

But before they could react, Song Jinsen didn’t hesitate and fired his gun.

The two psychics, as if oblivious, kept sprinting forward.

It’s over…

Just as this thought emerged in some people’s minds, they realized that although Song Jinsen’s hands were shaking and he continued to shoot, his shots always landed a few steps behind the two runners.

A string of sparks followed by flying dust chased the psychics’ footsteps, yet didn’t harm them at all.

The shooting precision was terrifying. To achieve such control over the angle was extremely creepy, and for someone like Song Jinsen, who obviously didn’t come from a military background, it could only be the result of psychic ability combined with relentless practice.

This maneuver was clearly to prevent Ling Mo from intervening, and the two psychics successfully reached the corner.

Since Ling Mo wouldn’t show up, it was time to slaughter his allies!

Realizing this, several people had an epiphany. They had been so focused on guarding against Ling Mo that they forgot there was this method to break the deadlock!

Several people charged forward at once. If they couldn’t defeat Ling Mo, couldn’t they overpower his allies?

If those allies were formidable, they wouldn’t be hiding in the back.

But as the two psychics turned the corner excitedly, they were dumbfounded.

No one was there!

Behind the corner was completely empty!

Only at the other end of the street, the occasional roars of zombies and the screams of humans could be heard, faintly audible and exceedingly creepy. One could imagine that the bait they had abandoned was now struggling in the growing tide of zombies.

Despite the unsettling noises, the two made an unspoken agreement not to suggest a rescue mission.

They turned back and reported, “Gone, didn’t find his allies.”

The mental ability user immediately covered his face and exclaimed, “That’s impossible, I sensed them!”

“They ran away!”

Song Jinsen quickly realized, “We’ve been tricked; he was just a distraction!”

Now frantic, he shouted, “Don’t let him get away! They couldn’t have gone far in such a short time; they must be nearby. Find them!”

The others exchanged looks. Truth be told, if Ling Mo had indeed chosen to flee, it was a relief.

“He’s just bluffing! If he was that strong, why would he run? Do you really want to live like cockroaches, not able to bathe for months?” roared Song Jinsen.

At this critical moment, his group was still hesitant!

“There’s some sense in that…”

“Let’s look for him.”

“Yeah, if he was confident, he wouldn’t have run.”

Their resolve wavered, and after muttering among themselves, they dispersed.

To search, they each had to pick a direction and look carefully. The danger was significantly reduced if their opponent was indeed trying to escape.

The mental ability user looked around and chose a relatively open path to proceed down slowly.

Besides sensing Ling Mo and his party, it was also crucial to stay alert for zombies.

“I thought he almost had me, but it was all for show…” The psychic touched his cheek, wincing from the pain.

“When I find you, I’ll tear off your face first,” he thought bitterly, spreading his mental power to both sides, intently sensing his surroundings.

Even if Ling Mo could evade his detection, his companion surely didn’t possess such skill…

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