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«My Girlfriend is a Zombie (Web Novel) - Chapter 655 – Of All the Roles to Play, Why Play the Fool?

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Chapter 655 - Of All the Roles to Play, Why Play the Fool?

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“Doing okay,” Ling Mo replied with a smile.

“This isn’t exactly a compliment, you know!” Mu Chen couldn’t help but grumble to himself.

As an injured member, he didn’t participate in the ambush, but now that only Song Jinsen was left, he stood unhesitatingly in front of this member of the Niepan headquarters.

This was exactly what Ling Mo had in mind, who had a task that needed Mu Chen’s attention.

The moment Song Jinsen heard this, he was so angry he felt like spitting blood, his hand holding the gun trembled uncontrollably.

There was no denying it; he had underestimated Ling Mo and even more so, Ling Mo’s companions.

Just the thought that from the moment Ling Mo had appeared, he had already devised a plan to deal with them and had lured them into a trap step by step, made Song Jinsen’s scalp tingle.

“First, one person comes out, not bothering to conceal the presence of his companions, giving us the false impression that only you were a combat threat, leading us to underestimate your companions. Then, with the bizarre method of attack, you draw all the attention, allowing your companions to scatter and hide nearby, waiting for the chance to ambush. I suppose, even if I had thought of dealing with your companions, you would have stopped the attack immediately and led us to search the vicinity, right?”

Song Jinsen asked with a dark expression, still somewhat unwilling to accept defeat.

Ling Mo nodded, a bit surprised: “You see quite clearly, just a bit too late.”


Song Jinsen clenched his teeth so hard that he bit off the cigarette butt, which fell to the ground along with the ashes.

“Then, by exploiting our eagerness to kill you and considering the area is not very large, coupled with that preconceived notion, it was easy for us to walk right into the trap you had set… That was indeed your plan.”

This time, Ling Mo didn’t need to nod for Song Jinsen to know his analysis was correct.

But now, all Song Jinsen could do was let out a long sigh. As Ling Mo had said, it was too late.

The plan had fully taken advantage of their respective psychologies, a plan that should have been easy to see through, but had managed to instantly dismantle his hastily assembled execution squad.

Even a ragtag bunch wouldn’t have been wiped out so quickly.

However, there was still one thing Song Jinsen couldn’t quite wrap his head around, or rather… found hard to accept!

Ling Mo and his companions had demonstrated great strength, clearly capable of taking on their opponents head-on. So why did they resort to such tactics?!

That’s what Song Jinsen thought and also what he asked.

Ling Mo actually gave it some thought before answering, “It posed the least danger and required the least effort.”

Humiliation! Pure and simple humiliation!

With minimal effort, Ling Mo managed to deal the greatest insult to Song Jinsen!

It sounded as if he had willingly jumped into Ling Mo’s pit, which was barely covered with a few straws. Could there be anything more shameful?

And such a simple thing, yet Song Jinsen had completely failed to see it coming when it happened!

Song Jinsen’s expression was undoubtedly complex, and Mu Chen didn’t look too pleased either.

Ling Mo’s method was simple yet effective, but like Song Jinsen, Mu Chen hadn’t seen it coming at all.

Even as Ye Lian and Li Ya Lin suddenly scattered and Shana led him and Xu Shuhan to hide, Mu Chen still had no clue what Ling Mo was planning.

Furthermore, the ability that Ling Mo had just displayed also left Mu Chen in shock.

It hadn’t been long; how had Ling Mo become so much stronger?

Although Mu Chen didn’t have a complete understanding of Ling Mo’s special abilities before, he at least knew that Ling Mo’s power wasn’t what it was now.

When did he improve so much?!

But what shocked Mu Chen even more was the tacit coordination within the team.

Regardless of how Ling Mo communicated with them… Mu Chen would never buy something as flimsy as “telepathic communication.”

But he also knew that there were many odd things about Ling Mo, like the transparent entity that had absorbed the mental seed from his brain. How could that possibly be something Ling Mo had come up with…

However, asking would only yield insincere and blatantly fabricated answers, so Mu Chen thought it might be better for his own peace of mind to curb his curiosity.

The key point is that, beyond the method of communication, what Mu Chen valued was their demonstrated ability to act efficiently and the absolute trust they had in one another.

It was precisely because of these two factors that Ling Mo’s plans were repeatedly successful.

The fundamental reason Song Jinsen and his group fell into Ling Mo’s hands was their lack of these two elements.

“If I could train a team like this… even if they were only half as effective, it would greatly increase our chances of survival,” Mu Chen thought expectantly.

Suddenly snapping to reality, Mu Chen realized that he had unwittingly slipped into the role…

“Damn it! How pathetic!”

Mu Chen cursed himself silently, but then couldn’t help revealing a longing expression: “But if it were really possible, maybe I could find a more meaningful survival goal like Ling Mo…”

Even if he was reluctant to admit it, Mu Chen had to acknowledge that he saw something in Ling Mo that was more important than mere survival.

That’s why, no matter how nonsensical Ling Mo’s decisions seemed, Mu Chen would instinctively doubt them but still find himself compelled to follow Ling Mo’s instructions.

Like now, knowing full well that nothing good awaited him, he still stood rooted to the spot.

If it’s my time to die, so be it!

“Aren’t you going to make your move?” Song Jinsen’s eyes were fixed on Ling Mo as he spat out the remaining half of his cigarette butt and asked.

His hands were shaking uncontrollably, but he still held tightly to the two handguns: “To be honest, I thought I could overwhelm you with numbers, but now it’s just me against the five of you.”

“Damn, this guy still manages to be annoying even now, not even counting Xu Shuhan…” Mu Chen had just muttered a few curses when he suddenly noticed Shana frowning at him.

Following her gaze, he met Xu Shuhan’s crazed eyes head-on.

Feeling a chill down his spine, Mu Chen also snapped back to reality and exploded in anger: “You’re treating the wounded like they’re nothing! I may not be able to run, but I’ll still fight you to the end!”

“You know it,” said Ling Mo, with profound implication.

Song Jinsen hesitated for a moment, then shook his head. “I admit you guys are strong, but don’t get too cocky. You’re trying to extract information from me, but the trouble from headquarters is not something you want to mess with.”

“That’s not for you to worry about,” Ling Mo said evenly.

“But if I lose, my betrayal of Niepan will be exposed, and I don’t think I can escape headquarters’ pursuit. I’m just one person, how far can I run? Rather than dying at the hands of zombies or headquarters eventually, and suffering so much in between, I might as well fight it out with you now.” Song Jinsen spoke calmly, as if he had truly resigned himself to his fate.

But in reality, he was secretly sweating in his palms.

He had lost, but he had to lose with some dignity.

He needed to secure more promises and benefits from Ling Mo to not feel he had sold himself short.

Judging by Ling Mo’s demeanor, Song Jinsen felt he could likely regain some of his self-respect…

Song Jinsen was contemplating this when he saw Ling Mo nod thoughtfully.

Feeling a surge of inward delight and about to speak, Song Jinsen suddenly sensed a strong gust of wind targeting his face.

Instinctively dodging to the side, he felt a sharp pain on his neck followed by a warm flow seeping into his collar.


Song Jinsen broke out in a cold sweat from the shock. Before he could retaliate, Ling Mo disappeared from sight.

As Song Jinsen raised his gun to shoot, a terrifying sensation suddenly overwhelmed him.

Dozens of gusts of wind were converging on him from all directions!

No matter how he tried to dodge, there was no escape.

If he fought with all his might, he could possibly injure one or two of Ling Mo’s companions, but that would seal his fate…

“Wait! I surrender! Isn’t surrendering enough?!”

Song Jinsen yelled, raising his arms high.

The gusts of wind abruptly ceased, and Ling Mo’s voice came from behind him again: “Look at you, showing off for what? What’s so good about showing off?”

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